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Chapter 5

The sun loomed high in the sky. The day seemed to drag on. What turned into what was suppose to only be another days walk to the closest watering hole, turned out to be much longer than they had hoped. These strange lands were foreign to them. And very soon they found themselves walking in circles.

Lack of food, drink and shade was beginning to take its toll. With the heat of the sun bearing down on them endlessly, it made them slow down in hopes it would conserve what energy as much as they possibly could.

But the lions did not starve as much as they could have, at night with what little hunting skills they had were put to the test when the ground squirrels came out of their burrowed holes in hopes of collecting food out of sight of the predators. But not even a ground squirrel or two was enough to fill their starving stomachs but it was enough to keep them on their paws. But each lion knew they wouldn't make it for much longer if they didn't find water.

Though night was a better time to travel, Kondo had them eat then sleep to conserve their energy. Huddling together, with Kondo and Hajji laying on either side of Almasi, to conserve what heat they had on those few chilly nights. And protect the only lioness in their party.

But luck finally appeared to be on their side. In the form of a baobab tree. At first the group thought it was a mirage. That the sun was playing tricks on them. It wouldn't be the first time. It was Trevor who on the scent of baobab fruit that drove him forward, leaping off Almasi's head where he been perched for much of the journey.

"Hey! Monkey who says you can run off!" Hajji shouted the lack of anything the last few days plus running in circles took a toll on his temper.

"Food!" Trevor's voice cracked from thirst called back to them.

The trio stopped and stared ahead. Food. That was all that was running through their heads, and the fact that what they originally to be a mirage was indeed an actual tree. And with trees came…

"Shade!" picking her paws off the ground, Almasi started after Trevor who was already making his way up to the tree disappearing amongst the leaves in search of the fruit that lay amongst them.

Almasi threw herself into the shade the large tree provided and slunk down to the ground sighing as her body hit the cool grass beneath her. The grass felt cool against her fur while the shade shielded her from the suns harsh rays, the only thing that bothered her was the aching in her paws from having to have walked for so long.

The lioness lifted her head when she heard a thump and realized her lion companions had joined her and had much like her lowered themselves to the ground to enjoy the first bit of shade they have had in days. "Do…do you think we made it?" the young lioness asked.

Kondo raised his head and stared out over the grasslands that were presented before them. This place was just as brown as the lands they had seen, but that only meant that it was the dry seasons. "Well…the birds did say, we would cross into the Pridelands before we reached the watering hole. But from the looks of it, the dry season has started here. The dry season would mean that water may be scarce. We must be cautious when we approach. This king they said may help us…but that doesn't mean he won't do what he thinks is best to protect his pride and keep them alive and that means attacking us"

The old lion looked at his young charges. Two males against one was an advantage if they were attacked by this Simba. And there was no doubt Almasi might try to help but there was no telling how many lionesses this Simba may have in his pride. He couldn't risk the lives of his two charges but at the same time if they didn't get food and water they would surely die nonetheless.

Hajji grunted, shifting his body to lay on his side in the shade enough to have Almasi and Kondo in his sights. "We've come all this way old lion…"

"I'm not saying we be cowards and run and die out in the sun. But it would be best we be cautious" Kondo pulled himself to his paws and looked around in all directions.

Squinting his eyes he thought he saw something in the distance, it was large that was for sure to stand out but he couldn't place what it was. There was a thud and they turned their heads to see large fruit being dropped from the treetops and soon enough Trevor jumped down landing amongst them. Grabbing one he hit it against the nearest rock to open it and sticking his hand in began to eat.

"We need food," Almasi said climbing to her paws trying not to grimace at how much they ached but Kondo caught it anyways. Approaching her, he grabbed her paw and held it up to see there was a large cut on it. "Almasi when did you get this?"


Hajji made his way over and growled when he saw the wound. "Almasi?"

Sighing, the lioness answered "Two days ago. But it's fine. It isn't deep. I just nicked it on a rock." Pulling her paw back she gave it a lick she really didn't want her companions to worry about her for she also noticed Trevor was paying attention to her.

Both lions shared a look and sighed, "Rest for a while more, I will head out to find this watering hole" Kondo said butting his head against Almasi's.

"I'm coming with you," Hajji stated but Kondo shook his head. "No, you will stay here and watch over Almasi. If anyone approaches it would be best she have you with her, especially if it's another male. We may be small but we're a pride within our own. And she be our only female, protect her" the two males shared a look. They both nodded their heads in understanding.

