He went to quickly; my love, my everything, my William. His heart faded like smoke threw an open window. I loved him severely my heart aches every waking moment. William was none like most men; no he was gentle. He always had what I call warm air. The type were you see his handsome face and feel a sudden warmth and comfort wrap around you. We met a long time ago when I was young and he a bit older. He seemed so young to only find out my dear William was two hundred and thirty. It seemed to impossible to believe but my heart told me to believe and that I was his last hope. When I did believe him, he held me ever tighter. We would sleep in the moonlight on his back balcony looking at the stars. We wished that our happiness would last forever; but both William and I knew he would live forever and not me. It was then when I realized his newly formed problem. He wished for death so then he could die with me. William simply didn't care much for anything but me. He started to lose sleep and starve himself obsessing to find a way to cure himself.

I had never kissed him before; it sounded strange but we both felt that our love would be shared by feelings and our hugs. Not by making out by every opportunity we saw fit. Eventually I grew old and he still young. His heart ached more than ever; but then this day came. I grew tired and my heart beat slowly and for my departure gift to William……a kiss. He leaned closer to me and simply and sweetly kissed me and at that I died and so did he. The impossible; most stories it takes a kiss to bring life but this gave death. Now my dear William and I sit in the stars alone with love forever.