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Accidental Affection.

x x x x

Chapter 1: Noticing

x x x x

Raito-kun shouldn't be Kira...

Why was he thinking of that again?

But if he were, I would be in turmoil...

Because Raito-kun...

L sighed audibly, slightly satisfied by the fact that no one was around to witness his frustration. After learning that Raito was in a relationship with Amane Misa, whom he suspected with over eighty-five percent to be the second Kira, the percentage that Raito was the first Kira had risen by three percent. It was now a dangerous fifty-six percent.

... Because Raito-kun.. is the first friend I've ever had...

L reached inside the donut box without much thought until his hand felt only the stickiness of the box of previously-containing glazed donuts. With a small pout, the detective carefully placed the box into the pile of discarded boxes. The pout became a visible frown as he realized that the currently-empty box was the last container of sugary sweets he had available; he would have to ask Watari or someone from the department to bring him some more.

I cannot think efficiently without sugar... L mused, peering through half-lidded onyx eyes; scanning the room for any signs of overlooked sweets. Finding none, he grudgingly went back to skimming the newspaper on the latest Kira actions. After briefing through some sections, L concluded that since Kira the first was not as active- as in, there were more deaths of minor criminals, the second Kira was at work. Therefore, as both Kiras had definitely made contact. The first Kira was eighty-two percent under suspicion and relying on the second Kira to preform said deeds. He was ninety-percent sure about that deduction, but it also meant...

Because Raito-kun is...

That the percentage of Yagami Raito being the first Kira rose by one percent.

Fifty-seven percent.

He knew he was right; he was always right. Even from the beginning with no leads, he knew that the Yagami's prodigy had something unusual about him. L was not sure what exactly was unusual then, but that uncertainty developed into two branches. One branch told him that Raito was Kira. It was instinct at first, but then the proof had compiled up. It seemed, that within two weeks or three, the percentage of Raito being Kira would rise to an extent so high that he had actual proof. Then, could he finally return to semi-easy cases, for this one was the source of major headaches.

The young detective glanced around the small room once more, eyes resting on the digital clock on the table adjacent to the bed.

Two forty-seven. AM.

A portion of his semi-functioning (due to the lack of sugar) mind told him to sleep. After all; although he was, in short, an insomniac, sleep was considered an essential factor when one had to attend classes the oncoming day. Or in his case, in a number of hours.

Deciding that perhaps getting some hours of sleep was more productive in the recovery of his mental state than sitting around to wait for more sugar delivered, L closed the television on Sakura TV (which unfortunately for him, had no more interesting reports concerning his case since the second kira recording), setting the remote down carefully on the glass coffee-table. Not used for coffee, of course. L could not have cared less about those unhealthy and bitterly foul-tasting drinks that Raito seemed addicted to, unless there were at least seven sugar cubes added, and his room was kept away from boxes of sugar cubes due to a simple request from Watari, for his bad habit of building sugar cube stacks with unncecessary intensity was well-known. Even so...

Shaking his head, L sauntered into the connected kitchen to wash his hands, not surprised that there was only cold water coming from both knobs. The room was convenient; it was built like an apartment so he would have access to daily needs, yet connected right next to the investigation room so there was a maximum of two minutes spent on travel. Unlike Raito, who spent about an hour and a half if he were to walk from his house, and fifteen minutes if he were to walk from their course building.

Why am I thinking about him again?

He nonchalantly closed the incoming water, carefully turning the knobs back into their original place, swiftly shaking his hands although droplets still clung to his hand and made their way to the tips of his fingernails. It was a good question, and one that he should investigate as soon as the Kira case was solved. Why exactly did he compare everything to the young Yagami?

From their first meeting, he had compared how differently they were dressed, and how they had behaved. Their skills while versing in tennis, and preferred side-dishes at the store when conversing on Kira's messages. How Raito acted like the way L had suspected Kira to act, how Raito always seemed to fumble with the bottom of his white dress shirt whenever imposed with a question revolving around the murderer, how Raito responded when L had told the auburn-haired...

Because Raito-kun is..

the first friend I have ever had.

He had spent five hours researching the epitomes of friendship, and had concluded nothing of his attachment of a desire to know more, as much as he can, about the suspect. He wanted to know ridiculous things, like Raito's favorite color perhaps, or favorite scent, nothing related with the investigation at all. The question plaguing his thoughts, was Why? It was a simple question, direct and to the point. But answers to Why questions were never so simple. Sometimes, they were a sentence or two, but at other times they could expand to the length of a properly-written research paper.

