A.N.: Hey Long time no see! Haven't written in a long time. So I found out that I really like the show iCarly and the parring Spam (Spencer/Sam) So I decided to have a go at a fanfic inspired by the parring : Please Review, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do Not own iCarly or the characters, I just own the writing :

Carly is oblivious, unaware of what's going on. At least that's what she lets them believe. She knows all too well of what happens almost every week after the taping of "iCarly" finishes, when the lights are out, and she is in her bed.

Everything was perfect until April 17 the year that Sam turned 18. Now it's like clockwork. Sam stays at Carly's house stating that it's too late to walk home by herself; so she situates herself on the living room couch, the blue glow of the T.V. giving the only rays of light…It doesn't last long.

They're not the brightest ones in the candelabra are they? They seem to forget that Spencer's room lies exactly underneath Carly's. And though they are as silent as they can be, if you pay enough attention you can hear the quiet thumps coming from the floorboards, the rustling of bed sheets, and the whining of the bedsprings. It's an on and off thing with them; go at it for a while, wait a couple hours, go at it again, it varies depending on the night on how long but it always ends with the floorboards creaking as Sam travels back on to the living room couch.

The next day is the worst. Even after Sam has showered, she still smells like the night before. As Carly hugs her goodbye, the scent of menthol, coffee, and his cologne overpower the strawberry scent in her hair. The rest of the day is spent in her room thinking. Carly had been trying to convince Sam to get herself a boyfriend for as long as she can remember, telling Sam that she needs to find someone who will treat her just as well as Freddie cares for her; she just never expected Spencer. This has been going on for a year, a whole fucking year! And still they keep it a secret. She doesn't know why Sam and Spencer feel so ashamed.

She wants to scream and shout it at them 'I know your secret! You can just let it out in the open!' But no, Carly will keep her mouth shut. Just stay unaware, oblivious Carly.