Summary: Coming from a conservative family, Naruto denied Sasuke sex unless they got married which resulted in Sasuke cheating on him. Naruto left to clear his mind. But years later, he came back, completely changed. Will Sasuke save his love? SasuNaru Inspired by Gomenasai by TATU

Konoha had undergone a rapid development. From studying the ninja arts and chakra manipulation, their sciences has evolved immensely allowing them access to a more advance and complex technology integrated with chakra and magical properties. Due to the merging of these two powerful ideas, Konoha became one of the first and major villages to ever contribute to the advancement of Fire country.

Years of development, and a new era began. An era of chakra-enforced technology became a very comforting condition for our beloved ninjas.

In a well-lighted room, a golden-haired 16-year old boy entered and dropped to his bed from exhaustion.

"Whew! This day sure is tiring. Stupid teachers, giving so many missions and homework! Heh!" He whined to himself as he opened his laptop computer and entered his channeled chakra to it. As it recognizes its owner's data, it opened, revealing thousands of unfinished homework.

"Gahh!! I'll never finish these on time! I guess it's time for Mr. Ramen for me!!" He smiled warmly to himself and pressed a vending machine next to him and a cup of miso ramen appeared. As Naruto began eating, he took the time of doing his homework, trying to keep himself awake by the ramen's stimulating effect.

It was near midnight when Naruto was nearly done with his work. The ramen kept him company as he tried to fight off sleep. As the laptop beeped, Naruto jumped from his chair and punched the air. "Yatta!! I'm finally done!! Woohooo!!" Naruto rejoiced as he saved his work and jumped on the bed excitedly.

Naruto was about to close the lights when he heard someone entering the room.

"Good evening to you Sasuke!" Naruto chirped happily upon realizing who came in.

"Hn." Sasuke walked towards him and greeted him with a hug.

"Sasu?" Naruto said uncertainly as Sasuke remained silent for a few minutes.

"Shhh." Sasuke signaled him to keep quiet and pulled him for a passionate kiss. Though Naruto was confused at first, he finally returned the kiss fiercely upon realizing what had happened. Naruto and Sasuke nipped, tugged, kissed and liked at each other's lips as they took in the taste of each other. Naruto felt he was in heaven for a moment, but he was broken out of his trance when Sasuke began to speak in a husky voice.

"You know I love you, right, dobe?"

"Of course! I love you too, you know!" Naruto said, not knowing the real reason why Sasuke was asking him. He looked up to see a huge smirk on Sasuke's face.

"Good!" Without saying anything else, Sasuke captured Naruto's lips and pulled him in for another searing kiss. Unknown to Naruto, Sasuke's hands slipped in his shirt and explored his muscled abdominal.

They stayed like that for what seemed like eternity, enjoying each other's taste and being in their loved one's embrace. But that peace was broken when Naruto felt Sasuke pulled at his shirt and attempted to remove it, his other hand busily undoing Naruto's lower school uniform's zipper.

Naruto quickly pushed Sasuke off of him. "Bastard! Didn't I tell you we shouldn't do this?" He said angrily.

"But Naru-chan, you love me right?" Sasuke whined, but it was evident that he is annoyed.

"Sasu… It's not right to do this when we're not married! You know that right? Believe me, I truly love you, but it's not just right to do this at this time. Please be patient" Naruto said softly, sensing the other's irritation.

"So you felt that our relationship isn't right? I loved you Naruto! Or are you just playing with my feelings in leading me to believe that you love me?"

"Sasuke, I told you time and time again! It's not right!" But all Naruto got is a back facing a way from him and disappearing in the distance.

"Whatever!" At that, Naruto felt Sasuke stalked off to the living room. He sighed as he laid on his bed, spending time to wait for Sasuke. But sadly for him, Sasuke never returned.

Morning finally greeted Naruto's face. He yawned as he looked at the clock. "Gahhh!! Nooo, It's 6:00 am!! I'm going to be late!" He said as he dashed to the bathroom. Within just 5 minutes, he finished bathing and went to the kitchen. And after eating for 10 minutes, he got dressed and tried looking for Sasuke.

But he was disappointed to see not a single trace of Sasuke.

When Naruto glanced at the clock, it said "6:30". Forgetting about Sasuke, he ran out of his house and went to his classroom, only to be greeted by "Orochimaru-sensei is not well, first period class is free for all."

Naruto sighed as he started looking for Sasuke. When he finally found him, Sasuke merely stared at him and left, not even saying a single word. This annoyed Naruto, to the point that it took all of his willpower not to punch the bastard. Naruto just shook his head and walked on, no longer realizing that he got past the school gate.