L pulled down the covers, slipping onto the queen-sized bed. He did not feel the need for such a large bed, for he rarely slept anyway (and if so, for comaprativly short hours). Brushing off a shrug, he pulled the covers up to his knee, for it was not as chilly as suspected that early in the morning, and reached over to the table to flick off the light switch.

Of course, sleep never came as simply for him as for others. Having recently devoured sugar, it was a good while before he could drift off into slumber. That period of waiting time gave him the opportunity and need to think of unnecessary things: thinking of cases while his brain was not fully functioning was not a good idea and may lead to many false conclusions.

The weather is twenty-seven degrees Celsius.

The weather was always a fine, nonchalant, harmless subject that did not require much thought. It was nearing winter, but the temperature did not become as cold as suspected. Partially due to the constant global warming, and partially due to Japan's location near the equatorial line.

I wonder if Raito-kun will wear the same fashioned attire when it gets colder. Perhaps a larger jacket..?

There he went again; concerning everything around Raito. The younger was an addictive, like a drug, L was pretty sure of. Like Kira? The Kira case never eluded his mind, and Raito did not either, perhaps due to the fact that Raito was connected to Kira. There was no solid proof, but there was just some feeling that told him so. It was ridiculous, really, the second branch on why he believed Raito was Kira.

Because Raito, like Kira, was addicting.

Nothing had fascinated L's life more than those two, the latter being the most difficult case that he was presented with, the former reasoning in confusion. There was a reason with Kira, being the top priority of his investigation, was constantly in his mind. There was no reason that, although Raito was a suspect of being Kira, the younger would hauntingly probe his mind. Everything realted to him. Raito.

L knew it was not due to the fact that Raito might be Kira. It was a tantalizing thought, but L had noticed that the quantity of his thoughts revolved around Raito was greater than his thoughts on Kira by three percent. It was an unhealthy addiction; perhaps he should try to distance himself from the suspect that was subconsciously messing with his head.

No, perhaps it was all in his head. Remember, do not think of the investigation while your brain is not fully functioning. Get sleep. He closed his eyes and pushed the thoughts out, only to have said thoughts plague him even in dreams.

x x x x

"Raito-kun?" L wondered how he was suddenly sitting in his usual position on the sofa of the main computer room. That was strange, he was sure that he was sitting in his class just a moment ago, scolded by the professor about his habits of the biting of fingernails in class.

"Mmm, Ryuzaki?" Raito... he looked.. different. There was absolutely no logical reason for him to be sitting so close to L. The sofa was large enough, about the size of three or four standard chairs due to the fact that it was also a pull-out bed.

"Mind you explaining why you are seated so close towards me, Raito-kun?" L asked, face blank as usual, showing no emotion or thought. Of course, that was the opposite from how he actually felt, with his heart suddenly speeding up nearly twice as fast, and feeling some strange warm feeling at the bottom of his stomach. Did he have the flu or something..?

"Why, don't you like it?" His voice was different, most definitely. It was not the calming tone or aggravated one whenever they would speak, and ever so often, of Kira. It was not the monotone one that he used during classes to answer questions and speak with the professors either. It had a strange allure, almost as if he felt...


"What are y-" L started, but apparently found it difficult to finish his response with soft lips crashing onto his own.

Apple cider? How sweet.

To say he was confused was an understatement, he decided, as surely something was wrong with this. He came to the realization that he was kissing his ... suspect? Friend? Rival? Enemy?

He felt Raito lean closer against him, the taste of apple cider more noticeable as a tongue met with his own. A thin arm wrapped around his waist, clutching possessively as if there was some mortal danger to letting go. A hand brushed his soft yet messy raven locks for a split second, before making its way under his loose T-shirt.

Their lips left contact, as Raito found it interesting to watch L's reaction as his tongue traced the lobe of L's ear. L was about to reason with him on what exactly they were doing, or something similar along the lines, but the only thing that came from his exposed mouth was an unsupressible moan.

Surely there was something illogical, and ninety-three percent wrong with this..

But the other seven percent..

How could something so wrong feel so right?

x x x x

It was neither the constant beeping from the digital clock next to him or the intensity of rays peeking through the room behind curtains that had severed his sleep. What had waken him.. no, he did not whish to think about that.

