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Chapter 14: The Battle For Blood Part 2

At first, the Dark Dragon flipped its giant tail as it swept to Sora, Nana and Fred. Luckily, Hannah quickly transformed herself into Phoenix and caught them by that second.

"What the!? How did we? A Phoenix!!" Fred was so confused and wide-eyed of his seen.

"She's Hannah and I don't have time to explain!" Sora answered shortly.

Nana turned her back and saw the Dark Dragon was chasing on them with its mouth wide opened, "It's chasing on us!!" Nana screamed.

"Hand on!!" Hannah cried and she turned herself to face the Dark type Dragon.

"Hannah, what are you doing?" Fred asked in yell.

"Guys, see those eyes of that thing?" they nodded and she continued, "Hear my signal and then throw your ninja blades on them!"

"I'm not sure if we're that good aimer…" Fred said as not so well on his aim, he wasn't confidence of this, especially facing a monster.

"GUYS!!" they shocked, "I believe in you." She spoke.

The big mouth was coming closer, and then, "NOW!!" she shouted as a signal, the three in-training Fok-Ninjas had thrown four ninja blades to those crimson eyes of the Dragon. It cried like storm was drumming and its blood came out from the wound will melt anything.

"We did it." They cheered but Tu Lawn smirked.

"There's no use." He murmured as they all heard that.

Hannah was blind in a little victory as she didn't notice that the Dark Dragon's tail has knocked them down, Hannah used her body to protect her friends before they fell on the ground.

"Hannah!" The Furious Seven, Shifu, Lilly and Azure shouted in unison as they ran over to her.

The shape of the Phoenix had faded away and left a little white tiger body lying there, the three ninjas quickly get up and helped their feline friend, who was risking her life to save them, to get up.

Tigress rushed at her daughter's side, despite she was pregnant, she could run. And she began sobbing as she held her close to her chest, "Oh Hannah! Hannah, please open your eyes, please!" she pleaded.

"Emergency, can't breathe." A voice has spoken in her chest, Hannah was nearly choked by her mother's embrace.

Tigress immediately released her to give her some fresh air, "Sorry." She whispered in embarrassment.

"Even you make it blind, but it could smell and hear your scent and moves!" Tu Lawn proudly said.

"Shoot!" Wing cursed.

"It's chasing on us!!" Hawk cried as the dragon started run towards them.

When the Dark Dragon came close, suddenly…


"General Shang!" the kids shouted.

"Here, lizard! Come to papa!" he challenged as the Dark Dragon has turned its direction to Shang, even Tu Lawn command was useless.

There was a short rest for them, but it wasn't that short enough when Wu Lai suddenly showed up in front of them.

"Hello, ladies." He spoke and then he threw more blades under his cloak at them.

Everyone dodged them, except one. Viper got hit by tried to defend Crane.

"Viper!!" Crane cried as he caught her long body in time and watched his wife's blood bleeding from the wound with a blade still stabbed on her body.

Although, Viper was a warrior, one of the Furious Seven, she won't be fainted by that easily as she opened her eyes to ignore the pain, "I'm fine, Crane. It's just a scratch." She silently said, which made Crane fear and heartbroken more.

When Wu Lai slowly approached Hannah, he could see fear in the little white tiger's eyes. The scythe in his paws lift it up high enough, suddenly a water blast blasted him away. Hannah looked back, it was Walton and his fellow elephant friends, or should she say, an army.

"Walton!" she cried with joy.

"I'm not going to let anyone to hurt my little friend, are I?" he replied, and he and the other elephant continued the water blast on the dark Dragon.

When Azure saw the whole scene, she wanted to cry but she didn't as she must hold herself together, as she stepped in front of her parents and glared at Wu Lai, who was struggled itself from wet.

"Oh you're gotta be kidding me! You're not going to let a baby snake fight against me!?" he then burst out laughter.

"BABBY!!" Azure shouted. Lilly felt shocked at that moment, she had never seen her twin sister angry before.

"Oh, he's a dead-meat." Lilly murmured.

"Definitely." Hannah agreed.