Circus lions they may have been, but it was common instinct that they had like others of their kind. Protect their female.

"Will you be safe out there on your own?" Almasi asked, concern written across her face. Grinning, Kondo rubbed heads with her and licked her cheek, "Worry not Almasi, this old lion has some fight in him yet" stepping back from his charges and the monkey he turned and began making his way into this new land.

The younger two watched him go off with a wary stare both hoping their older companion would be alright out on his own. Hajji turned toward Almasi and nudged her toward the tree more into the shade where she laid down and started to tend to her paw with Hajji standing guard over her.

Kondo walked cautiously, his movements slow and low to the ground but kept his head high enough to keep a good look out around him. There was no sign of a pride just yet but the more he moved into the Pridelands he could see a clearer view of that that large thing he saw before was.

He was shocked to see that it was a structure. Grand in size and made from rock nonetheless. He never seen anything like it in his life. But that was something to focus on afterwards, first he needed to find this watering hole and hopefully food and where there was water there was often prey.

He smelt it before he saw it. The scent of water as well as something he recognized. The smell of elephants. They were none of the ones he knew in the circus but he knew this scent nonetheless. He began following the scent keeping his body low not sure how this herd would react to his presence and he rather nothing go astray.

Poking his nose through the brush, he parted it enough with his paw to see the watering hole. It was still large enough for the dry season. But it was enough. Looking around him, he spotted the elephant herd on the far side of the bank as well as a herd of gazelle and Impala's.

Not wanting to be seen he moved until his body was behind some rocks, only then did he move closer to the waters edge and started to take his first drink in days.

Clenching his thirst, he knew he would need to bring the others soon for them to get their fill. But first he needed to make sure they had food. Looking around, their wasn't enough small prey amongst the watering hole. They were all too large for him to take down on his own. He was much too old and inexperienced from his life style to take something as big as that down with a herd present.

So slinking back into the grass, he made his way deeper into the lands in hopes of finding something as a good meal for himself and his charges. Trevor had found his meal in the fruit he had scavenged from the tree. Moving through the grass, trying not to make as much sound as he could he noticed the further he ventured the closer he got to the stone structure. He had to wonder who lived there…

He stopped in his tracks. His ears up and alert. He thought he heard something…

"Over here. Move this there's got to be more"

Yes, he had heard something indeed. And from the smell of it, it smelt like prey. Lowering himself back to the ground, he moved toward the source of the voices and parted the grass enough to peer through. Spotting what he would consider easy prey.

Right there before it was the strangest pair he'd ever laid eyes on, but that didn't matter. That warthog and meerkat would film the three of them enough till they could get enough strength to venture onward to find this pride. He watched as the two bantered back and forth on where to search for what Kondo could only describe as…bugs? He scrunched his nose at that.

Letting himself be hidden in the grass he crept closer to the two. Squaring his shoulders, Kondo crept even closer until he was just upon the two when he made the mistake of not watching where he was stepping and only had time to curse when his paw stepped on a twig causing it to snap.

He raised his head just in time to see two heads snap in his direction and eyes widen in terror. Knowing he been spotted, Kondo jumped to his paws and started to sprint forward just as the meerkat yelled out. "RUN!"

Jumping onto the warthogs back, they began to run through the grass with Kondo giving chase to them. His paws ached from the day walks but his hunger and instinct to feed his small little pride drove him on.

Gaining on the two he could hear the meerkat yelling "Faster Pumbaa! Faster to Pride Rock!"

Pride Rock? Kondo questioned, looking up he spotted they were nearing the large rock formation. Was that was this place was called? Pride Rock? A strange name, he thought.

It didn't matter, he would figure it out after he caught these two. Almost there, he gritted his teeth pushing himself forward just as he was nearing he prepared himself to jump reading to tackle the two to the ground and end this when a loud Roar sounded over the grasslands.

Kondo barely had time to blink when he felt something slam into his body sending him to the ground some distance from his prey. Landing on the ground, he grunted at the pain he felt in his aging bones. Dirt kicked up all around him the moment he hit it, dirtying his fur more so then the sand in the desert had.

"We told you Kivuli's to stay off our lands!"

