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Chapter 7: Hangover

"Urgh," A gurgled sort of noise made its way from her throat as she felt her system boot up. The first thing she noticed was that she was still in her vehicle mode, the second was that she was resting against the wall of a cell on her crumpled hood, the third and most horrible realisation was that there was pain and lots of it.

Being upside down was definitely a draw back, seeing as though it was difficult to complete her transformation when she needed to push off the ground to allow her legs to roll up underneath her.

Red Alert knew that she would have a better chance in her robot form then her alt mode so tried to transform a different way.

Starscream glanced from where he sat when he heard a muffled groan-gurgle. It had been fairly easy to bring the autobot here and toss him into a small makeshift metallic cell. The mech came to halt half leaning against the far wall and hadn't moved since. That had been half a joor ago, since then he'd already sent a message to the Autobot head quarters in regards to the releasing of his catch.

After a short silence Starscream watched as the security bot awkwardly folded in on him self in a weird attempt of transforming. It was quite amusing to watch the display of weakness as he got half way through his transformation when something screeched in protest and he was stuck, half formed limbs and protrusions hanging out in random areas.

After a few minutes of the red half mech-half sports car rocking back and forwards trying to get into robot form Starscream walked over and pushed the door open with a hard push and entered the cell. He purposely took slow emphasising footstep until he was close enough to crouch down beside the odd mass.

"Poor, pathetic autobot, doesn't even know how to transform without his creators here to hold his hand." The grey F-22 paused as if to consider something, "No wait that's right, their never going to be here to hold his hand ever again because I enjoyed their screams so much I just had to follow through and dismantle them." he sneered flipping the much smaller mech over so that he'd be able to transform and Starscream would be able to have a lot more fun.

Red Alert tried to stop the tears from welling up as her family units executioner stood before her and continued to taunt her about how lovely their screams were.

As soon as she was flipped over she brought her legs around and completed her transformation.

The red femme whirled around and came face to mid section with Starscream, who glanced down and instantly recoiled in shock.

"Wha…?" He backed up and stared at her in shock. "Who the slag are you?" he growled re-scanning her and getting the spark signal of the autobot security mech still.

Red Alert didn't answer all she wanted to do was kill the jet in the most painful and slow way she could think off.

"Who are you femme?" The decepticon snarled after getting over his shock. When she didn't answer he slammed her back against the wall curling his claws around her small neck, it was frightening how easily he seemed to lift her from the ground, "Answer me!"

"Red Alert," She managed to choke out. But to her dismay the sharp digits tightened and more forced crushed her to the wall.

"Don't lie, I know who Red Alert is!" He snapped and pushed his face into hers, "Now tell me, who.. are.. you!"

The femmes hands clawed at his massive wrist in a futile attempt to escape.

"I-I told you, my n-name is Red Alert." She gasped, "There was an accident! I w-was turned into this!" the last part was barely a wheeze as her vocals started to give out under the pressure of the jets large claws.

Starscream's optics flickered from side to side as he studied her features. After a while longer he released her and she dropped to the floor, spluttering as she tried to draw oxygen through her intakes.

"Well then that doesn't change any thing, you still hold valuable information," He smirked again, "And it will be most enjoyable extracting it from you."

The decepticon chuckled cruelly at the security bots defiant glare, it was quite amusing seeing as though she was still sprawled on the floor.

"And now that you're a femme… well that opens a whole new door to my extraction methods."

A sick sense of satisfaction fell over the mech as the femmes defiant glare gave way to a look of pure horror.

"You wouldn't…" She whispered, knowing that the deranged decepticon would do just what he implied and much more.



The large commander couldn't help the sigh of irritation as he was woken from recharge at primus-knows-what time in the night.

-Optimus, It's Ironhide, come in.-

He groggily lifted his helm and activated his comm.

"This is Optimus, go ahead Ironhide."

-Sorry for waking you sir but your needed in the communication room.-

Another sigh, "I'm on my way."

Before Optimus could even open the door he could hear the incessant chatter from with in.

"I'm tellin' ya, its not good…"

"We'll figure it out…"

"Ironhide I'm gonna have your interface unit for this…"

A hushed silence fell over the room as the door hissed open to reveal the edgy frame of their leader.

Then every one spoke at once.

"Sir, we have a problem…"

"Ya not goin' ta like this.."

"Stay still Ironhide, this will only hurt for a second…"

"Ratchet get tha' scalpel away from my junk!"

Optimus gave up trying to define one voice from another and lost his cool, "ENOUGH!"

Everything stopped, even Ratchets insistent groping of Ironhide.

"What is going on?!"

It was Prowl that got over her shock first and stepped forward, "Sir Red Alert has been taken hostage by Starscream."

There was a pause in the tacticians words as if to give the commander time to soak it all in.

