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I, Isabella Marie Swan, am going to murder someone very brutally, and when my own father has to arrest me it will be all his fault.

Ever have one of those moments where you just want to scream into your pillow? Yeah, well, I'm having one of those moments. I swear, I feel like throwing some kind of childish tantrum and beating the crap out of pillow. But isn't that what I expected? This is high school. It's supposed to be all about the drama, but I think I've had enough drama in my life, you know?

Okay, so what am I rambling about? I am rambling about the most infuriating person on the planet. His name is Edward Cullen. He is annoying, he is too smug for his own good, he makes me want to scream, pull my hair out and jump off a cliff or something. Sometimes I just want to rip that stupid lopsided grin off his face. I want to give him a piece of my mind. I want to …

Kiss him.

And, yes. I did say that out loud, and I don't think I'm ashamed of it anyway. I figured out a long time ago that I, Isabella Marie Swan, had fallen hard for Edward Anthony Cullen, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. But what was stopping me? Oh, just about half of the female population at my school, and of course, there was him. He probably didn't even notice me. Okay, you might not understand all of this, but you don't know Edward Cullen, alright? You don't know 

who he is, how he makes me feel. You don't have to stare into those stupid, sparkling, absolutely dazzling emerald eyes that are so green it's not even humanly possible. You don't have to listen to his velvet voice, and you don't have to watch girls throw themselves at his feet and know you can never have him. And especially not when you have the circumstances as me. It might be better if we were classmates, if we actually knew each other, if we talked.

Did I make it seem that way? Oh no.

He's my best friend's brother. Older brother. He's a senior, and I'm a junior. Are you starting to see the problems yet, or shall I elaborate? Not only is it against every girl code t date your best friend's brother (oh, I didn't know for sure, but Alice seemed to be certain on this), but today had been one of the absolute worst days ever. Why? Because he decided to date that blonde bombshell Rosalie Hale. She was a senior, and God, I hated her sometimes. She might be alright, but she was just so vain, and is that really the kind of girls Edward was into? I never stood a chance in the first place, so why did it even matter, is the question I keep asking myself. But it does matter to me, and I really do hate it, you don't even know.

My cellphone started ringing, making me groan and roll my eyes when I read the Caller ID. Usually, I was happy when I was talking to Alice, but I just didn't feel like a shopping trip right now, or whatever she had in mind. I knew she knew I was home though and I always had my phone on me, so what was the point?

I swear the girl knew everything. It was a little creepy sometimes, but I like to think I'm sneaky about my crush on Edward, possibly the only thing I didn't share with her.


"Bella! It's Alice." I fought the urge to roll my eyes; who else would it be, honestly? "Okay, so I have a plan."

"Here we go again…"

"Oh, please!" she scoffed at me, giggling quietly after, to the point where I had a crack a smile too despite my current mood. "You know you love my plans. Anyway, there's this party going on tonight at my house. You know my parents, always going on vacations and stuff. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE Bella, is going to be there. I mean, if you're not there, you might as well tattoo 'I'm a loser' on your forehead."

I guess I was going to have to make a trip to the tattoo parlor. I hated parties, and Alice knew that. "Alice, c'mon, be serious. You know I hate parties," I replied, half whined, flopping on my stomach on my bed. Alice sighed in exasperation, and I knew she had rolled her eyes, grinning. We could reach other like books, I swear.

"Just think about it, 'kay? I'll call you back later."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Talk to you later!" I was about to return this, but I heard the 'click' and knew she had hung up the phone, rolling my eyes. That girl needed to lay off the pixie sticks.

Now came the absolute best part of my day, most of the time. I threw my phone on the ground and made a fast break for my computer, quick to log in and sighing in frustration as it took forever to load up, tapping my fingers against the wooden desk. When I finally did get on and signed on, though, I was rewarded.

I had been talking to this guy online. I know, online dating is corny, but that's not what it was. It was talking to someone who could understand and talk back and be completely unbiased. And I felt like I knew him, somehow. It was an odd thing to explain, but he made my day a little brighter when I talked to him, because I knew that I could tell him everything without having to care.