Raising his head, Kondo stared at his attacker. The lion before him was much younger then he, his fur was brown but much lighter then the dark brown that was his mane. Piecing green eyes stared at him with anger, but it wasn't the eyes that drew his attention to this lions face. It was the scar that he bore over his right one.

Kondo didn't know what to think of it, the scar could have been of any accident or a sign to know this male had won many over such lions as him.

His mind was swimming with confusion. Kivuli's? Who exactly were these Kivuli's that this male had mistake him for. He would ask that later, the male had said our lands, so that meant he was a member of the Pridelands Pride. So that had to mean…


The brown lion furrowed his brow, raising his head high with a questionable look on his face as he judged Kondo. "Who asks?" the male said after a few moments.

Rolling onto his paws, Kondo pushed himself up shaking his head to get some of the dirt out of his mane. "I am Kondo, I was told to come here to seek a King by the name of Simba…are you this Simba?" Kondo watched the male cautiously. Behind every king there was a Pride and how big a pride there was could determine whether they would let him live or not.

He hoped if they killed him, Hajji and Almasi would have enough common sense to not venture forth to find him but to flee for their lives.

Kovu eyed the strange male. He looked to be on his last legs from the way he watched him climb to his paws. Perhaps he had hit him too hard? He thought for a moment then shook his head with a scoff. He had just been returning from his patrol of the borders when he had heard Timon and had come running.

Only to find this strange male chasing the meerkat and warthog. With no time to gather the pride, he had let out a call to the Pride in hopes they had heard him and had made a run for the lion. Thinking he was a scout from the Kivuli pride that had been sneaking past their borders he had wasted no time in attacking.

His mind was jostled with confusion when this male called him Simba? Why would this male ask, he should have known that he wasn't Simba. But to make sure this old one wasn't playing with him he questioned who he was that asked.

Kovu scoffed, "No. I am not him. I am Kovu, King Simba's successor. His daughter's mate" he introduced himself watching the male who had finally managed to get fully to his paws. If he was a Kivuli he couldn't see why they would send a male as old as he to do their hunting, unless he was their distraction while their lionesses snuck into the Pridelands? "What do you want of the King?"

Kondo grunted, so he hadn't just been attacked by the King. But this male, this Kovu he called himself said he was Simba's successor and mate to the King's daughter. He opened his mouth to speak when another roar sounded followed by others and he turned his head to see a large golden brown lion with a grand red mane approaching with a group of lionesses behind him.

Looking back at Kovu to the new arrivals he took this to be the Simba they had been told to seek out. Seeing he was out numbered, Kondo slowly lowered himself down to the ground in a submissive position to show he meant no harm but kept his eyes up enough to watch them.

"What is going on here Kovu?" Simba asked approaching the younger male. He been at Pride rock watching his young grandson with Nala, when they had heard Kovu's call and had come running after they had gathered Kiara, Vitani and Dotty. On the way they had passed Timon and Pumbaa who had told them they had just been chased by another lion.

Thinking it was another attack from the Kivuli's they had pushed forward to find Kovu speaking with his newcomer. Simba turned his head toward Kondo and raised a questionable eyebrow as he watched him lower himself to the ground.

"I caught this male chasing Timon and Pumbaa. He calls himself Kondo and say's he's been told to seek you out" Kovu stepped aside to allow Simba to get a better look at the new male. He turned his head as Kiara made her way toward him and butted her head against his, showing him that she was glad to see he was alright.

Furrowing his brow, Simba turned toward Kondo and stepped toward him with Nala following in rank beside him. "Who told you to seek me out old one? Was it your King?"

With a look of confusion, Kondo raised his body enough to shake his head. "I have no King" was his answer.

"No King? So you have no pride? You are rogue?" Simba questioned. Wanting to know exactly who the lion who says he been sent to seek him out was.

"Rogue I suppose that's what you could call me…well us. There are two more of us. My young charges, I suppose you could call them my pride. I don't see myself as their King nor do they. I helped raise them from cub hood" Kondo explained, skipping the part about the circus not sure how these lions would take to know he had been raised around humans his entire life as was Almasi and Hajji.

"There are two more of you?" Nala asked stepping up along side her mate. She could not see this male as a threat. He looked like he hadn't eaten in days, nor had a bath for that matter.

"Three actually. My charges and our companion, though he his no threat for he is just a monkey" Kondo bowed his head. From the lioness' stance she was clearly this Simba's mate, hence Queen. And figured if he showed respect to the female it would allow this Simba to see he was of no threat.

