I sat there wondering just how in the world I got here. I'm in New York City for goodness sakes. Yeah Yeah I know I'm here on Vacation with my best friends family. It kinda like a graduation gift. Anyways that is not what I'm confused about. I'm wondering just how in the world I, Bella Swan, can be dating a complete stranger!

Well I guess he isn't a complete stranger. I mean I did talk to him the whole flight here and not to mention he's my best friends brother whom I just met. So you see. I'm SO confused.

OK that the Introduction.. The chapters do get longer I promise.. And also I'm not the best with grammar and spelling so please if you review (which i hope you do) please be kind... and keep in thought this is my first Twilight fan fiction I've had Harry Potter ones but i suggest not to read those.. it was a really long time ago when i post those and lets just say they aren't very good... But i think this one will be better than those being that I'm actually going to finish this one.

Thank you