He glanced at the clock, fumbling with the off button. Six-twenty nine. His classes begun in an hour and thirty-one minutes. To be precise, his mathematics course with Raito at eight o'clock sharp was now in an hour, thirty minutes, 3 seconds, and 18 milliseconds. 5 milliseconds. 2 seconds and 48 milliseconds.

L reached over to pull the covers off the floor that had fallen off the bed during his slumber. He neatly placed the covers on top of the bed, then quietly slipped off to the bathroom conveniently located at a literal seven feet from his bed. Grabbing the toothpaste, he turned the cap and carefully spread the strawberry-flavored substance on the toothbrush, careful not to spill. He ran the cold water and dipped the toothbrush under the pouring liquid, brushing efficiently.

It was an excellent time to think of the Kira case. Although it was a fact that L could not think rationally about any investigation without sugar, that excluded the first thirty-minutes or so from his waking up. Sometimes, L would take short naps to refresh his mind when there were occasions that sugar could not be obtained.

Raito is Kira. Therefore, Raito is Kira. .. Wait, that is not very logical.

No, it wasn't. Frowning, L rinsed and spit out the water, watching the pink tint in the liquid swirl into the sink with more observation than was desired. He did not pay much attention to taking off his clothing, throwing the garments in a pile on the floor next to the sink.

But if Raito is Kira, I would indeed be in turmoil. Perhaps even traumatized.

L quickly turned the knob of the shower, stepping in under the rushing water, shuddering as the icy-cold downpour stung at his back. Perhaps he should have let the shower run for a while to warm up as he was brushing.

Because I have to turn Kira in. Kira is meant to be executed. Kira has committed too many crimes. If he is caught, I will never hear of him again. He shall be eliminated as those whom have fallen under him.

He reached for the soap, frowning, suddenly remembering that he had finished using the last of the hand soap and had to resort to using the washing lotion. L was not in favor of washing lotions, simply because they reminded him of whipped cream bottles, but lotion was non-edible. Of course, the hand soap reminded him of sponge cakes, but whipped cream had a sweeter taste than sponge cake.

Because I can't have that happen to Raito.

Because... not only is Raito my first friend but...

L washed quickly, knowing that he subconsciously was one of those people who spent an average of half hour or so in the shower for no apparent reason. Quite feminine, now that he thought about it- but not exactly as quite. As far as he was concerned, from Raito, Misa spent an average of an hour and a half in the washroom. That did not include her application of cosmetics and whatnot.

Wondering why he was still having such ridiculous and unrelated thoughts, L turned off the shower abruptly, grabbing a towel off the rack. Drying off, he made his way to the cabinet with the digital alarm clock. He pulled the second and third drawers for his new garments, putting them on quickly. Of course, his appearance was always a loose T-shirt and baggy jeans; it was how he worked best. In any other garments, his thinking capability would drop approximately four point seven pecent.

There was just something about loose clothing that made L feel more comfortable and ready to work, unlike those detectives with the high top hat and formal attire. Unlike Raito and his white dress shirts, dark-colored pants, and a beige or that yellow jacket he wore seventy-six percent of their meetings so far. They had met quite often, especially when Raito agreed to join their quest to search for Kira after meeting Misa.

It had been a week since then. A week since there was more evidence against Raito, more possibility of him being Kira.

But he is Kira.

No, not without proof he isn't.

L frowned visibly, a hand running through his hair before stuffing both in his pockets, walking barefoot across the carpeted floor to the next room. The door was unlocked as he had suspected by eighty-seven percent, as no one showed up at the headquarters until its official opening of nine-thirty. He figured there was no harm in reviewing the case files before taking the bus to the lecture hall, where his first class was being held with the young Yagami.

And of the young Yagami...

"Ryuzaki." The young brunette did not glance up from the keyboard, fingers typing rapidly in what he presumed to be a search engine. Or perhaps, the younger was attempting to hack into another file, something that L acknowledged that he was good at.

"Ohayo, Yagami-kun," L replied, taking his normal seat in his better thinking position. Delighted to find that the team had left a few slices of cake for his breakfast, he immediately grabbed a provided paper plate and plastic spoon, scooping the cake onto said plate with utmost precision.

"Raito-kun." He corrected, looking at L, but did not stop typing. "We're friends, right?" The typing stopped, followed by a sip of unsweetened coffee. At L's lack of response, Raito continued, "Well, actually I must admit you're my best friend..."

