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Summary: It has been 2 years since the Furious Five, Tai Lung and Shifu had defeated Darkness. Po & Tigress, Crane & Viper got kids as they were assigned to a international kung fu camp. But they didn't know if this is a trap or a just a normal friendship camp?

And another thing, this kung fu camp will appear Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and America. Because I just know these countries fighting skills.


Chapter 1: The Kung Fu Meeting

It has been two years since the four Dragon Warriors, Shifu, Tai Lung, Mantis and Monkey had defeated the Darkness, Tigress is survived by used her Phoenix power on that destiny battle. After the battle,Tai Lung was allowed back into the Valley of Peace and he was once again under Shifu's teachings. And two days later, there went two marriages, Crane and Viper, Po and Tigress both married at the same day, and they have children.

Hannah, daughter of Po and Tigress, her appearance like her mother and was a white tiger, and colour like her father and had the powers of Earth Dragon and Fire Dragon, and so as she has a little royal Phoenix in her blood, personality and a sense of humor liked her father. She liked to make a prank on every master she targeted and when she was angry, she used to roared out with fire. She was also the next Dragon Warrior of Earth and Fire.

Lilly and Azure, twins daughter of Crane and Viper, they both has elegant like their mother and were snakes but had the intelligence and personality of their father. Lilly had the power of Wind Dragon and Azure had the power of Water Dragon and both were the next Dragon Warriors of Wind and Water. They were good sisters and yet sometimes they and Hannah would join in her prank and some kung fu fighting training together. And also, there was another gift for Lilly, since she had the power of Wind Dragon, she sneezed as created a little tornado.

They and Hannah were best friends together since they had born. They were living with their parents with Master Monkey, Mantis, Tai Lung and Shifu all lived in Jade Palace liked a big family. Monkey and Mantis were liked uncles to them, usually cracked some jokes or taught them something else that their parents didn't teach them. Tai Lung, was a kung fu teacher and a friend to them, taught them everything he known since he had been mastered over 200 kung fu styles. And Shifu, was like a grandfather to them, liked to attack him all at sudden and fought each other as having fun. They were family at last, until one day when a kung fu meeting arrived...


A group of kung fu masters from every corner of China came into the Jade Palace as they were having a meeting with Shifu. Shifu told his students to stay outside, except Hannah, Lilly and Azure. Naturally, their parents were worried and wondered that what will their children would get into this meeting? Even Shifu didn't know why as he leaded his grandchildren to the meeting at the Water of the Moon pool.

The meeting has began, one of the master spoken under his cloak, "Shifu, as we all know that the next two days will be an annual international youth kung fu camp." Shifu nodded but the children were confused.

"As we all usually, we will be choosing some talented kung fu children to represent us China to join in this competition." another master said.

"Competition?" Shifu was confused and he asked, "Aren't this camp was suppose to let the world know more about fighting skills and their connection of familiar?"

"No, Shifu. We need to let the world know not just its exist, but to let them know that kung fu is the greatest martial art in the world!" another one master exclaimed as Shifu and the young Dragon Warriors were all shocked.

"So now we all asked that if you're willing to let some of your students, the future Dragon Warriors, to join into the camp?" the master said with smirk wore on his face.

Shifu turned his face to his grandchildren and thought a while, and then he faced to the other masters said, "I need one day to think about it, these students have parents as I need to ask their permission."

"...Fine, but be quick, we don't have much time left." one has said as the others have all stood up and walked towards at the gate. The Furious Five, Tai Lung and the Dragon Warrior were all ear peeking to hear what was happened in the meeting, although the gate was too thick as they barely hear it.

Suddenly, they heard the foot steps were getting closer as they quickly to step aside the gate and get ready to bow them as respect when the gates opened, the masters in the meeting were all come out, included Master Shifu, Hannah, Lilly and Azure.

One master has turned his face to the Crane, Viper, Tigress and Po, and then glance to Hannah them, he humped said, "...So they were the legendary Dragon Warriors of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth, eh? No wonder they would have gave birth some hybrids!!" he exclaimed at Hannah, Lilly and Azure, even they didn't know what that word meant, but it felt hurt in their hearts as they started whimpered. The Furious Five, the Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung and the kung fu master were all outraged to hear of that, but they couldn't show un-respect to the masters from different places in China, so they just remained silent as they glared at them as watching them walked away finally.

After a while, when they made sure they were all gone, they roared and groaned out their anger out.

"THOSE BASTARDS!! HOW COULD THEY SAID SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO OUR CHILDREN!!" Crane shouted out as he released his anger and punching in the wall, Viper approached to her husband to calm down as she was also felt the same way of him, she just didn't want to let their children to see their angry faces. But still, Crane has never been so angry as he roared at the mountain and so as Po.

"OKAY! WHATEVER THEY ARE THE MASTERS OF ALL CHINA, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY COULD INSULT INNOCENT CHILDREN!!" Mantis yelled to the mountain as he releasing his feelings, Monkey and Tai Lung were all join up.

Tigress and Viper approached their daughters and gently hugged them to give them a comfort, let their daughters cried out their sadness feelings and heart broken hurt.

'Should I let them go or not...' Shifu thought confusedly as he was on the leaded to their way to the kitchen of bunkhouse.


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Next Chapter: Decisions


"Mom! Dad! Look what I and Lilly and Azure did!" Hannah was cried delightly as her parents went towards her.

"What's it? You've got Uncle Monkey almond cookies again?" Tigress asked with giggles.

"No. It was..."

The picture turned to Lilly and Azure, they were at the Jade turtle seek their parents.

"Mommy! DaddY! Look what us and Hannah did!!" they both cried as Crane carried Viper to flew down to ground.

"What is it? You've got Uncle Mantis in his sleep again?" Crane asked his daughters with snicker.

"No, It was...THIS!!" They both showed a thing at the same time. As they saw their parents were all widened.