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Tony flicked through TV stations uninterestedly. There was nothing on. It was the Christmas holidays and Director Sheppard had ordered the whole team to have a week off because there had been too many trying cases in a short period of time. He had felt like he was back in collage again on one of those weekend booze-fests. Hard work and little sleep in a short space of time. Then again in collage 'hard work' was considered by how many bottles you could down in 48 hours.

'What's the point of getting cable if nothing good is ever on?' he growled angrily at the TV. His DVD collection was still in boxes as he'd just moved into a new apartment. He didn't have the energy or patience to go searching for them now.

'Maybe, I'll just rent a movie instead….but no…DAMN IT! I can't! Stupid holidays! Nothing is ever open' he thought miserably. He had been basically alone for 72 hours straight and his mood was starting to strain. Gibbs had gone to Mexico for the week, McGee was spending Christmas with his sister and Ziva had been unreachable. Who knows what she was doing, probably sharpening her knife collection or something. Ziva wielding knifes. Oh…that's was a scary thought. Ziva dressed as a naughty cop wielding a knife. Yeah this is getting better. NAKED Ziva wielding a knife. Tony felt heat rush to his cheeks.

'Oh dammit' he thought 'Dispelling all bad thoughts. She's your partner for god sake! Okay, okay think of something else. Food. Food is good. Favourite food….uhhhh ..cookies! Especially choc chip cookies. Abby's choc chip cookies. That's it, Abby! I'll just go over to Abby's, she's bound to have something good to watch

He grabbed his coat and was just heading out the door when he ran into someone.

'Ziva!' He exclaimed 'What are you doing here? At my house?'

She looked confused 'Well…I just …I just needed…never mind… I better go'

She turned to leave but Tony grabbed her by the shoulder. 'What's wrong?'

She an unreadable look on her face. 'It's Christmas Tony'

'Yeah..?' he said unsurely.

"No…nothing… Can I just come in?'

'Sure. How about we order some takeout then settle down and play a board game.'

'A board game?' she asked skeptically.

'Yeah well… I have no movies.'

'That I do not believe.'

'Well they're all packed in boxes 'cause you know, I just moved…'

An hour later they were sitting on Tony's living room floor with Pad Thai and Scrabble set between them.

'Ziva, your choice of words is really starting to worry me.' he said bemusedly.

'What, why?'

'Shot? Exterminate? Knife? Do you see a recurring theme here?' Suddenly an unbidden image of naked Ziva wielding a knife popped up in his head again. 'Dammit DiNozzo!' he thought 'Can't you keep your mind out of the gutter for 5 minutes? How the hell does Scrabble turn you on?!'

'What? Why are you looking at me like that? Tony. Tony!' Ziva's voice sliced through his thoughts.

'Yeah, what?' he said somewhat dazedly.

'What are you staring at DiNozzo?' she said in her sharp office banter voice.

'Uh...um...you spelled 'ninja' wrong?'

She looked down at the board 'Yes...I did...' she quickly changed it then gave Tony a semi-disbelieving look.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes while they just stared at each other.

'SOO Ziva, do you want some wine?' he said loudly, breaking the silence.

'Yeah, sure' she replied again giving him a look.

Tony got up and half sprinted to the kitchen. He leant against the kitchen counter and ran his face through his hands.


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