Kagome pretended that she was asleep like the rest of the gang. Inuyasha keeping watch over all of them. Kagome knew he was going to run off, as usual. But ever since she bumped into Sesshoumaru that night, when she was out on a walk, she fell in love with Sesshoumaru.

She started to make love to him. It's been a couple of weeks now, and she knew she had to stop... before Inuyasha found out. But she didnt want to. It felt so damn good to love someone and be loved in return.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when she heard Inuyasha go. She had to tell Sesshoumaru that they needed to stop... tonight.

After she waited about twenty minutes, she got up and went to the clearing she agreed to meet Sesshoumaru at.

Sesshoumaru waited patiently for his miko... for his love, his mate-to-be.

He finally caught her pleasant scent on his nose, and jumped down from the tree he was perched on. She finally came into sight.

When she stopped in front of him, she said, "Sesshoumaru... this needs to stop." He was stunned at her words. After what happened the past couple weeks, she wanted to stop?!

"What? Why?" he asked, hurt. "What if Inuyasha--" she was cut off with a kiss she couldnt help but respond to. When he parted from her, he whispered in her ear, "Is it really what you want, Kagome? You just want to leave after what has happened between us? I love you, I want you, I need you... and you want to pull away from me?"

She shuddered when she felt his hot breath on her ear. No, she didnt want to, but she needed to, before Inuyasha or Sesshoumaru got hurt in a battle because of her.

He kissed her again, and she felt herself being pinned against a tree. "Sesshoumaru, stop," she said, as he kissed her neck. He growled. "We cant do this," she said, trying to resist him. He used one hand to pin her arms above her head, and undid clothes with ease from practice. He teased her breast, and smirked when she moaned. "Please, Sesshoumaru... stop," she said, now half-heartedly.

He didnt respond, he only kissed her, and then grinded against her. "N-no... you moan must moan stop... What if moan Inuyasha finds out? moan" She said.

Still, he didnt respond. He only latched his mouth on her nipple, suckling it like a baby searching for milk. Then Sesshoumaru suddenly stopped, making Kagome moan in protest. "Do you really want me to stop? Say what I want to hear," he said, and sucked her nipple again. He kneaded her other breast.

"No... you must stop," she said, more like moaning it out.

"Say it," he said. He went to the other nipple, sucking it much harder now. She arched, trying to suppress her moans, but to no avail. "No..." she moaned out.

Then he undid her skirt, bringing it down, and letting his fingers tease it. He slowly carressed her netherlips, occasionally entering her. "Say it. Say that you need me," he said. "Say that you love me," he said.

"I cant..." she said. Then he brought his mouth down to her, giving her one long slow lick across her wet core.

She unintentionally bucked into his mouth and he smiled. He laid her down on the ground. Then he continue his minishtrations. "Say it Kagome... Say it, and it all stops," he said.

"I cant..." she responded, because she knew that if she did, she wouldnt be able to leave him.

He became more agressive and dug into her core, twisting his tongue inside her, curling it, just to make her scream. He wanted her so badly, but she needed to say it.

"Say it, Kagome," he said, savoring her taste. He suckled on her lips, taking it into his mouth, and let his tongue roam. He thrusted two fingers into her, letting his tongue latch onto her bundle of nerves that made her beg for more. "Beg for me, Kagome... Say those words..." he said.

Kagome's spirit was starting to break... She wanted to say those words so badly...

"No," she struggled to say, and moaned loudly when he fastened his pace. "Scream my name Kagome, cum for me," he said. And in that instant, she did as she was told. He made sure not one drop of her juices were wasted.

He kissed back up her body at an agonizing pace. "Say the words for me, Kagome," he said. He disrobed himself. He placed his erection at her entrance but didnt go in. He, instead, slid it up and down her core, making her want him more.

"Please, Sesshoumaru..." she whispered, he finally got her. "Please..." she said. "Please what?" he asked. "Please... I need you inside me, I need you, I want you... Please, Sesshoumaru... I love you," she whispered. That was all he needed.

He thrusted into her, and she moaned happily. He groaned as he felt her walls clench around him as he entered into her. He moved at a slow pace, making her want more, and more, and more.

"Faster... Sesshoumaru... Just a little harder," she whispered in his ear, her legs around his waist, toes curling, hands dragging down his back forming welts that disappeared instantly.

Sesshoumaru did as she asked, but he went a whole lot faster than she expected. He used his demonic speed, and strength to ram into her, making her scream his name every other thrust.

"His release was coming, but as he neared it, he felt her walls clench so agonizingly so tightly around him, as she came. But he still thrusted into her, still kept his pace, going faster, harder, searching for his pleasant release.

Her face at his neck, her eyes closed, and contorted in pleasure and as she came to her release once more, he came inside of her, riding out his climax, and he felt her second release.

He felt her bite on his neck as her powerful orgasm swept through her body. He couldnt help it, he claimed her, he bit down on her neck, drawing blood. He licked away the blood. And collapsed on her...

He would deal with his brother when the time came, right now, he just wanted to sleep with his new mate.

so... this is originally a one-shot, but if you want it to be updated... just ask.