Suddenly, Azure, Viper's Water Dragon appeared and said, "It's time." Viper was wide-eyed and then they all saw there was a change on Azure.

The water came from the ground and swirling her into a transform, and there appeared, a blue Dragon in front of them, its scales were all sapphire and its eyes were still hers, azure.

'What…What the? What is this?' Azure was confusing of her state, but then she heard her friends.

"Azure! You've transformed! You're a dragon now!" Hannah shouted.

"Really?" she whispered, but then she didn't know that Wu Lai had thrown another blade towards her.

"Azure! Behind you!" Hawk shouted.

Azure looked back quickly as saw a blade aimed on her, she didn't know what she supposes to do, but suddenly she accidentally swung her tail as a Water-Shield defended her.

"WHAT!?" Wu Lai shouted in surprise.

"What…How did I…?" Azure was so confused enough that she transformed back into her normal self, but the Water-Shield was still there as the Dark Dragon continued wants to smash it.

"Azure, hurry! Lift up your tail and then push out with strength!" the original Azure urged Azure.

"WHOA! A Dragon!?" Azure was exclaimed.

"We don't have time to explain, do what she says." Viper told her daughter, and Azure did exactly what the original Azure said.

She lifted up her tail and pushed out with strength, a Water-Bow and Water-Arrows appeared! The bow was shined beautifully such as light shined on crystal, and the arrows were endless as she could as many arrows as she likes.

"Wow." She exclaimed again, and so as the others.

"Aim on the Dark Dragon's mouth." The original Azure instructed and she did.

"When I count to three, release the Water-Shield." She added.

"But…but…I can't do it!" Azure was frightened as her tail was shuddering in fear, Crane ran beside her and embraced her in care.

"Look honey. I know this is tough one for you, but no matter how we end, I always love you. And we all believe you." Crane gently whispered in her ears.

"Daddy…" she murmured, and then her eyes has changed into serious in sudden as she pulled the arrow with strength and aimed on the Dark Dragon's huge mouth.

"1…2…" the original Azure count down, which made Azure a little bit nervous but she has to do it, "3!!" finally the Water Dragon shouted and so as the green tree viper shot the arrow forward into the enormous dragon's mouth.

She did it as a medium flood watered the throat of Dark Dragon, "I did it! I did it!" Azure cheered as she bounced around.

"Now the Dark Dragon cannot breathe out neither the flames nor the dark breath. There's a chance, Hannah!" Ember spoke as she revealed herself out of Hannah's body.

"Alright then…!?" then she is grabbed by her parents, "Mom…Dad?" the next thing she knew that she being hugged by them.

Tigress was whimpering as she clutched her daughter "We have lost you once…we don't want to lose you again…" she whispered.

Hannah watching her mother's tears rolling from her ember eyes, but then she pushed them away from dodging the Dark Dragon's claws, "Mom, please. Let me do this, if I don't, many people will doom! Plus…" she then took a deep breath, "I'm immortal."

"What!?" the couples were exclaimed.

"I'm immortal. That's why I could survive after that incident." Hannah then explained the story from her Guardian Phoenix to the Present.

"Even you're immortal, honey. We still don't want to lose you." Po added.

"But dad, please. Please, let me do it, I promise that I won't get myself hurt." Hannah pleaded.

It took a while for Po sighed, "Fine. But make sure be careful to you." He said and the white tiger grinned.

"Enough talking, let's fight!" Hannah gave him a confidence smile as transformed back into a Phoenix and she soared in the air.

Po was frowned about the line that his daughter spoke, that line was he used to dream those lines. 'That's my girl…' he thought.

'There is one way to defeat the Dark Dragon.' Ember said.

"Then what is it?" Hannah urged.

'Is the Ultimate Gates of Hell, but in order to use it, you need…' she then interrupted by Hannah.

"Yea! All we need to do is just throw the flame as big as I can, right?" she shouted.

'Uh…' she was interrupted by her again.

"I took that as a yes!" she shouted as she on impulse fired a bigger flame thrower, but it didn't take any affection on the Dark Dragon.

"Hey, it didn't work!"

