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"Are you sure about this, Bella?" The voice pleaded with me, giving me one last chance to back down. My heart was racing, heat was spread through my body, and the feel of his cold flesh pressed to me was almost more than I could stand.

"Edward yes, please! If you don't…I am going to finally combust, after building all of this tension…please don't make me beg!" I barely recognized my own voice, it was deeper, I was out of breath, and nearing tears. He couldn't back down, not now. I gripped his hair in one hand, pressed my other to his bare back, and tried to pull him closer.

"I just don't want to hurt you." His low, velvet voice was laced with heavy concern, and would have been heartbreaking under any other circumstances. I guided my hands to his face, and brought his gaze to my own.

"It's my first time, so hurting me is really inevitable, but it will pass, and I will be fine." I brushed his hair back as he growled slightly.

"That's not what I mean."

I shifted slightly, pressing more of my exposed, heated flesh to his smooth cool skin. "You aren't going to hurt me, Edward. You couldn't, you're too careful with me, and you won't let it happen. Please. Please be with me." I could feel tears threatening to spill out from my eyes.

"I love you, Bella." He stated slowly.

"I know you do, and I love you…which is why—I, oh—" I was abruptly cut off by Edward's length pushing inside of me. I winced against the brief pain, and then gasped as he started to move. He was very careful, slowly pulling back and then sliding forward into me as I writhed at the sensation, tightly grasping his hair in one hand, and fisting the blankets in another. His pace increased slightly, and I moaned loudly as he started to explore my body with one of his hands as he propped himself up with the other. Every inch of skin he could reach he caressed, kneaded, and brushed with his icy fingertips. My skin flushed with intense heat as my breathing grew more and more irregular.

"I have been waiting for this for so long, Bella." He murmured against my ear, before guiding his mouth to mine, his lips crashing into mine and separating them. His tongue probed deeply inside of me, caressing my own, marking me, as his sweet scent and taste filled my awareness. I rolled my hips to meet his thrusts, and he groaned into my mouth, and pressed his body closer to mine. Everything was right, perfect. We fit together and moved in absolute harmony as a fire built inside of me, more intense then I could imagine, a pressure that threatened my very sanity. Edward was moving faster against me, his thrusts driving that pressure skyward as I arched into him and met his thrusts with my own, my body wrapped around him. When the pressure finally broke over me in a surge the feeling was strong enough to bring Edward as well. He tensed inside of me, thrusting once more as deeply as he could as his release spilled into me. The waves rocking through me left me breathless, speechless, and utterly swept away by the sensation. Edward and I stayed locked together for some time, gently holding onto each other as I drifted closer and closer to sleep. Icy lips pressed into my forehead and my lullaby started floating through the air as I fell asleep in his arms.

Two weeks had passed since the night that Edward and I first crossed that line together, and I couldn't be more pleased with our relationship now. Once he realized that he truly wouldn't hurt me we were frequently expressing our relationship in an incredibly physical way. Edward was refusing to take me to the house since that first night, which lead me to believe that he was being ruthlessly teased by his brothers, and wanted me spared the embarrassment. I was grateful beyond belief that I had avoided it so far; it was too much to hope for that the avoidance would last.

A deep, booming laugh scared me nearly to death, and almost caused me to fall out of the bed. Edward growled deeply and looked to the window.

"Emmett, this is too far!" He said, his voice a low hiss. Another laugh broke the silence, followed by a thump outside of my window as Emmett pulled himself into the room. I scrambled for the blanket and clutched it to my chest as Emmett surveyed the scene. He looked down at me smiling.

"Hi Bella, we've missed you at the house." He said grinning, and his eyes quickly darted toward Edward.

"Emmett, don't!" Edward's bronze hair was still tousled from our interrupted activities, and his marble features were sharply drawn. Emmett smiled, and glanced down at him, and then me. I realized that my thigh was almost completely uncovered to my waist and I quickly adjusted the blankets so that as much of me was covered as was possible. Emmett's grin widened.

"Don't what Edward? Have you even mentioned it to her?" He asked casually. Edward growled again and stood quickly, shoving pants on as he went. He stalked over to Emmett, who seemed completely unconcerned.

"I said no!" He hissed roughly, his eyes narrowed.

"So you don't think Bella wants to play with us?" Asked Emmett, puppy eyes and a pout etched into his features.

Shock widened my eyes as I stood up looking for something to throw at him, while still clutching the blanket to myself.

"What?!" I shouted at him loudly. "What in the hell are you thinking, Emmett?!" I couldn't believe that he…I mean, wow, he didn't just really, shit! To my increasing surprise Edward didn't attack him, and instead turned to me.