What is he playing at? L licked the still-soft whipped cream on the cake, allowing the substance to partially dissolve on his tongue, pleased at the sweetening taste and smooth texture. If he is Kira, this attempt of getting close to me means that he will recognize both my name and my face due to the excuse of a friends' permission to rummage my belongings or anything similar. No, I shall not give him my name, for all he can know is that I am L. He is foolish to think that I may have my name written somewhere; even if so, he will not recognize it. Yet, with the possibility of Raito-kun being Kira, he would have thought of this and knew that I would have thought of this with a seventy-two percent possibility. Knowing that, and presuming that Raito-kun is indeed Kira, then he would try to distance himself by attempting to be in a trusting relationship then acting aloof to not draw suspicion of him being Kira or trying to figure out my name. Regardless, because I know this, I can safely assume that Raito-kun will pry around my personal belongings to look for an identification of sorts. I shall give him a false lead, and take the time that he searches for my name, presuming he is Kira, to use his investigations as a way to find proof that he is indeed Kira. ... Yes, that makes sense. Therefore, I shall agree to be on better terms with him.

"As you are my only friend, Raito-kun," L went through the plan once again in his head: play along with Raito's attempts to learn his name, assuming that he was Kira, then use his investigations and behavior of finding L's name as evidence that he was indeed Kira, trying to learn his name for death. However, he knew that Raito was indeed extremely brilliant and had a seven percent chance of seeing his plan. "Therefore, you are my best friend as well, I presume."

"Great, we can spend some best-friend time together tomorrow, then." Raito seemed content, before turning back to the computer, right hand scrolling through the web page he had stopped at, left hand occasionally tapping the keyboard to input letters. Perhaps he was hacking at anothers' computer's system. "Tomorrow is a Saturday, and the professors probably will not leave difficult assignments."

If he is looking forward to spending time with me, then that means Raito-kun is trying to deceive me. Assuming he is Kira, that is. Then, he will attempt to have my guard down and expose something about me that will lead to research on my identity, past, or name. If not by material possessions, then he will attempt to manipulate me somehow for his attitude is completely different than his usual one. He seems more confident with his speech, speaking as if there is a well-formulated plan in his mind. The possibility of that, if he is Kira, is ninety-one percent. However, if he is not Kira, then the possibility of that is fifty-two percent. Knowing Raito-kun, possibly Kira, he would have realized that I have thought of this, and my best possibility is to avoid him. Therefore, I shall confuse him by accepting his offer and investigate more on Raito-kun than he can on me, considering that I use those hours when he is asleep to my advantage. Yes, that should work. Another bite of the delicious banana and vanilla flavored cake.

"I have no problem with spending time on activities on a Saturday, Raito-kun. However, I must inquire of your girlfriend." L responded, breaking the temporary silence of thought and licking the cream off a slice of banana. I doubt he is too concerned with her. He did not show much, to my best observation, ten minutes after I had let her out of containment and establish that she was of no use anymore in the exposure of killing methods in the Kira case. Such was four days ago, and Raito-kun has still failed to show any real emotion towards her. It has all been fake. Perhaps it is a cover up of sorts... then the percentile of Raito-kun being Kira will rise by zero point five percent.

"Misa's going to Kyoto for five days for a photoshoot, something about the exotic scenery there. She will be boarding the eleven-thirty plane." Raito replied, voice devoid of emotion. L realized, dauntingly, that the tone was similiar to his: without a concern in the world, perhaps slightly ignorant, mixed with a hint of suspicion. "She will be returning next Wednesday, eight at night."

"I am a replacement for your boredom in social living when your girlfriend is not there, is that so?" L questioned. He had to know what exactly the brunette was playing at. The Yagami had tried the tactic, of being good friends with himself in order to learn his name, but had failed with constant interruptions and the excuse of possibility of Raito being Kira. That means- he thought, that the only way he would gain my trust is by proving he is not Kira. Or perhaps, that by gaining my trust, he plans to prove he is not Kira? However, because he is trying to gain my trust not as friendship, but perhaps due to the case of Kira being Raito-kun, unfortunately the chances of Raito-kun as Kira has risen by two percent.

No. I must deny it. Raito-kun cannot be Kira. He cannot.

Because, to me, Raito-kun is...

"Of course not." Raito replied, a little too fast for L's liking.