'Of course it didn't work because you wouldn't let me finish my words!!' Ember shouted back at her.

"Opps…" she split it, and Ember started to continue her speech, 'In order to use the Ultimate Gates of Hell, you need a complete body, which means you have still one piece of your body missing.' She said.

"One piece missing?" she questioned as she conjured when Tu Lawn taken her flesh liver back at the waterfall. "The liver!" she yelled.

"Oh, now that you mention it," Crane said as all of them could hear her from up there, he took something flesh out of his pocket, "I accidentally found this thing when I fell in the waterfall." it was a liver and still in a complete state.

"Yeeewwww!" the others who beside him yelled, have quickly back up and have a distance between him.

"My liver!!" Hannah cried.

"Crane, hurry give that back to her! Hurry!" Tigress shouted and he nodded as he soared.

"No so fast!" Tu Lawn shouted as he blocked Crane.

"Not for me." He smirked and flew under the dragon, and then he threw the liver to Hannah. The Phoenix form of the white tiger caught it with her beak (mouth).

"Nice catch!!" Nana commented

"Darn!!" Tu Lawn cursed as he didn't notice Crane was behind him.

"And that's my hat." Crane grabbed his straw hat from Tu Lawn's back with his beak and wore it on head. "That's much better."

"Hey!" the Dark Dragon turned to Hannah, who was teasing at it, "Dark Dragon, huh? Well then, come and get me! You big stupid giant lizard!!" she yelled as she showed out her long tongue.

The Dragon was furious as Tu Lawn was easy to get mad and he commanded it to fly after her, it has blasted out its 'Dragon Breathe', and the flames of its dreadful breath, nearly aimed on Hannah. The heat and the dark flames matched with the colours of the sky, it has blocked her sight.

"Hannah! Behind you!!" Sora cried and she turned.

A brittle sound of bone cracked echoed.

The Dark Dragon has stabbed straight on Hannah's chest, her cried in the air and everyone was gasped and shocked of that sight as they were all stopped the fight.

"This ends this!" Tu Lawn chuckled and he saw something was wrong.

Hannah smirked at him. "I will not die that easily." She whispered.

Her wings have gathered a group of light energy, as big as the half size of her, "Sa yo na la (Good-bye)." She whispered and there was a mushroom explosion in the mid-air. She has released the IUltimate Gates of Hell.

The lights of the fire and the broken pieces of the dark Dragon has fallen on the ground as it faded. There were also some shreds of the clothes from Tu Lawn floating in the air, but the strange thing was, there was no sign of Hannah.

"Hannah!!" Sora yelled at the field and there was an echoed, no response.

"Hannah…No! It can't be!!" tears started to roll down from his watery orbs, "I had already lost my mother, I don't want to lose a best friend!!" he yelled his heart words as he kneeled on the grass field.

Lilly and Azure were both sobbing in their parents' chests, Crane and Viper were fighting back their tears but it was too late as their tears came out from their closed eyes. Tigress was heart broken and blamed herself of letting her daughter to do such a dangerous thing, Po gently patted her back and tears dropped on her back. Mantis and Monkey got choked by their tears, Shifu hid his tears behind his sleeves, not letting his children to see his tears. Tai Lung's eyes were in crimson as they were watery. The other campers were praying deeply.

"Please…I would do anything to get you back, even my own life…" he slowly choked by his tears and pain of his heart broken.

"Even your first kiss?" a familiar voice came to his front.

His eyes snapped opened and quickly looked to the front, he saw in surprised and astounded, Hannah was standing in front of him, with her face was full of black smoke from the explosion. The rest of her family were all looked at her with shocked and joy in their hearts.

She giggled and wiped her blacked nose, "A true warrior never cries." She said with frowned and a wide smile. And then she coughed by the black smoke of her filthy body.

Sora then quickly wiped his tears and sniffed, "Crying!? I wasn't, I was caught something in my eyes!" he defended.

"Hannah!" the two looked back, and saw a group of animals ran toward them. Tigress was the first one to approach her, and happily swung her around in a circle, and whispering in her eyes of the words about how much she worried and how silliest that she had done. Then Po carried Tigress with Hannah was in her embrace and hang them high enough to let the others see them. Cheers have echoed the whole camp, even far from the camp.

