Author Notes: This is just a short one shot inspired by some recent posts in the Character Relationships thread in Blackened Wing's forums. It started me wondering about the possibility of writing something for CrossxYagari since I could find only one other fanfic focusing solely on this pairing.

As for timing or where this one shot fits in with my other fics, just consider it as a sort of side story from Hold Me. And I guess it does kinda fit in with the quite frequent 'meetings' Cross goes to (although that was originally done to get papa out of the way for Zero & Yuuki more than anything else, LOL!)

Appreciation: Thank you to Altariel-Jaina for starting that particular conversation and to Blackened Wing and AgateLinks for their kind encouragement.

Warning: Nothing much, just some mild yaoi implications :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight or its characters, that honour belongs to Matsuri Hino.

-- Chapter Start --

It was a few minutes to midnight. Cross sighed softly as he pulled aside the bedroom curtain and looked out of the window. The street below the old apartment block was silent at this time of night.

Cross lifted each shoulder in turn and rolled his head from side to side. He was really getting way too old for this. Touga on the other hand, didn't seem to have such problems. He was just as… er - energetic - as ever. Perhaps a little too much – Cross ached. Not just his wrists where the other hunter's hands had closed over them tightly, but other places as well. Places he couldn't – or shouldn't - even mention.

He glanced over at the double bed in the corner with a rueful twist of his lips. The bedcovers were wildly rumpled and pillows flung haphazardly, one even lying on the carpeted floor beside it. Long waves of black hair were spread over one of the pillows as the tall vampire hunter slept on, momentarily sated for now, one long leg uncovered by the sheets and carelessly thrown over another pillow.

Just the sight of that long rangy limb made a thread of desire stir deep inside Cross. He sighed again and resolutely turned back to the window where a full moon could be seen, peeping over the treetops in the distance, its soft glow picking out the age defined lines on his face.

The sheets on the bed rustled as the figure on the bed stirred. "Can't sleep, Kaien?" came the familiar sleep slurred tones.

The man by the window nodded. "Yeah…" he murmured. He turned around to see Yagari sit up and lean against the headboard before reaching for his cigarette case and lighter from the bedside table, ignoring Cross' disapproving look. "How's Zero these couple of weeks?" asked the taller man conversationally after taking a drag on his lit cigarette.

Cross shrugged, turning back to face the window. "OK… he seems happier these days"


"Well" a soft smile appeared on Cross' face now. "I dare say my dear Yuuki has a lot to do with that."

"Hmmm" came an acknowledgement from the bed, then a throaty chuckle sounded. "She's really something, that girl of yours. Did I tell you that she actually waited for me outside the Night Class the entire time, wanting to know where we'd hidden Zero? After he bit her for the first time?"

Cross chuckled in turn even though that event happened many months ago. "She's a determined girl, my Yuuki…" He turned back to regard the man on the bed, face veiled by the wisps of smoke rising from his well shaped lips. Lips that were equally good at dropping coldly cutting remarks as they were at eliciting more… pleasurable… sensations. "I'm sure he knows you care, Touga…"

One naked broad shoulder lifted in a careless shrug. "Doesn't matter what Zero thinks of me"

"Don't bother trying to kid me. He loves you, Touga… just like you love him"

"That doesn't matter. I'll still shoot him on sight if there's a sign he's going to fall to Level E" Yagari's voice was hard.

Cross's heart ached but he didn't say anything. "I wish… I hope… Zero's practically my son, you know… just like how Yuuki is my daughter"

A single blue eye regarded the man at the window silently, long fingers holding the cigarette just as steadily. After a moment, the lips twisted in a humourless smile. "You're a sentimental old fool, Kaien" The end of the lit cigarette glowed briefly as its owner took another drag.

The other man shrugged, ignoring the sarcastic tone in the voice as well as the acrid tang of the cigarette smoke. He'd given up trying to get Touga to stop smoking for years. "Perhaps I am" he agreed softly. "I just want both my children to be happy but …" he drifted off.

"… but Kuran's in the picture too" finished Yagari, taking another hard drag on the cigarette, his blue eye hardening suddenly.

"Ah, Kaname's a good person, Touga" said Cross but in a resigned tone as if he'd said the same thing a hundred times before to someone he knew wouldn't believe him anyway.

There was a long moment of silence then Yagari stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray on the nightstand. "Do your 'children' know where you go at night twice a month, Kaien?" asked Yagari, his brusque tone indicating he wanted a change of subject.

"No… and I don't intend for them to find out" Briefly, Cross wondered if Zero or Yuuki (or anyone else for that matter) ever thought about the scarf he usually wore around his neck. He was willing to bet they never thought its main purpose was to actually hide the embarrassing evidence of Yagari's enthusiastic love bites.

"So" the taller vampire hunter's voice turned silky and darkly amused. "Wonder what your 'children' do when papa's not around?"

Cross had a pretty good idea, but it wasn't something he wanted to say, and especially not to Yagari.

"You don't have to protect Zero from me, Kaien. I know Yuuki's heart is bigger than the rest of her put together" Cross bit his lip. Yes, Yuuki was the most generous and loving girl he'd ever known.

But there was also a drawback to that unconditional and unselfish love. Because Yuuki loved more than just one person.

Yagari shifted on the bed, throwing the covers off his legs with a sudden movement. "Well, enough talking, Kaien" There was a suggestive tone in that deep voice that made a shiver of reaction crawl up Cross' spine even as his body reacted accordingly.

"So - time for sleep then?" he said as innocently as he could, even as he let of the curtains, shutting out most of the moonlight and plunging Touga's bedroom into darkness again. He moved towards the bed, long light brown hair resting on his shoulders, free from the confines of its usual ponytail. Despite the frail elderly walk he adopted most of the time, there was a certain – sprightliness - in his movements now that belied his actual age. And his body was a lot more toned than one would expect of a sedentary headmaster of a prestigious school.

An answering flash of desire burned in the blue eye looking at him. "Like hell…" said Yagari softly, his low voice like dark chocolate. Seductive and sinfully promising.

Cross chuckled - some things would never change. "Be a little more gentle this time, would you? I'm not thirty anymore…"

Another low, throaty chuckle sounded and Cross resigned himself to staying in bed the following day to recover. It was a good thing tomorrow was Sunday.

-- Chapter End --