Written by Dean's Little Secret and co-written by perfectharmony22

Warning: Rape, torture and language


One year.

Twelve months.

Three hundred and sixty days.

So long to try and start to forget the pain.

But no matter how much time passes, no matter how many days go by the pain remains the same. The monster that ruined your life is still so vivid, so real. The nightmare is your life. The terror is in every waking moment, no matter who is there. The trust you once had is ripped away and replaced with fear. You think everyone knows your darkest secret. You see pity in their eyes, disappointment in their voice. But you keep pushing on, trying to find the light. A way out of this dark place.

You keep believing and when you finally grasp at some hope, it's torn away. You are once again trying to escape the monster, trying so hard to find the light and awake from this nightmare. You collapse into familiar arms, seeking the comfort and security. You cry until your throat is numb and your eyes are red. You clutch the hand that is in your own and you don't let go. You hear the familiar words of comfort and feel them caress your head, lulling you to sleep. You succumb to the darkness.

You are always shadowed in darkness. Always screaming, crying, begging to be freed. You scream for the one person who makes you feel human. You cry out to him, you beg for him to come save you. He doesn't show. The maliciously smile on the monsters face makes you feel sick, the unwelcome hands make you cringe. The feel of his breath against your neck makes you shiver and pull away.

One year, twelve months, three hundred and sixty days to forget it all.