Po gently put his wife and his daughter on the ground, her friends came over to her and hugged her tightly, never wanted to let it go. "You almost got us scared, man!" Nana stated.

"What can I say? She's a one lucky girl." Fred commented.

"Yea, but one more thing to add that will make her lucky forever." Wing added.

"And what's that?" Nana asked.

Wing then suddenly pushed Sora to Hannah as their lips were touched, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" he said.

The two were blushed and their faces were as red as tomatoes, which made them embarrassment. "Sora kissed a girl! Sora kissed a girl!" Nana and Fred were teasing at their ninja friend.

"Hannah kissed a boy! Hannah kissed a boy!" this time, Lilly and Azure were teasing their kung fu friend back.

"It's not funny!!" the two shouted in denied and then they started to chase their friends. The adults watched the scene as they burst laughter.

When the children have ran out of their sight, the four Dragon Warriors' element dragons have appeared from their body, and joined in the sight. "What's up, guys?" Po asked.

"It is time." Wind said.

"What time?" Shifu asked.

"The three future dragon warriors had already unleashed their power, and during their growing, they will soon discover the true power of dragons as it uneasy to control the ultimate power. We have to give them the Gem of Dragon Scales." Earth answered.

"Where are those?" Viper then asked.

"The Gem of Dragon Scales could absorb the negative energy, dark power, from their body. For example, if they accidentally got angry as they might be couldn't control the power, and the gem will effect as they will absorb its energy until the dragon warriors have learned to control their power." Azure explained.

The eight masters have both exchanged their looks, and then they knew what they need to do, "…We refuse." Crane spoke.

"What!? But without the gems, your children and the unborn child will unable to control the power by their hearts. What have you in mind?" Wind exclaimed.

"One simply reason." Po said, and he pulled the others closer to him as gather as one, "We're their family, and it's our responsible to teach them, nurture them and to believe them." He replied.

The four dragons were having a council, and then Earth was the first who spoke, "If that is your wish, then we won't ask forward. But if you change your mind someday…" Earth then interrupted by Tigress.

"There won't be 'someday'." They then bowed to each other and faded, their lights have flown into the four Dragon Warriors' bodies.

"Whew! What a night!" Mantis sighed.

"Yea…Come on, the kids are probably waiting for us." Tai Lung added.

"Oh right. Well in that case…" Po said as he carried Tigress in bridal style, and then they both suddenly slapped Tai Lung's back head.

"Oww! What was that for?" Tai Lung groaned and gave them an unknown smile.

"Race you guys to the camp, and the last one will be the slowpoke." Tigress joyfully declared.

"Po, you will be the slowpoke!" Crane chuckled as Viper hopped on his back and flew into the air.

"Hey, I don't want to be the slowpoke!!" Monkey and Mantis then started to race.

Shifu was stood behind and watched his children racing, he slowly glanced at the sky, starts shined brightly in the endlessly sky, "Time has changed fast, Master Oogway. But the young masters haven't finished their journey yet. And it's my destiny to protect my family…" he silently spoke to the sky, or to Master Oogway, or the air.

Then Po shouted at the red panda, "Hey, Shifu! You don't want to be the slowpoke, do you?"

Shifu's oversized ears have lowered and said, "Trust me, Panda. You will regret of say those words to your master!" in a second, he has already ran at Po's side.

"What the!? How did you…" Po and Tigress were both exclaimed.

"Never unrespectable to your master, slowpoke." He replied. And the eight masters were running together toward to the camp, where there will be have another adventure for them tomorrow.


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"No matter what you do, you'd never fool us again!" Hawk stated and Wing agreed as they both crossed their arms.

"Okay, can I get a 'What, what'?" Hannah childishly asked Hawk and Wing.

"What?" Hawk asked, frowned.

"What?" Wing asked, confusedly.

"Uh, thanks." Hannah said in an innocent tone, the white tiger had got them, again, and so the two birds started to chase that little white tiger furiously.

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