What is he playing at? Raito-kun definitely wants to have me in a situation where telling my name would be of importance. However, I cannot think of such a situation but if he has... must obtain more sugar.

"Perhaps." L simply said, shifting his index finger so the hand lifting the dish in the usual position would be of more efficient support, about twenty point two percent more efficient.

"We should get going," Raito stood immediately, with such a quick action that L was pretty sure ones head would be spinning or feel a rapid blood rush. The younger carefully rummaged his bag, checking that everything needed for the four courses he attended was there. Nodding, he proceeded to the kitchen area to grab his lunch sandwich made conveniently by the team last night. Ah, the investigation team was so useful, providing Raito with his meals and L with his needed dosages of sweets, as well as following orders without much hesitation.

No, perhaps he is not attempting to learn my name by becoming closer friends. I would like to think that he is not, and he does not follow through with the typical friendship-trust-despite-the-kira-case excuse. Of perhaps, I shall expect that of which is most unexpected, the simplest idea which is a lament on trusting and names. He would have thought that I have thought of this by now, so his best action is to confuse me in some other way that I have no thought of. But, knowing this, I shall have to think of more situations that will reveal my name, and avoid any possible scenarios of those situations with Raito-kun.

L responded with silence, quickly finishing the slice of cake and scanning the room of more sweets. Of course; he really had to thank the investigation team when they met the next time, for someone had ever so conveniently placed L's bag by the doorstep. It was not zipped, showing a pencil case that was sticking out, in accordance to several packages of fruit snacks, all strawberry flavored.

A blissful look of delight tinting from his eyes, L slid his legs down from his chair to an easily-accessible standing posture. He picked up the bag, slung it around his shoulders, and placed both hands in his pockets. Fumbling with a pair of thick sandals, a difficult task as his hands did not leave his pocket, he heard the footsteps of Raito towards him, slipping on his dress shoes with ease. Of course, partially because those were dress shoes, and partially because he wore socks. But no, Raito refused to wear socks as it degraded his thinking ability by two percent. The shoes, not so much, but still...

Perhaps, he is not trying to learn my name. No, if he was Kira, then he would. However, I must question his sudden interest, as just yesterday he had as much of a monotone view towards things as ever before. When meeting with his girlfriend, Raito-kun seemed more excited than he had before, of what I have observed. If that is due to her departure, then he does not enjoy her presence. If that is so, why does Raito-kun spend time with her.. although she has high possibility of being the second Kira?

Especially... after three days of imprisionment, she asked to be killed. Especially, after she had fainted, there seemed to be a memory wipe; and Raito-kun had not noticed. No, he had pretended not to notice, that all evidence of her being the second Kira was wiped with the exception of the tapes. His percentage rises by zero point five percent...

They stepped out of the building without a word; L literally lived inside the building, unwanting to be noticed at any hotel in the case that another Kira, one like the second Kira with the ability to kill people with only their face, randomly appeared in search of him. L still wondered how that was done, really, but had come to the conclusion two days ago that it was the work of death gods, the shinigami. However, it was still a confusion and side-case to the main Kira one that he had yet to solve.

Raito, at more times than not, did not particularly seem to care about solving the Kira case. Perhaps even now, if he is Kira, he would not think of the case to distract me. In some way, of that I am three percent certain. However, as he knows this, the proof he would be Kira is to talk of the Kira case.

Fortunately or unfortunately for L, that was a random thought in his mind.

"It seems Kira murdered two people last night, one criminal that was sentenced to life in prision for bombing an orphanage and killing all survivors except for eight children, the other being a drug-dealer with a past murder record." Raito mentioned all of a sudden, but his face concealed all possible seriousness he had of the situation.

"Orphanage?" L suppressed a twitch. Surely not..? "What was the name?"

"Oh, the name," Raito gave L a curious, there was no other way to describe it, look. L had never taken interest in the criminal's deeds as much as the method that they were killed and the occupation that said criminals had. Raito had an expression of deep thought, turning away from L, as if wondering if this was another one of his Kira-traps. "Liresk or Liresh, something that is neither Japanese nor English. The criminal travels quickly, and boarded a plane to Japan that was destined to land in Osaka's airport this morning at five. He was caught and interrogated..." he trailed off, not interested at all in the man's life.

L wondered why. It was not as if Raito was uninterested in the man's life because he was more interested in the death, was it? Or perhaps.. If he is Kira, he would not care either way. "I see." L simply said, keeping further thoughts to himself as he felt his legs cease to move. They stood in a rather long bus line.