Nala looked from Kondo to Simba, "He does not appear to be a threat Simba" she whispered to her mate.

"We do not know if this is an act Nala, he could be a spy for the Kivuli's" as he spoke, Simba never took his eyes off the newcomer. Stepping forward he watched Kondo take a step back from him and lower himself back to the ground "You never did tell me why you were sent to seek me out"

This was the tough part. How to explain to this king the reason they been sent to him to seek help. He thought for a quick moment then spoke "Our home was destroyed by the floods from the rain," that wasn't far from the truth the train they had been on had been destroyed during the storm that had struck them. And the circus had been their home.

"For days we travelled with no food or water into a land we were foreign too. Our companion Trevor had spoken to some birds and had gotten them to tell us of the Pridelands and a King by the name of Simba who may be of help to us. Forgive me for hunting on your lands your majesty, only we haven't eaten much in days and our female had wounded her paw.

"I felt the need to get my charges some food. So I decided to hunt for them" he explained keeping his eyes on Simba's face. It wasn't all lies, but it would be enough to keep the truth of their true home from these lions. This land looked like it didn't get many humans so either they knew about them or they didn't. Kondo wasn't going to risk the chance at the help they needed.

Simba turned his head toward Nala who was watching him. Her eyes told him to trust this stranger. He sighed, "You said you raised these charges of yours?"

"Yes…I…found them when they were cubs. Both abandoned. I had raised them since, Almasi is the only female we have amongst us" Kondo climbed to his paws as Simba approached him. The older lion stood there and watched as he was judged and circled by this red mane one.

Examining the strange male, Simba grunted his body did appear like he hadn't eaten in days and his coat was dirty. Not sure what to do, he sighed and moved to stand beside his pride and turned toward Kondo. "For now I will hold judgement over you and your pride. Where are they?"

"I left them at the border, as I said Almasi had wounded her paw and was tending to it. I felt them east of the watering hole" Kondo turned his head in the direction he had kept track of that he had left the others. He figured they thought he might have returned by now and they must be worrying about him. He grinned, although Hajji might be too stubborn to admit that little fact.

Simba followed Kondo's gaze and saw what direction he was looking in. East of the watering hole was where they often spotted the Kivuli's lurking around. This made Simba suspicious, but if the old lion spoke the truth then his charges wouldn't know there were more lions out there.

"Kovu you come with me, Nala take the lionesses back to Pride Rock we will join you shortly after we collect the others" Simba turned toward Nala who nodded and rubbed her head against his mane giving him a quick lick on the cheek she smiled at Kondo knowing her mate was cautious but the fact that he was giving them a chance proved he was willing to find the truth in the matter.

With Nala in the lead, the lionesses turned and began making their way toward pride rock leaving the royals to handle the situation. And Nala to make the rest of the Pride aware of the newcomers.

Kondo watched the lionesses go off. He wasn't sure how he felt being left in the presence of two males that would have the strength to kill him should they choose too. He stood fully to his paws just as Simba turned back to him "Lead the way" was all he said and it was enough that needed to be said.

Stepping ahead of the two, Kondo began leading the two back the way he had come to his companions. Hoping deep down that he wasn't leading them to the others just to have them killed.

Hajji stood on the edge of the shade that the tree provided them, Almasi had long since fallen asleep after she had tended to her paw. It was like she said, wasn't deep, but the fact that she been walking on it for two days meant it could get infected and that was something that they couldn't let happen.

So when Kondo hadn't returned straight away, Hajji had insisted that Almasi get some well needed sleep. Trevor had gone back up the tree to the high branches and was keeping a look out for Kondo over the lands to tell them when the old lion returned. And Hajji hoped it was with food.

"He's been gone too long…" Hajji said under his breath getting to his paws. As much as he and Kondo argued on occasion it didn't mean he didn't care for the older lion, it was the same with Almasi. They were all they had of each other.

"Hajji!" the young lion raised his head to see Trevor sticking his head out of the leaves above.

"What is it?"

"Lions approaching! And Kondo isn't with them" Trevor jumped down and landed on Hajji's head. Jumping to his back, then to the ground Trevor pointed in the direction he had seen the other lions approaching. "How many of them?" Hajji asked.

