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With that final thought Tony put his remaining tiles down on the board, building through Ziva's word.

'Tony...I think I need some more wine'

'Damn DiNozzo, now she's really freaked out! Well done. You should've just pretended you couldn't make anything.' Tony reached over and refilled her glass accidentally letting his hand brush against her fingers as he pulled away. They both jumped at the simple touch and avoided each others gaze. 'Quick! Change the subject!'

' do you have planned for your remaining three days in isolation?' he said a little too jovially.

Ziva gave him a funny look and shook her head. 'Nothing. I usually do not have much free time so I don't know what to do'

'Ohhh...and that's why you came here' Tony said, instantly regretting it. The look Ziva gave him was a mix between annoyance and something else, something he couldn't quite pick.

'I came here, Tony, because...I...I decided that maybe I would finally spend a Christmas with someone' she blurted. Ziva looked confused 'And...I couldn't think of anyone else to spend it with'

'Wait, you've never spent Christmas with someone? Ever?'

'No. Since my family is Jewish we never celebrated Christmas when I was a child. We sometimes had a small Hanukkah gathering but otherwise, I have seen no need to have any kind of celebration, it was just another day of the year to me'.

Tony sat shocked by this sudden revelation. 'Wow, maybe this wine is stronger than I thought. But wait! Ziva chose you to spend Christmas with. Out of all the people she could've chosen, Jenny, Abby, even McGee! Why me?'

For the millionth time that night they sat in contemplative silence. Tony once again threw around wildly for a talking subject.

'So Ziva you gonna play that last tile? Cause you know I'm gonna beat you, I'm already 20 ahead of you and there's not much you can do with one tile' he said with mock bravado.

Ziva chewed her lip thoughtfully and looked slightly torn. She glanced at Tony then cautiously put the tile down in front of her last word.

'Ziva, you can't do that. It doesn't make a word...' Tony trailed off as he realised what she had put down and what their collective three words spelt out.

'I Love You...'

'What?' Ziva said sharply.

' I just saying our words spelt out "I Love You" ' Tony said quickly. 'Way to point out the obvious genius...'

'Oh...okay...HA! TONY I WON!'

'What?' Tony said confused by the sudden change in conversation.

'I won! I won! Ooooh! You know you can't win with me Tony' Ziva said happily.

'You got that right...' Tony mumbled.

'Oh you're such a sore loser'

'Yeah, well... you smell!' Tony said petulantly. Ziva rolled her eyes and proceeded to pack the board up. 'Lousy Ziva. Always beating me, with her super ninja skills...'

'Okay, so do you want something to eat? That Pad Thai was a rip off! The boxes were only half full.'

'I know...I should go back there and stab the chef' Ziva said in mock seriousness.

'I'd like to see that! You running in there weilding a knife and...' Tony stopped, unsure of himself. The Ziva/Knife fantasy was playing out in his head except this time she had on the full naughty cop outfit; fishnets, hat, skimpy top, minuscule shorts and a knife in each hand.

'And what Tony?' Ziva said with a small smile on her face.

' stab him and go home. I'll go make food now' Tony practically shot into the kitchen from the living room and quickly tied a jumper around his waist. 'Hope she didn't see it'

He opened the freezer and took out leftover lasagna and put it in the microwave. He tapped his fingers impatiently on the bench as he waited for it to cook.

Suddenly a voice very close to his ear said 'Hmm...that looks nice'. Tony yelled and jumped around into a karate stance.

Ziva laughed and lightly slapped his cheek then went over to the cupboards and pulled out two plates and two forks.

'Tony, where are your knives? I can't find any in the drawers.'

'Uh...uh...don't worry about that. I've got it covered. You just sit down'...DING...'and relax' Tony pulled the lasagna out of the microwave. He turned around to put it on the plates and saw Ziva standing in the middle of the kitchen holding a knife in each hand. He stopped in his tracks and nearly dropped the lasagna on the floor.

'Found them' Ziva said with a smug look on her face. 'AHHHHH! Acutal Ziva is standing in your actual kitchen with actual knives in her hands! Ahhhhh! Too bad she's not naked...Shut up brain your opinon isn't needed! Okay what do I do? Umm...just smile and feed the woman. Then she'll be less inclined to wield knives (or stab you)'

He flashed his 1000 watt grin and placed the lasagna on the plates.

'Tony, I think there is something wrong with you'

'Uh...why would you say that?'

'Because this is the sixth time you've blushed tonight and you don't get embarrassed easily'

'Damn! How is it that she picks up on every little thing? Well duh! It's because shes super ninja!'

'Maybe I'm just turning into a more sensitive individual'

'Every time I'm made a reference to knives this evening you have reacted this way' she said thoughtfully 'You are embarrassed by knives?'

'How the hell did she figure that out!' Tony's head snapped around and stared at her. She had fixed him a with a hard no-nonsense stare.


'Maybe you like fantasising about knives, yes?'


'You do fantasise about knives! I didn't know you were into that kind of thing Tony! I mean it's perfectly...normal...I even know a few-'

'No!' Tony interrupted 'I don't fantasise about knives! Well...I do but...'

'But...' she prompted.

'But...' he continued 'I focus more on the person who's holding the knives...' 'Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Do not say another word! You're already in too deep! Get out while you still can! If you still can...'

'Oh! Is it someone I know?'

'Uh...have some lasagna. I made it last night. I don't usually make my own lasagna but-'

'It is someone I know! Who Tony?'

'No-one...' 'And that's the WORST excuse you have ever came up with!'

'Is it...Abby?'

'No! She's like my sister! If I was fantasising about her it would be like incest!' he exclaimed.

'Who else...Agent Jardine?' she said slightly worriedly.

'No! Her messiness yet absolute cleanliness both confuses and scares me'

'Director Sheppard?' she said incredulously.

'Ziva! Defiantly not! She's 10 years my senior! And Gibbs would kill me.'

'Well who then?! There's no one else!'

'Yes there is...' he said quietly. 'What the hell! Do you want her to guess or something? Get out of this now!!'

'There is not...' he saw realisation suddenly dawn on her face.

'Me...?' she said tentatively, moving into his personal space.

'Uh...' 'Good work. You're stuck and she's in your space. Only one way out. You have to tell her'

'Uh...yeah' he looked down then glanced up and caught her gaze. They stared at each other for what seemed like ages until Tony put his hand back on the bench and knocked a fork to the floor. They both glanced away quickly and Tony ducked down and picked up the fork. He placed it on the bench and looked at Ziva again.

'Damn, Tony! She likes you! And she even spelled it out, plain and clear! In Scrabble! My god man! This has gone on too long! Stop pussyfooting around it. You. Like. Her. Just kiss her man. Okay, just kiss her...'

'Ziva...' he said quietly. He reached out and brushed a strand of hair away from her face, leaving his hand resting on her jawbone. She looked slightly surprised.

'Okay DiNozzo, do it now. NOW!'

His lips crashed against hers with a little more force than he intended. She first stiffened but then relaxed under his lips. After awhile she reached up and put her hands on his shoulders slightly caressing his neck.

Finally they pulled apart, breathless. Ziva smiled a genuine happy smile at him 'Gibbs is going to kill us Tony'.

'I think it might be worth it' he said kissing her again.


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