Chapter 1

This is my fourth Lion King story. I keep trying to get ideas out of my mind that appear. So far I have two ideas for a story but I'll start with this one.

The leather whip cracked against the ground, all around the audience roared with cheers. A trainer, donned in a sparkling red outfit stood before two lions, a six year old yellow tanned male with a graying mane, and a 2 year old dark black and golden mane lion, both sat side by side. Both their eyes on their trainer, who turned toward them and with a crack of his whip, shouted, "Kondo up!"

The graying mane lion Kondo, grunted and stood up on his hind legs as his trainer ordered, when the trainer cracked the whip and spun his hand, Kondo spun around on his hind legs before he sat down once more. Opening his mouth as the trainer threw him a treat, he swallowed it, shuddering at the taste.

"Haji jump!" The trainer cracked the whip. The younger lion tensed his body; he remained still as the audience leaned forward to see what the lion was going to do. With a springing leap, Haji jumped into the air, twisting his body around and flipped his body in mid air and landed on his paws. Giving a cocky smirk as the audience roared with cheers as they stood on their feet and applauded both lions.

"Try and beat that old lion" Haji held his head high taking in the praise from the audience.

Kondo grunted and rolled his eyes. The old lion sat back and stared at the audience, "You haven't been here as long as I have boy. Bask in your glory for its going to be taken away from you" he grinned as he turned his head toward the tunnel that lead away from the oval cage they were in separating them from the humans.

"And now ladies and gentlemen…I give you a deaf defying act" The trainer called, lighting up three large loops. "Presenting the lovely Almasi" he turned toward the tunnel that opened up with the cage cover was lifted open.

A roar echoed throughout the circus tent, as a lioness ran out of the tunnel and jumped onto a stand. The lioness' pelt was lightly tan in colour with a pale white underbelly and golden fur on her tail. Around the lioness' neck was a diamond studded leather collar. Her blue eyes traveled to the two lions sitting not far from her.

"Almasi, here will not attempt to leap through these rings, with the third…" the train raised his hand and the third moved higher up by a wire. "She will attempt a flip to make it safely through" turning toward Almasi he raised his whip and bringing it down it cracked upon the ground.

Positioning herself, Almasi leapt forth and dove through the first two fiery rings. Landing on a second land on the other end of the second loop, the lioness took in a deep breath and jumped up, twisting her body, she jumped through the loop upside down as she went through, flipping to land on her paws once through.

Landing, Almasi sat up smiling as the audience cheered. "The beautiful Almasi!" the trainer shouted.

Kondo laughed and looked toward Haji, "Your spotlight has been stolen once again"

Haji grumbled and slumped his shoulders, Almasi was the one to always beat for the attention of the audience. The lions watched as the young lioness came over and jumped onto a stand between them, as the all bowed to the audience at the command of their trainer. Turning, they padded over to separate different tunnels that led to their separate cages on the outside of the tent away from the audience.

"Must you always show up Almasi?" Haji stated from his cage. All three cages were connected through the bars on either side of them. Almasi's cage was in between the two males. Almasi turned toward Haji, her ears flat against her head, "Why must you be rude? Not my fault they trained me for that" she laid down in her cage placing her head on his paws.

Kondo from his cage shot a glare toward Haji, "Stop bothering her you riffraff" he grunted laying down relaxing his sore muscles. Haji rolled his eyes and turned his back toward his fellow lions and waited until the trainers came and delivered their meals to them.

"You did good out there Almasi. But you need to watch your tail…you nearly lit it on a fire" The old lion chuckled making the lioness smile toward him.

"Thank you Kondo…and I know…why must they insist I jump through those things. I can do the other tricks you and Haji do," Almasi pondered, stretching her body, she laid her head down on her paws and sighed. Almasi had been in the circus since she was just a one month old cub, she had been snatched from her mother when she was killed a point range.

The lioness barely remembered her old home outside the circus, but every time she closed her eyes she always remembered a great rock formation that would been seen in the distance but every time she ran toward it in her dreams it always seemed to get further and further away from her.

"Thinking about your old home again?"

Peeking one eye open, she looked toward Haji who was staring at her through the bars from his cage. "Why do you ask?"

"You got that scrunched up look on your face. The one you always get when you think and imagine your old home" Haji huffed leaned his body against the bars of his cage.

Almasi sighed, and nodded, "Yes…don't you ever imagine what your old home is like Haji?" she asked.

The dark, golden mane lion shook his head, "I was six days old when I was captured along with my mother. So I don't even know where the home I once lived in, and what's the point anyways. Its not like we're ever going to see those places again. We're going to die in here like all the lions before us" turning away he moved to the far side of his cage and laid down, closing his eyes.

Kondo who had been listening to their conversation grunted, making the lioness turn his way, "I'd listen to him Almasi. No lion has ever made it out of this place alive. So just enjoy it while you can, at least we don't have to hunt for our food out there and starve when there is none" the old lion stretched his body, rolling onto his side and giving out a loud yawn making the lioness giggle.

The lioness lowered her head once again, but her eyes stared out the bars of her cage as it rained outside. The roof of the cages keeping the three lions safe from it, Almasi watched the rain as it fell and formed puddles on the ground outside the cages. 'I will see my home…I know I will…' she thought silently to herself as she closed her eyes, falling asleep to the soft sound of the rain falling outside her cage.

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