"We received a message from her a few breems ago but Ironhide ignored it. I later received a voice message from Starscream if you wish to view it?" She left the question hanging and Optimus couldn't help the amusement in seeing Jazz swoon at her as she spoke. It also explained why Ratchet was trying to relieve Ironhide of his interface applications.

At his curt nod, she briskly strode over to the large computer and typed in a few keys. The SIC's door wings held rigidly upwards and flickered from time to time, giving away her apprehension.

This so wasn't good.


"Get away from me!" The small femme hissed crouching to avoid the mechs flailing claws. Her cell was small and Starscream was large, making it harder for him to move. With growing frustration, the decepticon howled and made another swing to grab the irritating femme only to have her dodge it and skitter behind him.

Why was she trying to prolong it? He would eventually catch her, so what was the point in running?

Spinning once more, he ignored the loud screech as one of his wings grazed the wall to allow him to bring his leg out and sweep the femme off her feet. The pain was a little more insistent but the success in finally capturing the femme dulled it for the time being.

When she felt those disgusting claws wrap around her wrist and drag her forcefully off the ground she promptly lost it.


Highly amused at her outburst, Starscream brought his other hand up to rub a claw down her side to try and get another rise from the hysterical femme. Instead of the response he wanted, the security bot started to hyperventilate and her petrified optics widened even further.

"Well, well… now that I have you, I don't exactly know what to do with you." The triangular mech sneered in her audio before lifting his head to drag his glossa from the base of her helm to the tip of one of her 'horns'.

The damp softness on the protrusions of her helm sent ripples of disgust through her frame and she slammed her optic shutters closed and powered down her optics. A hand came up and roughly grasped her chin to prevent her from shying away from his attention.

The femme whimpered as the claws threatened to cut through the thin metal of her face plate. Withering in emotional agony, she suddenly felt her glitch act up. Elation wormed its way into her spark that she was going to shut down. It was the first time she was thankful for her glitch, now she wouldn't have to be awake for what ever ministrations the jet had in store for her.

"What could you be smiling at?" The silver decepticon snarled close to her audio. The thick sound sent vibrations through her systems and she turned her helm to glance up him. Instead of a smile, she broke out into a full blown grin.

The last thing she saw was the mech cursing and releasing her body before she blacked out.


At The Ark…

In the lounge, Jazz was suffering through the after affects of high grade alone. After the conference in the communications room he had retreated to his high grade with Prowl, who had decided to stick to low grade energon. Even though he could hold his high grade better then any one else in the vicinity it didn't mean he was immune to hangovers.

The chair beside the silver mech was pulled out with a scrape against the metal floors, a white form sat down and leant back.

Jazz cocked his head out of his folded arms to peak at who ever had sat down. Prowl locked optics with him and the saboteur gasped before over dramatically exclaiming, "Prowl? Your not working?"

"And that is such a big surprise because?" She asked raising an optical ridge.

"Well, you are the base's resident work-a-holic." He replied then gained a thoughtful expression, "Well, besides Red Alert, but he's just weird."

The white femme chuckled lazily and slid him an amused look. A warm tingling spread though Jazz's body when thought how incredibly sexy she looked when she did that.

"Prowl, with all due respect, your reputation states that you don't just sit with some one to chat, so there must be a reason you are here." He asked with a sly grin.

"Oh? I can always leave…" The second in command placed her palms on the table as though to push herself up.

"No! I didn't mean it like that!" He said pulling her shoulder down and forcing her to sit.

One of Prowls optic ridges rose marginally as she continued to watch the mech fumble over his words.

Unfortunately, the excitement of Prowl sitting down next to him coupled with the exertion of trying to explain himself to her was too much for his hangover and the special ops agent promptly purged his tank… All over Prowl.

"Urgh!" She recoiled in shock, lifting her arms as the pink clumpy liquid slid down her armour and soaked into seams.

"Primus!" The silver mech freaked and attempted to wipe it off, but only managed to smear it over clean spaces.

"Jazz, just leave it." The tactician sighed returning to her calm self, "I'll just go to the wash racks and clean it off."

After what had happened finally sunk in the small mech burst out laughing at the stagnant energon covered SIC.

Prowl sighed and shook her head. Maybe trying to comfort her sick partner wasn't such a good idea after all.

As laughter flowed from the mech, his upset tank decided to purge itself… Again.

A disgusted noise left Prowls vocaliser when a second batch of gooey pink gunk sprayed forth to cover her lap and dribbled down her calves to the floor.

All her years of emotional control and logic run CPU had never prepared her for that, so she stood and left.

"Prowl, wait! I'm sorry!" Jazz shouted after her, trying to dislodge himself from between the table and the chair so he could run after her. Alas, by the time he caught up his tanks were upset from the sudden movement.

He stretched out a clawed and caught the second in command on the shoulder. Prowl turned just to cop another spray of energon to her face.

This time he didn't attempt to follow her when she walked off.


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