This is the end…

The four members of the Volturi began to close in on us somewhat menacingly – although, Alec and Jane hardly cut intimidating figures. They were going to try and convince Matt and me to join them. I heard Aro cackling inwardly about the prospects of having two such 'servants' as my brother and me.

Jane looked at me with great determination, she was concentrating on what I assumed was her gift – to torture people through a sort of 'mental burning.' But it was all in vain.

"Aro," she whispered, "She's not responding."

Aro beheld me thoughtfully. "I have heard of those immune to certain…mental abilities…but…"

"You wondering if I would be immune to your mind-reading," I said plainly, "And, yes, I probably would."

Aro's eyes seemed stunned for a split second before returning to his usual, aloof expression. "You can read my mind, though."

I nodded, "And I know the little one was trying to burn me with her mind, but she can't get through, either."

He narrowed his eyes slightly at me, but quickly returned. He was trying to think of another way to use his incredible influence on us. I suddenly thought of Matt – what were they trying on him right now? I felt this energy surge through me and flow out towards my family. Jane turned her attention to Matt, but he didn't respond to her either.

I figured out quickly that the energy coming out of me was some sort of protection – and I was somehow cloaking my family in that protection. Jane become frustrated once again and turned to her brother.

"Are you trying, Alec? They should be writhing in pain right now!"

"I am trying the best I can," he retorted, "There's something in the way."

I couldn't contain my smug smile as I gazed at Aro; he finally dropped his façade of calm and glared at me.

"So, it seems we won't be doing this the old fashioned way."

"I suppose not," I replied as Edward stood beside me and held my hand.

I could feel the energy flowing from me coursing through his body, and I turned to him and smiled. He returned my smile and then turned to Aro, "So, what was it you wanted of my wife, Aro?"

Aro straightened and regained his composure, "The same thing I would ask of you, dear Edward, to become part of the Volturi. You both would be incredibly beneficial to our family, and we would take great care of you."

Edward looked back to me and I raised an eyebrow and shook my head slightly. He chuckled, "Well, Aro, it seems my wife doesn't want to become part of your 'family,' and frankly, neither do I…I hope you understand."

"That's right," I added, "We have our own family."

Aro's lips tightened and he lifted his chin ever so slightly, "If that's the way you would like it to be…"

"Me, too," Matt said, "Katie and I want to be left alone, as well."

Aro shot my brother a withering glance before continuing, "Well, then. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your stay in Rome."

He motioned for the others to leave – Caius gave us all one last, warning look and he closed the door behind them. I waited for a good five minutes before I dropped the protective shield and Edward pulled me into his arms. He spun me around and I kissed him thoroughly.

He set me back down and I turned to Alice, "You don't see them trying anything soon, do you?"

She thought for a moment, "No, we're safe for the time being."

"Good!" Matt said, "We wouldn't want them to ruin our wedding."

"What?" I said, turning to my brother.

"Katie and I have been planning to have a little impromptu wedding while we're in Rome."

"You rat!" I cried. "I knew you were hiding something from me! I haven't been able to hear your thoughts since we got here."

"I think what Bella meant was congratulations," Edward said.

"Thanks, Katie called some chapel out here and set up a time for us to have a small service on Thursday."

"Well," Alice said with a smirk, "Looks like we have wedding gown shopping to do – as well as bridesmaid dresses."

I rolled my eyes and looked at Kate, "Great, we have unleashed the monster."

The wedding gown shopping trip was actually surprisingly painless. Alice found Kate a very nice dress – though, I think Kate was willing to take whatever Alice picked out for her, she's not terribly picky about clothes.

But, what was really impressive was the chapel – Cappella Paolina, in Vatican City.

"How were you able to get this?" I asked Kate as we arrived.

"An old friend of mine in the Volturi set it up for me," she said mysteriously, "That's all I can say."

"Well," I replied with a smirk, "At least they're good for something."

She laughed as we walked into the chapel and I gaped at the intricate artwork and architecture all around. Although, I'm sure if any of these priests knew what we all were, they'd have the holy water and garlic at the ready. Even if that all was very futile against actual vampires.

Alice and I walked down to the alter and waited as Kate floated towards us gracefully. If it was possible, she looked like she had a beautiful flush to her cheeks; though, that may have just been Alice's makeup job.

Kate had instructed that the entire service be given in Latin, and Edward said he would translate it all for me later. One thing's for sure, if I'm going to be around until the end of time, I'm going to start learning as many languages as possible.

After we all celebrated the union back at the hotel Edward and I had stayed at earlier in the ballroom. We managed to get the staff to set up a stereo to play some nice, old Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin music and we danced through the night.

When we retreated back to Renee's villa – all except Matt and Kate – I looked at Edward and smiled.

"I still can't quite believe I have all of eternity to spend with you," I said as I kissed him gently.

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

So, that's all.

I hope I didn't disappoint with the short ending, but I wanted to give it a bit of "Breaking Dawn" but also a bit of my own spin.

Thanks for reading!