Author's Note: Last night, while watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, they played a trailer for a movie called Brideshead Revisited, and a review snippet used said, "The movie intelligent movie-goers have been waiting for all year." Or something to that effect.

So, as usual… I twisted it to fit Edward and Bella.


That's me, bringing whole new meaning to the word "obsessed."

Intelligent Movie-goers

The lobby of the movie theater had finally begun to clear, smiling couples and groups of giggling girls heading towards the various different rooms for their various different movies. Music could already be heard filtering out as the people running in late opened the doors, missing the beginning of the previews.

Only one lone couple remained.

"… they said it was 'the movie intelligent movie-goers have been waiting for all year,' you know." Edward Cullen said, glancing down at the brunette girl beside him.

She looked at the movie with questioning eyes. "Plus, it's a romance. Probably like Atonement."

He nodded his head in agreement. "And Atonement won an Oscar."

"Uhm-hum." Her eyes flitted over to another poster.

He followed her gaze. "We've already seen that one, love. Twice."

She grinned at him ruefully. "But, really, I think you have to see a really good movie three times before it really sinks in."

He laughed, shrugging his shoulders. "I wouldn't really classify us as 'intelligent movie-goers' anyway."

She gave him a quick kiss, and pulled him to the ticket stand.

"Two for Stepbrothers."

The Pointless End.