Raito-kun spoke to me on the way to the bus stop. Even if it was about the Kira case, he act-ally spoke. But.. it was indeed about Kira's victims; therefore by speaking something related to Kira, he is trying to lower my defences of suspecting he is Kira. That, of which would be done by putting effort into the investigation and by showing his effort, would prove that he is innocent as no sane person would try to turn in them self.

Ah, but if he is insane?

The bus ride was far too short and silent for L's liking. He could not observe as efficiently when there was no speech among even the people riding the bus. There must have been something he was not aware of happening that day, for the bus was emptier than usual and speech was limited. The possibility of an event, or something unusual taking place is two percent.

"Come on Ryuzaki. Our stop." Raito said when L did not move as the bus came to a halt in front of the campus. L slowly nodded, following him. "We'll be late if you don't speed up," he added, a slightly annoyed look at L.

"You meant to say, Raito-kun, that you shall be tardy for arriving in class fifteen minutes and twenty seconds before the rest of the class does." L pointed out. Why do I notice such things? It is not relevant to the Kira case.

"Rather early than late." Raito glared briefly, glancing at his watch. L always thought there was something peculiar about that watch; the way it ticked as if it was muffled, the way the three knobs on the side were placed ever so conveniently for turning. A bit too convenient for his liking. Suspecting an item, now? You have gone mad. Oh, but of course. A sane detective would never have put up with this case for so long.

"Then, Raito-kun will have to hurry ahead then." L replied, reluctant to move faster. "I shall not be tardy for class in any manner."

Raito did not say anything for a good half minute, his expression stern at the afterglow of the past glare. His eyes showed thought, and L was pretty sure that Raito was experiencing anther one of his paranoid-like phases where he expected everything L said was related to Kira, and by giving one answer, the percentage of his being Kira would rise, and giving the other, it shall not. "I suppose I shall then. I will see you in class."

With a curt nod, he walked faster towards the building.

L grinned inwardly.

Good. Raito-kun is gone now, and I can finally investigate this little thing--

But, what if it has nothing to do with the Kira case? ... It does no harm to pry. Perhaps I could return it to the student whom have lost or misplaced it if there is no relation to the current problem.

From the moment L had stepped off the bus, he had noticed something peculiar about the campus grounds. He had not noticed what exactly was so peculiar, so he had asked Raito to run ahead so he could investigate. After a careful scanning of the area, he had seen it: something that he did not expect.

Lying on the soft dew-covered grass, almost hidden by a stack of red autumn leaves, was a flat item. He slowly made his way towards it, the tall grass brushing his feet. L bent down, taking a napkin from his left pocket and placing it on the item. When nothing odd had happened, he removed the napkin and picked it up. The leaves shook, to reveal a thin, black notebook.

L looked around, gesturing the notebook as if asking if anyone had lost it. None paid attention to him, so he turned his gaze back at the notebook. It was sleek, with a polished paper feel. It was made from some material he was sure that, the cover at least, could not be destroyed by water. He brushed his pale fingers along the finely-made spine, observing the breadth of untainted black. L turned it over, and two words, glimmering in silver, had caught his attention: Death Note.

... Interesting. In the case of the second Kira, a notebook was mentioned. Perhaps, this is the same notebook that was mentioned? No, that would be too much of a coincidence.. but..'share the power.' Are there more of these... notebooks? That percentage is seven percent. However, I cannot be sure that this notebook is the one the second Kira was referring to. Even so, that has an extremely low percentile, and with a person such as I discovering it... perhaps this is an ordinary notebook after all? There have been, indeed, many pranks involving deaths lately ever since the demand for an explanation to the Kira case.

The cover felt heavier than it should have as L opened the book, as if it was made of metal. He brushed through the pages; all empty. Wondering what was so special about a blank notebook, he turned to the first page, the page where the title page of a novel would usually be placed. But, there was no title page, for this was not a novel. No, there was what seemed like a list, embroidered with the most intricate and exotic of designs.

The font, L noted, was perhaps the type that some preteen child would use for Hallow's Eve. Curious. How curious. With his left hand holding the spine of the unreasonably-heavy book and right hand holding the single page with words by his thumb and index finger; L read the contents that was surprisingly, in perfect English although he was in Japan.

"Death Note. How to Use."

A Death Note... the second Kira..

"The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die."