Chapter Eight- Somebody Get Me Through This Nightmare

They didn't even have to go back to England to find Argent. She was banging on the door to the Tower when Robin had dragged Starfire to the main room.

"Lucky!" Robin cried joyously as he saw who it was on the security system. He dropped Starfire on the ground and raced to the door. She tried to crawl behind the couch (she lacked the will to walk) but Robin was too quick for her and Argent caught sight of her before she could hide.

When she saw Stafire broken on the floor like that, all thoughts of killing Robin were pushed aside for the moment. She rushed to her love and gathered her into her arms whispering, "Everything's alright, I'm here now," and petting her hair soothingly.

"What did you do to her?!" Argent demanded to know. The utter euphoria on Robin's face made her want to punch it.

"I fucked her!" Robin admitted in a sing-song voice. "She said she loved me more than she loved you and then she positively begged me to do it! You should have seen her! She was gasping and moaning, and she was so wet and swollen. It was pathetic!"

Starfire curled in upon herself and started crying. "Liar!" Argent accused. "I'm going to make her better, and then I'm going to kill you, you bastard!"

"HA! Don't believe me, ask her yourself" Robin challenged.

It was obviously a lie, but he just looked so confident. So sure of himself. No, it just couldn't be true. Argent was sure of it. "Hahaha, Starfire would never beg you for anything! Right Star?"

But Starfire just cried harder. "Star?" Argent asked, her tone laced with worry. "Star, I told you everything's okay now. I'm here, we can go home."

Starfire suddenly got out of the fettle position, and Argent thought she had made her see sense. Starfire got up and walked toward the door, silent tears streaming down her face, her expression unreadable.

"It's true," she said in a hoarse voice. "Everything he says is true." Then, she ran through the door and into the rain.

It was a full five minutes before Argent could do anything. Robin was humming a tune in the background, making a sandwich.

Eventually, Argent stood up and walked to the door. "Going to go kill yourself or her?" Robin asked curiously from behind the counter.

"Neither," Argent replied calmly. "I'm going to go find her and take her home with me."

Robin's smile faltered for a moment. "I don't understand," he confessed.

"I love her," Argent stated simply. "I don't care what happened. I just want her back, and I want her to be happy."

Robin was definitely frowning now. "What? You're not angry? Aren't you even going to try and kill me?"

"I'm not angry, no. And no, I'm not going to kill you. I bet you were counting on that though weren't you? No, It's more fitting to let you live with yourself and what you've become. I don't know where the rest of the Titans are now, but when they come back, they are going to kick you out. And then you'll be alone."

"I sent them on a mission," he murmured dully, disappointed at Argent's lack of sorrow.

Argent sent him a look of pity before heading out the door herself to find Starfire.

Meanwhile, Starfire herself had spiraled into a deep depression and was trying to decide the best way to die. Jump in front of a train? Drown herself? She didn't like guns, but she wondered if she could do the deed with her own starbolt? She didn't really want to kill herself, but she saw no other option. Dying was the only way to redeem herself. Perhaps she could provoke Blackfire into doing it for her?

A crack of thunder sounded and as the rain poured down on her. She supposed being struck by lightning wouldn't be so bad. But should she make it bad? For what she did, she deserved a painful death. She sighed, this would take some thought.

However, before she could contemplate suicide any longer, Argent appeared beside her. Starfire hadn't heard her approaching and was taken aback by her presence. She flinched, expecting Argent to slap her, but received an embrace instead.

"I don't care what you did, Star. Please, let's just go home," Argent pleaded.

"Argent, please just hit me or something! Tell me I should go crawl under a rock and die! Accuse me of being the scum I am!" Starfire begged of her.

"Never. I love you, so let's get go home, and we'll have so much fun you'll forget all about this," Argent assured her.

"I love you too Argent. You've shown me the sky, but what good is the sky to a creature who will never do better than crawl? You deserve better than me," Starfire told her.

"Stop saying those horrible things Star! I want you! And if you love me too, then that's all that matters. You are going to make me suffer if you don't come back! Is that what you want? To hurt me, too?" Argent knew it was a low blow, but she had to make Starfire come back. There was no way she could live without her. Argent kissed Starfire, and this time it was soft and sweet, much different from her last kiss.

Starfire knew she couldn't live without Argent either, and when she put it like that... "Let's go home," Starfire whispered. She decided she would accept whatever bad Karma came her way, and happily go to hell when the time came, if for even just one more day she got to be with Argent.

It wouldn't be perfect, Argent knew that. Robin had damaged Starfire severely, and Argent would have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she didn't hurt herself on purpose. But they were together again, and so they would make it through whatever came their way.

A/N: The End! Tell me what you thought! I just decided to go all out with crazy Robin. This wasn't how I planned to end it in the beginning, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Thanks for reading this everyone, hope you enjoyed it!!