"Bella, calm down—he just…" his voice trailed away at the look of outrage on my face. He looked for a moment from me to Emmett and then realized what the implication was. "Oh, no. Bella, he's not, no. He isn't suggesting that…it's just this ridiculous game they play…don't worry about it. It's not worth explaining." I started to relax a bit.

"Says the guy who has nothing but bed-sex all of the time." Emmett stated, frowning. "Maybe Alice was wrong, she thought you'd be competition," at this he looked pointedly at the bed, "but I don't think we have anything to worry about." A smug look crossed his face as he walked slowly to the window. "You should still fill her in though," he said slowly. "Let her know what she's missing." He wriggled his eyebrows at this, and laughed as Edward violently shoved him out of the window, and then turned to me, sighing.

"Spill it." I demanded, feeling my eyebrows draw together. He looked up at me, his golden gaze surveying my expression. I sighed and continued. "What was that about? What game is he talking about?"

Edward sighed again as he took my hand in his. "Let me tell you about it."

I sat in silence for most of the next half hour, as he spelled out the details of The Game. When he got to the part in his story, the most recent chapter, I gasped out loud, tried not to smile, and brushed the hair from his face.

"Not your piano, I'm sorry, Edward." I could feel my voice wavering, threatening to betray the laughter in my voice, but I desperately fought it back.

He shook his head slowly. "I am having another one made, so I don't have to look at the one that was tainted." I laughed at that, and he looked at me incredulously. "You think that's funny?" He questioned slowly, turning to me with narrowed eyes. I pretended to be scared as I backed away from him slowly.

"Nope, definitely not funny." I choked on another laugh. "Did Esme really say that? 'Rosalie you do not have sex on your brother's piano'" I lost my composure and started laughing hysterically. Edward growled and pounced, pinning me to the bed and threatening ruthless torture if I ever spoke of the event again.

After a long night of swearing to secrecy and making up with him an idea formed in my head and I turned to Edward suddenly. I spoke softly into his ear, filling him in on my plan. His eyebrows arched and he looked appraisingly at me.

"I am so glad you're on my side." He stated, and leaned in for another kiss.

I hoped strongly that my nerves wouldn't give out on me as I walked to the building slowly, using the key to unlock the door on the side. I opened the door, stepped inside quickly, and then locked the door behind myself. The air was only slightly musty, and I quickly searched the darkened space for what I was looking for. Spotting it I walked over and tested the handle, pulling it. To my surprise it opened silently, and I smiled easily. I sat in comfort and waited for Edward to join me.

The door across from the one I had entered opened suddenly, and I ducked and then sat up, as whoever was entering the garage would know in an instant that I was here. To my intense relief I saw Edward, who shut the door behind himself and made his way around the other vehicles and over to the one I was currently sitting in. I had worn a very short summer dress in anticipation of tonight, and I was glad that the temperature of the Cullen's garage was pleasant, not too cold and not too hot. I gripped the steering wheel as Edward walked up to the open door of the jeep, and pretended that I was driving. He smiled and pulled himself up next to me, his feet on the step bar. I licked my lips and looked up at him.

"You're sure he won't hear us?" I asked nervously, eyeing the door to the house warily.

"I don't think he will, and I can monitor his thoughts to see if he suspects anything at any point. I also enlisted Jasper's help, though he doesn't know what for, and he will be keeping 

Emmett busy for a while." Edward's voice was even, he really did think that we could do this, good.

"How is Jasper distracting him?" I asked curiously.

"He is challenging Emmett at Halo, feeding him competitive feelings and making boasts about who can 'school' who. The last time they battled this way they were locked in a room for 34 hours, each unwilling to concede defeat." He smirked. "They will be very occupied, and everyone else is away, so we have as much time as we need." He reached out a hand and brushed the length of my face, hairline to chin before leaning in and kissing me deeply. "How did you want to do this?" He asked, looking around at the backseat.

"If we're going to hell, we might as well do it thoroughly." I said, grinning. "Right here." I got up and motioned for Edward to sit in the driver's seat. When he did I sat down on his lap, facing him and leaning in for a kiss. I felt his icy hands on my knees, and then thighs as they slid up my legs and under my dress. I shivered in anticipation as his fingertips lightly brushed the fabric covering my core. He pulled it to the side and started to circle his thumb around my clit in tight circles. I gripped his shoulders tightly as he pressed a finger to my sex, sliding it into my entrance and then curling it slowly so that he hit that spot inside of me. I writhed against his hand and he pressed harder, increasing the pressure he was using on my nub and adding a finger to the one inside of me. His other hand came up and covered my mouth, as the hand at my center drove me abruptly into a climax that shook me, and nearly made me cry out.

