Harry sighed as he went upstairs to the room he shared with Ron at the Burrow. He sighed because Charlie was coming to visit soon and he was staying for the entire Christmas holiday.

"Hey, mate, wait up!" Fred and George yelled at him as they came running up the stairs.

Harry glanced down at them and kept walking. "I'm sorry but I really want to be alone right now."

The twins came and stood on either side of Harry, picking him up.

"Harry, mate-"

"We've noticed that something is wrong and-"

"we feel that as you are an honorary Weasley-

"that we could help rectify the...-"

"situation." Fred and George said as they carted Harry up to their room.

Harry sighed again. Looks like he wasn't going to get that alone time after all. Fred and George kicked open the door to Ron's room and sat Harry down on a chair in the middle of the room.

Harry smirked when he felt ropes hold him in place.

"Guys, if you were looking for some fun all you had to do was ask..." Harry teased. His smile fell when he saw the paper that George or Fred-he couldn't tell-held up. It was one of the many pictures he had drawn...of Charlie. Now he didn't know that much about Charlie but he did have a very vivid imagination of what Charlie would look like naked.

"Eh...I can explain!"

"No need to explain mate. Although I think Charlie might be offended that you didn't ask him to pose." One of the twins sniggered.

Fred came up behind Harry and snaked an arm around Harry's shoulder.

"You see, Harry, our brother Charlie is a very vain creature. Much like the dragons he cares for."

George sniggered. "Harry we're going to have to show Charlie what you've been up to; it's our duty to make him aware of his admirers."

Fred took out his wand and pointed it at the picture. Suddenly the picture became framed and Harry's initials could be seen in the corner of the drawing.

"Fred, George, do you really think tying Harry up is necessary?"

Harry's eyes went wide. Charlie was standing in the doorway, twirling his wand.

The twins both scratched their heads, trying to look innocent.

They patted Harry on the back before handing Charlie the now framed picture.

"Good luck, Harry. He's all yours!" The twins stage-whispered as they slammed the door shut with a wink at Charlie.

Charlie looked at the picture, frowning slightly before his face broke into a wide grin.

Harry, who was looking down at the floor blushing furiously, did not see this though.

"Charlie, I'm sorry. You were never meant to see that..." Harry burst into tears. Stupid Fred and George! Now he would never have a chance with Charlie.

The dragon tamer knelt down next to Harry, brushing away his tears and flicked his wand to untie the seventeen year old.

"Love, I'm flattered, really! This drawing is absolutely bloody gorgeous!" Charlie grinned rakishly.

He leaned a little closer to Harry's face. "There are just a few problems with this drawing though. Would you like to know what they are?" Charlie teased.

Harry looked up, his eyes red and puffy. He nodded.

"Well, love, for one thing you are not in this picture with me..." Charlie cupped Harry's cheek before standing up.

"and the second thing is that before you draw a bloke's cock you should probably know the size," Charlie dropped his trousers showing said piece of anatomy fully erect. "because my size in that picture is terribly wrong and bloody small if you ask me."

Harry, eyes glued to Charlie's cock, said "I'll never make that mistake again." And then Harry got on his knees and showed Charlie just how sorry he was.


FIN! Don't know if that was good or not lol. I haven't wrote anything in a while. I just noticed that there weren't a lot of Charlie/Harry fics out there and that made me incredibly sad haha.