I'm not sure how long we had kept this routine up, talking to each other online, sending each other emails, instant messenging each other, but I had kept it seperate from my real life. Still, I just didn't know, he was so easy to talk to. I didn't even know who he was, and I felt so close to him. It was just something I guess we both needed, being able to talk to someone who cared, and yet we would never actually meet - or at least, not in the near future.

Anyway, an IM popped up on my screen, and it was exactly who I wanted to talk to.

Playingthekeys: Hey, Bells.

Playingthekeys: How was your day?

Ringingbells: Keys!

Ringingbells: My day? It sucked. Badly.

Ringingbells: You know that guy I was talking about? Yeah, well. He's dating someone else.

Playingthekeys: Hmph. He doesn't know what he's missing.

I had to grin at that despite myself, rolling my eyes.

Ringingbells: What about your day?

Playingthekeys: Eh, it was alright. I'm dating this girl…but I'm not dating her for her, you know? I'm dating her because my friends want me to date her, and I guess it's expected. I really don't like it, though. I don't want to hurt her.

Ringingbells: How considerate! sarcasm

Playingthekeys: How lovely, being called inconsiderate by the Stalker Girl.

Ringingbells: Hey! I am not a stalker!

Playingthekeys: laughs Kidding.

Ringingbells: No, really?

Playingthekeys: So what's this boy like? You never told me.

Ringingbells: Uhm, smart. Athletic. And gorgeous.

Playingthekeys: Gorgeous by who's standards? I doubt we have the same taste.

Ringingbells: Hmmm, you never told me you like men.

Playingkeys: Oh, please. Are we five? Just tell me what the guy looks like.

Ringingbells: Okay, okay. Jeez, how far did you jam that stick up your ass?

Playingthekeys: Ignoring that last comment, proceed.

Ringingbells: He's got …well, it's kinda reddish-brownish hair. It's like bronze colored, and it's always so messy. It's like he doesn't brush his hair or something, but it looks nice like that. It's like natural bedhead.

Ringingbells: And his eyes are this gorgeous green. They're dazzling, really that's the only word for it. They look right through you. They're prettier than emeralds, and you can't help getting lost in them.

Ringingbells: And he's not like one of those muscular body builder dudes, but he's muscular, you know? It's hard to explain, but he's tall, too. Think lanky, but well-built.

Playingthekeys: You sound like you've got yourself a winner. You've just described me.

Ringingbells: Yeah, right!

Playingthekeys: No, honestly. You described me just a second ago - looks like we do have the same taste in men. Except, I wouldn't call my eyes 'prettier than emeralds'. They're green, though. And my hair's reddish. I wouldn't call myself lanky...

Ringingbells: You do realize you've just set yourself up for another insult, right? I repeat, you never told me you like men.

Playingbells: Oh, ha, ha. I need to go. Party tonight with some friends, though I doubt it will end up being 'just a few friends'.

Ringingbells: Hey, me too. Except I'm being dragged. Forcefully.

Ringingbells: Bye, Keys. Send me an email or something when you get home, I probably won't be able to - my friend will want me to sleep over there.

Playingthekeys: See ya, Bells. I'll do that.

Playingthekeys has signed off.

Ringingbells has signed off.

I must have stared at the screen for an immeasurable amount of time, my lips pulled upwards into a silly little smile. That was until my phone rang, and a look at the Caller ID told me exactly who it was.

"Hey, Alice."

Still, my mind was elsewhere as I turned my computer off and Alice began speaking a million words a second about this party I had no interest in going in, and could only mumble a halfhearted agreement as she suggested she come over and help me get ready. She was stubborn as hell, and refusing would just mean an hour lecture on social suicide and how I wasn't getting the full 'high school' experience.

Then it dawned on me. A party at Alice's house...

Well, you might as well stamp something on my head that said 'stalker', because my heart started racing.

Is it wrong when your best friend invites you to a party and the only thing you can think of is if her brother is going to be there?

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