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"I'll see you at the hotel Mrs. Brooks" Phil said, kissing his wife.

"You got it Mr. Brooks" Sam Brooks smiled at her husband of three years.

Before she knew it... Phil had left.

Sam had told him that her father wanted to see her after the show. Lie.

Sam told him that she wouldn't be long. Lie.

Sam didn't tell him that Chris Irvine was waiting for him to leave. Li...Oh wait...Truth.

Within moments of Phil leaving, Chris popped his head into the room.

"Punk gone?"

"Yeah." Sam sighed.

"Why so glum Hun?" Chris asked her, putting his arms around her waist.

"I've been thinking Chris... You have a wife and three kids at home waiting for you that love you! And... Phil and I have been talking about starting a family and I can't keep doing this to him" She said, tears threatening to pour out of her eyes.

"Sam, you know that I love you more than I've ever loved Jess" Chris cooed

"Don't say that! Don't say that Chris! Don't tell me you love me, because I love you too much to let you love me!" Sam almost yelled. The tears where no longer threatening to fall, they where.

"I wouldn't tell you I loved you if I didn't mean it baby!" Chris said with a soothing tone in his voice.

"Don't call me that! Chris, just go home to your wife and kids!" Sam began to sob.

"No. I'm not leaving you like this! In fact, I'm not leaving you at all, Sam I swear, I do love you" Chris said, almost begging Sam to believe him.

"Chris... you had your chance with me eight years ago before you married Jessica... hell you had your chance with me the minute my father hired you away from WCW! You had your chance with me when I was still Samantha McMahon! But, NO! You wanted to wait until I was with someone else, until I was actually making an effort at getting over you, before you took that chance! And it's not fair Chris! It's not fair that I waited for you to realize that I loved you for five years! I GAVE UP ON YOU THREE YEARS AGO WHEN I MARRIED PHIL!" Sam began to yell, without the fear of being caught... the arena was probably empty by now.

"That's bullshit Sam and you know that! If you really gave up on me, if you really truly did, then why have you been crawling into my bed for the last two years? Huh? Why is that? You're sitting here telling me that you gave up on me when you married Phil, but I don't believe a word of it! Prove it... prove to me that you've given up on me!" Chris yelled.

Sam froze... she hadn't really given up on Chris. There was still a big part of her that wished that he and Jessica would divorce or separate or something! Sam had refused to be the reason a family was torn apart. She and Stephanie had made a pact when they where in high school that, based on their father's cheating ways, they would never become home wreckers. Steph held up her end of the pact and here Sam was, sitting here with a married man, that she was, admittedly, in love with. A man that she'd been sleeping with for the last two years. A man that was causing her to be unfaithful to her husband. A man that, even though he made her insane, she had never stopped loving for a second.

"You can't prove it, can you?" Chris whispered.

He had figured it out.

She shook her head no and locked eyes with Chris.

"I'm so sorry. You're right, I should go home to Jess and the kids, and if this really is the last time... can we at least make it memorable?" Chris almost begged.

Not being able to control it, she opened her mouth and said the word that may have sealed her fate forever.


And with that one little word, clothes began to be torn off of two bodies, which belonged to two different people.

One month later.

"Phil... I'm late" Sam said, slowly. She was shaking.

"Late for what? We have the day off honey" Phil laughed.

"No, Phil... I'm late" Sam said more emphatically.

"Late? You don't mean? Oh my God!" Phil said with a look of confusion etched on his face.

"I think I'm pregnant"

Two hours and six pregnancy test's later.

"What's the verdict?" Phil asked as she walked out with the last test.

"The same as all the others... Positive" Sam said and she handed Phil the test.

"Yeeep, that's a plus sign"

"What do you think?" Sam asked.

"I think... THIS IS AWESOME BABY!" Phil yelled and picked his wife up and twirled her around.

"Careful, I might vomit on you" Sam laughed.

"I have to go call my mom and tell her we're having a baby!" Phil said after he put Sam down.

While Phil was calling his mother, Sam had a moment to think. She had slept with Phil two days after she had slept with Chris for the last time... and that's when it hit her... this baby had two potential fathers. She was in deep shit.

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