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I – Cinderella: Midnight Memories (Inspired by When You Look Me In The Eye)

Konoha's residents were excited. In a few days, there would be a grand party for Naruto and Hinata's engagement. They had gotten most of the village's congratulations, and Hyuuga Hiashi had been generous enough to throw a party.

Naturally, the search for dates was on. Sakura had Kiba, Shikamaru had Temari, Neji had Tenten, and Chouji had Ayame. Surprisingly enough, one of the most beautiful kunoichis of Konoha didn't have a date yet: Yamanaka Ino. Ino was currently stressed out, because nobody had asked her yet. All her friends had dates, hell even Chouji had one! Oh, correction, Sasuke still didn't have one, but that was expected from the Emotionless Ice Prince of Konoha. 'Oh, come on! So what if you don't have a date? You can still go! Hello, it's a party, so no way on earth would you miss it!' Ino thought to herself.

After three days, the awaited party came. Ino was in front of the mirror, admiring her reflection. She was wearing a turquoise knee-length halter dress which hugged her curves and brought out the color of her eyes. She was wearing silver teardrop earrings, and light pink lipstick. Her hair was in a half-ponytail, the ponytailed part curled, while the other was let down and left as is. A small flower adorned her hair, and she was proud of what she looked like right then. "I look gorgeous." She said to herself.She looked at the clock, it read 9:45 pm. "Shoot! 15 minutes left!" Then she did one last check, then walked (more like ran) out the front door.

There was a grand staircase in the place where Hiashi had rented for the party. As she descended down the staircase, people's heads were turning towards her, and she was determined not to trip.

In the grand ballroom, there was a man whose eyes were solely focused on her as she went to give her congratulations to Hinata and Naruto. Uchiha Sasuke was admiring the woman who was currently warning Naruto not to hurt her best friend in any way. She looked so radiant, poised, and beautiful. "Wow." His stomach was starting to flipflops, his palms were sweaty, his heart started to beat irregularly fast, and he had a sudden urge to ask her to dance. He decided to follow this strange urge and went over to where Ino was all by herself.

"Care to dance, Ino?" Ino had no idea what to say. Uchiha Sasuke, most eligible bachelor of Konoha, heartthrob, and Emotionless Ice Prince was just asking her to dance. Maybe he wasn't being a prick for the first time in his life. She quickly regained her composure and gave him a charming smile. "Lead the way, Sasuke." She held his hand out, and Sasuke took it, leading them to the dance floor.

And dance they did. They danced until they wore their feet out. It had been a collection of slow songs such as "When You Say Nothing At All," "When You Look Me In The Eye," and "Realize." Through the songs, they were both silent, just keeping eye contact and letting the words of the songs reach their hearts. It was like they had their own silent way of communicating, occasionally smiling fondly at each other. As they danced, Sasuke and Ino leaned closer, closing their eyes, and as their lips began to touch – DING! The clock striked twelve. As they pulled away, Ino was blushing furiously, as was Sasuke. "Would you like to watch the stars, Ino-chan?" Sasuke asked. "Very much Sasuke-kun."

And outside, in the full moonlight, away from other people, where the moon's rays illuminated their faces, did they share a more passionate and loving kiss.


The only difference with this Cinderella story of ours is for Sasuke and Ino, at midnight, the night didn't end, in fact, it only just began.

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