"Several" was Trevor's answer as he scurried back to the tree and began to climb it to hide. Hajji let him go, there was nothing a monkey could do against a pride of lions. In fact there was nothing he could do either but to try and defend himself and Almasi.

Almasi. His head snapped back to the lioness that was still sound asleep. Her head resting on her paws with her body against the trunk of the tree the furthest in the shade. He didn't want to wake her but he knew he had no choice, he looked in the direction that Trevor had pointed out and he too could now see the lions making their way toward them at an alarming rate.

From this distance he could see there was three males among the pride and few females. The three males alone gave them no chance, well perhaps not him, Almasi they might take as their own. The thought made him growl and hurried to the lioness's side and nudged her with his head. "Almasi get up. Come on get up!"

Said lioness opened her eyes, blinking them she let out a yawn and pushed at Hajji with her paw. "I'm too tired Hajji" she said lowering her head back down in hopes of falling back asleep.

"Almasi you got to get up! We have company!" Hajji moved and grabbed her by the scruff and stared pulling her to her paws till she shook him off and got up herself. "What do you mean?" she asked but Hajji didn't have time to answer till they heard someone chuckling behind them.

Almasi stared over Hajji's shoulder, her eyes widening she positioned herself fully behind him while Hajji placed himself in front of her. His legs spread apart, his claws extended and dug at the dirt beneath his paws while he prepared himself for an attack. His eyes landed on the pride before him. The lionesses stood behind the three males each large in structure. Hajji took them to all be brothers. Their coats were all a shade of light brown, their manes though set them apart in size and colour, the front males mane was the largest of the three and black in colour. The other two male's manes were that of adolescence much like Hajji himself. The one to the right's mane was a light sandy brown while the one on the left was deep brown

"What do we have here boys? Pridelanders?" the oldest one smirked, a chuckle to his voice.

"They don't look much like Pridelanders Basic," the one the left said eyeing the two in front of him. But Hajji noticed his stare strayed to Almasi longer then it should have been and he stationed himself in front of her more and growled. The male smirked "What's the matter boy, fraid to loose your little lioness?" he stepped forward but Basi held out his paw to stop him.

"Now Adin, no need to scare the little female" Basi said eyeing Almasi who had lowered herself to the ground behind Hajji who clawed at the ground with his claws prepared to strike if they got any closer. "And if they aren't Pridelanders I wonder who they are to be on Pridelander territory?" Basi questioned.

Hajji let his eyes dart between them all, he noticed the lighter mane male didn't say a word as the other two conversed. But the lion was watching them just as closely. Pridelanders? Yes it must be the name of the pride that lived in these lands. He thought for a moment then growled out "Leave these lands before I report you to King Simba!"

The lions turned their heads toward him, Basi smirked "So you are Pridelanders?"

"Yes that's right!" Hajji squared his shoulders.

"Last I heard the Pridelands only had two males, and one young prince barely out of his spots. I guess Simba is taking in strays now" Basi chuckled earning a few laughs from the lionesses behind him. Adin stepped up to stand fully beside his brother and sneered "I say we should just take care of the male now and take the lioness. We could always use more" he lowered himself to stare between Hajji's legs to where Almasi was.

"The lioness is frightened enough brother, leave her be" the lighter mane lion finally spoke.

Adin sneered and stood turning his head toward his brother "Stay out of this Khari. I like this female, she looks of good breeding. She'll bare me healthy cubs" Adin turned his attention back to Hajji and Almasi and got a face full of paw as Hajji had struck at Adin for his words toward Almasi.

"Why you!" Adin snarled jumping back to his paws. Basi growled and stepped forward. "Well aren't you a feisty one" he stopped when Hajji swiped out his paw again to stop him from coming any closer. By now he had placed his body atop of Almasi shielding her with his frame determined to keep her safe.

"Keep away from her" Hajji growled.

"What are you going to do, there are three of us and only two of you" Basi smirked stepping closer when suddenly there was a thump. "Hey!" the lion snapped his head up to glare at Trevor who stood in the fruit with the fruit in his hands prepared to throw another.

"Keep away from them ugly" Trevor stuck out his tongue.

"Damn thing" Adin growled running for the tree when Hajji caught him off guard tackling him to the ground.

"Hajji!" Almasi cried as she watched the two start to roll around the ground. Each trying to get the upper hand on each other, climbing back to her paws ignoring the pain in her one she hurried to help her friend when she found Basi blocking her path.

