Teri, Jay dating

Robin jealous of Teri

Aunt Nina

Denise Teri's roommate

Solane + Kiwi dating


Scene: Bristol-Hillman

Chapter One: Rough Start

Teri sat excited next to her father on the way to Bristol-Hillman. She was so glad she didn't have to keep a secret from her father anymore, last year had been to close to him discovering at Aunt Nina's, but she was glad he had stayed for her performance and let her come back.

"Bye, I love you mom, I'll call, I swear!" Teri called out one last time, as she fastened her seatbelt.

"Bye honey, don't worry about us, you just have a great time!" Her mom said. Teri loved how much support her family was giving her.

"We've got to go Teri." Her father said, as he got into the drivers seat ready to drive his daughter to the train station.
"Dad thanks." Teri said. She really was grateful to go back, to see her friends and especially Jay. Her father just nodded with a smile, he was happy to see his daughter smiling again.


Once again Teri arrived at Bristol-Hillman late at night, lucky for her this time the door was still open. Teri searched the hallway to see if to her luck Jay would still be hanging around, but she found it to be empty. You'll see him tomorrow Teri thought as she half dragged half carried her luggage to her room.

"Welcome back Teri!" Denise greeted Teri as she walked into her room.

"Denise!" Teri said running up to hug her friend, "How did we get signed together again? What about your scholarship?"

"Hold up, I ain't your roommate, I just came to wait for you. Your roommate's Robin." Denise said.

"Well, where's Robin?" Teri asked, she was slightly worried that Robin hadn't figured out that she was her roommate. They weren't the best of friends, or friends in general. Besides Teri had a feeling Robin was still angry at her for taking Jay away from her, and the fact that Robin never gave her a chance to be her friend.

"She's… looking for Jay." Denise said with a worried look. Teri couldn't believe Robin, it seemed that Robin just wouldn't give in to the idea that she and Jay broke up and now he had a new girlfriend.

"Well, I'm sure she'll be back soon enough." Teri said trying not to be irrational, after all Robin and Jay were somewhat friends.

"Well I'm not so sure she can get it through her head that it's over, good luck!" Denise said getting up from her bed.

"You're going?" Teri asked, she wanted to catch up with Denise and she wouldn't get a chance to this summer seeing as Denise had gotten the scholarship so she wouldn't have to return to Bristol-Hillman to aim for a scholarship like she did, "Keep in contact?"

"Of course!" Denise said. They hugged one last time before Denise walked out the door and left Teri waiting for Robin alone in her room.


Robin walked around looking for Jay. What are you doing, it's over Robin reminded herself and gave up on hope. She hated the fact that Teri had won his heart over, that he'd claimed Teri as his girlfriend. She was frustrated at herself for not trying hard enough to win him back.

When she returned to her room though she found Teri there as well.

"What are you doing here?" Robin said sniding at what she considered her enemy, after all they were here for the same purpose weren't there, there were gunning for those scholarships and she wasn't going to let Teri win it before her.

"Uh, I'm your new roommate!" Teri said attempting to smile in a friendly manner.

"Well, I need time to practise my vocals." Robin said being a snob, all she needed now was for the one person she wanted to see the least be her roommate; just the thought made her want to churn. Teri didn't know how to reply to that so she didn't say anything, she just began unpacking, "And I need my beauty sleep, so hurry up!"