When I was sure that I could move I slipped my hand down to Edward's belt, undoing it and then undoing the button and zipper. Edward lifted himself up briefly and I helped him shove the pants down to his knees. I gripped his shaft as tightly as I could and moved my hand up and down slowly, keeping my eyes on his. His jaw clenched and he clasped his hands around my wrists.

"Bella, I want to be inside of you, now." His velvet voice was low, and harsher than I was used to. I smiled at him.

"Do you?" I asked casually, as I scooted closer to the passenger's seat. When I was there I leaned over to him. I grasped the steering wheel in one hand, braced the other on the seat next to his leg, and took his shaft slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip. I heard what sounded like a stifled groan as he gasped loudly. I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of him, which was sweet and almost salty at the same time. I settled into a rhythm, licking my way up his shaft, swirling my tongue around the head, and then fitting as much of him into my mouth as I could. After no more than a few seconds Edward stopped me with a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Get over here," he gritted out through his teeth. I smiled and crawled over to him, settling on his lap again, and positioning myself above his length. He reached up under my dress and ripped the underwear off that I had there, casually tossing them into the backseat. He then gripped my hips tightly and guided me onto him, thrusting up at the same time. I groaned and reached back to hold onto the steering wheel. We began to move quickly, his hands on my hips lifting me and then shoving me back down hastily as I tried to contain the sounds that were threatening to spill out of me. My body was alive with heat that rushed through me leaving me dizzy, and gripping Edward's shoulder and the steering wheel for support. My breathing was shallow and I bit down on my lip to keep from moaning as tension swelled inside of me. Edward shifted his position slightly so that I was pressed against the steering wheel as he thrust into me harder and faster, making it increasingly difficult not to cry out. The tension that was singing through my form broke over me suddenly, and I cried out before I could stop myself as I felt the muscles of my sex clench tightly around Edward's shaft. He quickly covered my mouth and concentrated, listening to the thoughts from the house. He slowly pulled out of me, and I thought for a moment that we had been heard, but then he simply turned me around so that I was faced away from him. He reached a hand up to my mouth and held it there.

"I think it will be easier to keep you quiet this way." He said, and I felt his tip prod my opening. I grasped the steering wheel with both hands as Edward shoved roughly up into me, seating his hard length fully inside of me. I gasped and he continued to thrust up as he held my hips with the hand that wasn't covering my mouth, and moved me up and down on his lap. The tautness and tightness in my body that had raced through me before was instantly back, a throbbing intensity that demanded all of my awareness, driving all other thoughts out of my head. I danced on the tip of that pressure, not quite falling over or losing myself to it, until I felt one final thrust inside of me, and Edward's release that pushed me over the edge of pleasure. Waves of the climax spread through me, and I shuddered as my muscles clenched and my toes curled. Edward's hand on my mouth was the only thing that kept me from calling out.

When I could finally move I crawled over to the passenger's seat and pressed the lever that laid it back. I laid there quietly for a few moments and waiting for my breathing and heart rate to return to normal. Edward glanced over at me, grinning.

"I love you, Bella." He said simply. I laughed.

"I know. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back." I hesitated for a second. "Actually…it might be a good idea for you to have the Volvo running when I come out." Edward laughed and brushed the hair away from my face.

"I will be waiting out front, in the car with the door open if you are so concerned." He said lightly. I nodded, kissed him briefly and opened the passenger door, sliding out of Emmett's Jeep and walking into the Cullen house.

I heard raucous laughter from Emmett's room, and I threw the door open and walked in. Emmett glanced back over his shoulder and smiled brightly.

"You next, Bella, but first I have to finish owning Jasper here." Emmett winked and turned back to the game.

"Never going to happen, Emmett," Jasper hissed, his eyes fixed on the screen.

I rolled my eyes at the both of them, and then looked around the room. I quickly picked up a scrap of paper and a pen, scrawling out: Your Jeep, 10 minutes ago. I walked to the statue in the center of the room, watching Emmett carefully, but his eyes never left the screen. I hefted the statue into one arm, and laid the paper down on the pedestal. I walked slowly to the door, and then sped quickly out of the house. Sure enough, I spotted the Volvo waiting, door open. I slid in hastily and shut the door behind me. Edward fingered the statue and then tossed it into the backseat, grinning. His eyes narrowed as he watched the house, concentrating. After a few moments he threw his head back and laughed, throwing the car into gear as he heard Emmett's thoughts of discovering the missing statue, and the note. He quickly floored the car and we drove into the night, away from a very upset Emmett.

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