Naruto found himself on the park. He felt rather confused on how he got here, but he thought that he needed some fresh air to think. Sasuke had been acting strange lately. Was it because he hadn't had sex with him? No way! Naruto know that Sasuke love him too much, he should realize that Naruto isn't comfortable with it at the moment.

"But why damnit! Why was that bastard acting like this!" Naruto was about to punch a tree when he heard someone's voice.

"Naruto? Why are you doing here? Why weren't you at class?"

"O-Orochimaru-sensei!! I thought you were absent!"

The man just sighed. "Yes, I was, Naruto-kun. I was just preparing for something."

"Come on sensei! Tell me what's bothering you! Please?" Naruto said playfully knowing that Orochimaru could never resist him when he used his childish voice.

Orochimaru just smiled sadly and sat beside Naruto. "Naru, I know I can trust you right?"

"Of course Orochimaru-sensei!! I, the great Uzumaki Naruto is always ready for you!" Naruto pumped out his chest for added effect which made Orochimaru laughed. "So, what's bothering you sensei?

"I—I'm leaving tonight. I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"What? You're going to be reassigned?"

"No, I'm leaving to Otogakure. I think I'll start a new life there."

"What? You stupid bastard! Why didn't you planned on telling me this sooner! I should have bought you something to remember me by!"

"It's not important Naru."

"But it is! Ne ne, sensei! Can I ask you something?"


"Why would you leave? I mean you're a respected teacher! You have high status! And lastly, you're the best friend of the future hokage!" Naruto pointed to himself and grinned widely, but all he got is a sad look from Orochimaru.

"Sensei?" Orochimaru just cried. Naruto cringed at the sight for he never saw him crying like this. Orochimaru is always pictured as a disciplinarian and a strict teacher. Not knowing what else to do, he hugged his sensei and patted his back.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. Orochimaru stiffened at first but nodded his head.

"Well, it started yesterday."


"Oi, Jiraiya-kun! Do you want to watch a movie with me or something? I'm done with my lesson plan, I already studied my lessons and I'm already done with my work. So, what do you say?" Orochimaru said in his usual cheerful voice. He may be professional and strict towards others but he cannot deny his true love of showing his real self.

He walked towards Jiraiya and hugged him from behind. Orochimaru licked his lips and whispered into Jiraiya's ears. "What do you say, Jiraiya-sama?" But instead of getting his usual reaction, Jiraiya just snapped at him.

"Would you leave me alone for awhile Orochimaru? Everyone's not as smart as you! I have work to do now leave me alone!" He said angrily which threw him off-guard.

"Oh Jiraiya-sensei, you don't mean that right? You love me too much!" He grinned knowing that this usually made Jiraiya calm and cheery.

"Hmp! As if someone could love a snake like you! I MEAN Look at you! You are nowhere near those women I fantasized about! You're pale, nerdy, and inexperienced, not to mention innocent of the word sex!"

"That's not true Jiraiya!"

"Whatever. Just leave me alone!"

"Fine!" Orochimaru turned his back.

End of Flashback.

"That's what happened Naruto! He simply told me that he wants to be alone! He didn't even bothered to look for me! I then found out he was with that big-chested Tsunade! Can you believe it? We were together for twenty years! And he dumped me for some girl he had just met?"

"Sensei, maybe you need to talk to him?" Naruto offered his best advice.

"No Naruto. I think I'll go back to doing those experiments of mine. But this time, it wont be the same."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll be starting a new project. And guess what? It'll make the ultimate tool for me."


"Nothing. Just remember this Naruto, emotions are the major thing that kills a person! I realized that now. Don't let something as emotion be your downfall. Well, I think I'll be going. I'm planning on working with my assistant, the current Otokage of Otogakure. Oh, and I'll always send you email, so don't be sad!" Orochimaru grinned and Naruto just pouted.

"Hmp! I'll bet you're more than willing to take care of your pet than email, little me!"

"Maybe, Kukukuku…." Orochimaru joked.


"Hey!" Orochimaru responded. As he looked at his watched, he realized the time.

"Naruto, I think it's time to leave. You're next period is starting soon."

"I guess. Well I'll see you later ne?"

"Of course."

At that, the two parted. Naruto kept on walking, still wondering about Orochimaru's last piece of advice.

Chapter Summary: The chapter introduced much about the konoha's changes and inform about new elements used in the story. It also aims to show how Naruto and Sasuke began to drift apart. Also, Orochimaru in this story will be playing a big role later on, as was hinted in the last part wherein Orochimaru's advice planted something within Naruto.

Story's Objectives: The story aims to show how pride and lust ruins something which could turn out good. The story also aims to introduce new concepts of love wherein love isn't just about sex and that people should realize that sexual intercourse is a sacred ritual of the two lover's union, not just a play or fun. May you all pick some important values, lessons and insights in this story.

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