"Now where do you think you're going" Basi smirked looming over her smaller frame. Almasi stared up at him with wide eyes before she growled and swiped at him catching his nose with her claws and managed to cut him. "Stay away from me!" she growled as he turned back to her his teeth bared.

"Why you little" he raised his paw to strike her when three roars echoed over the lands. Heads turned toward the direction, Adin who was pinned beneath Hajji used his back paws to throw the lion off him and into the ground with a thud.

"It's Simba!" climbing to his paws, Adin snarled.

Basi gave Almasi one last look then turned his body toward the direction the calls had come from. Surprised to see that there was another lion along with Simba and Kovu.

The three had been half way to the tree when Simba had caught a familiar scent on the air and turned toward Kovu who nodded his head to indicate that he too had caught the scent. "It seems Basi has found them" Kovu scoffed quickening his pace.

Kondo who was confused turned his attention toward the two "Who has found who?"

"The Kivuli pride it seems has found your companions" Simba looked toward Kondo watching his eyes widen with fear that another Pride had found his charges. He knew he shouldn't have left them on their own.

"Hajji! Almasi!" with quickened steps, Kondo started to sprint toward the tree in the distance. As they got closer they watched as Hajji tackled Adin and started to wrestle each trying to get the upper hand. Kondo growled, foolish boy, he had left Almasi open but his worries for the young lioness seemed for nothing as she clawed the one lion that had gotten too close to her.

But his anger got the better of him when he saw the lion raise his paw to strike Almasi and let out a roar only to find his joined by Simba's and Kovu's who seemed as equally angry.

The three came to a stop in front of the Kivuli's. Simba stepping forth a snarl on his face. "I told you to keep away Basi"

"Now why would I do that Simba? You have plenty of land here as well as good females for baring cubs" Basi eyed the king. Adin limped over to his side, his paw wounded from where Hajji had bitten into it. Khari kept himself in front the lionesses not making a move to join his brothers in facing Simba.

Growling, Simba squared his shoulders. "You have plenty of females and enough land of your own Basi. There is no need to take ours. Now get off my land"

Basi smirked "You can't protect these lands for long. And the more land a King has, the more powerful he is" he stepped back and shoved Adin with his paw sending him toward the lionesses. A sign that they were done there for now, he looked over his shoulder at Simba "I'd watch your lionesses" with that he growled and the lionesses with them jumped and turned and began walking away with the three lions behind them.

"Almasi!" Kondo hurried past Simba toward his charge and rubbed his head with hers glad to see that she was alright.

"Good to see your concerned for me old one" Hajji limped over and sat down with a sigh. Prepared for the long lecture that he had failed to protect Almasi but it never came instead Kondo bumped his head with his. He looked confused when Kondo spoke "I was worried for you as well Hajji, and you did a great job in defending Almasi"

Grinning, Hajji looked over Kondo's shoulder at Simba and Kovu as they approached, he snarled and climbed to his paws. Simba held up his paw to forestall him from saying or doing anything. "We mean no harm to your pride. I am Simba, this is Kovu. You must be Hajji and Almasi. Kondo spoke of you"

Hajji stared at the two and grunted looking at Kondo who nodded his head both Hajji and Almasi bowed to the two royal lions. Looking up when Simba let out a chuckle "No need, it seems we were wrong to accuse you of being an Kivuli Kondo after what we witnessed it is obviously not the case. You all look famished I'm sure the hunting party has returned with enough for both our prides"

"What about me?"

Simba blinked his eyes when he watched Trevor jump down from the treetops above to land atop of Almasi's head. Simba eyed him and nodded, it wouldn't the first time the pride has taken in others. Timon, Pumbaa and Zazu was proof of that for they lived amongst the pride and were not eaten. "You too will be safe"

"We should return to Pride rock before Basi decides to return and with more of his lionesses" Kovu stepped forth eyeing the smaller pride before them. They were in just as rough shape as Kondo was.

Nodding his head, Simba eyed the small pride and turned motioning for the newcomers to follow him. The younger lions looked toward their older companion who nodded and began to follow after Simba and Kovu toward Pride Rock. Hajji looked at Almasi and nudged her with his head, giving her a small rub with it as he grinned and had her walk ahead of him to keep her in his sight as he fell in line behind her.

The trio could only hope that this would be the end of their struggles.

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