Chapter 4: The Flight Part One

The whole ride to the airport Alice would not shut up. "I love my car so much… I'm going to get Yellow seat cover to match it… And maybe one of those air fresheners that is shaped like a daisy…"

"You know you created a monster right?" I whispered to Edward.

"I know and to think you're the one who has to deal with her." He chuckled.

"What do you mean?" I glared at him.

"You have to sit by her on the plane. Oh and you have to room with her… So really you'll be the one who has to deal with the overly excited Alice." He explained. "But really you should be thanking me because with Alice detracted, she might not make you go shopping as much… But I could be wrong… If so better you than me. I had my fair share of the torture." He teased.

"Oh thank you so much." I sarcastically replied. "So what will you be doing Mr. Edward while Alice takes me shopping instead of you?" I asked

"Oh probably scoping out all the hott chicks." He teased.

I blushed of course he wouldn't be interested in me. I mean how could he? He is hott! He needs a hot girl by he's side. Someone who looks like a supermodel not someone like me. Not someone with so many flaws.

Before I could reply we arrived at the airport thank god I didn't have to respond! We all got out of Edwards Volvo. Apparently he was not happy leaving it at the airport but Carlisle insisted him on driving. We all started to walk towards the door; Edward walked a few feet ahead of us. I could not help myself I had to watch.

"You like him don't you?" Alice whispered beside me.

"What?!" I blushed "No of course not!... Why did he say something?" I panicked.

"I haven't asked him yet. But from the way he keeps looking at you I think he might like you too." She smile.

'God I hate this family! I should really find new friends. Or start hanging out with Emmett. At least he doesn't tease me… Or annoy me…' "Alice you better not embarrass me!" I warned her.

She just smirked and picked up her pace so she will catch up with Edward. "God I really do need new friends." I muttered to myself.


"Here's your ticket Bella." Alice said in her bubbly voice. Handing me the ticket, as I looked at it I was shocked.

"First class!" I exclaimed.

"What? Did you really think we would be riding Coach? Seriously Bella!" Alice laughed and half skipped towards the plane.

"Better get going or you'll miss the flight Bella." Carlisle told me.

I walked on to the plane looking for seat A 17 apparently that was my seat I was supposes to sit in. A15 A16… AH there it is A17. I looked up expecting to see Alice sitting in A18 but instead I found my Edward… 'Wait did I just say my? He isn't mine! He'll never be mine' I looked back down at my ticket to make sure I got the right seat number.

"Is there something wrong Bella?" Esma asks me.

"Um… No… I just… nevermind…" I sat down and began to read the book I brought with me.

"Watcha reading?" The brilliant man beside me asked.

"Withering heights." I told him without looking up from my book. I kept reading but I could feel his eyes on me watching me. I couldn't help but blush and swear I just read that sentence at least eight times.

Sighing I closed my book. And looked up at Edward.

"So tell me Miss Bella what does your boyfriend think about you leaving for a month?"

"Well if I had one he would have to be ok with it." I told him "And what about you Eddie what does your girlfriend say about you going to New York to 'scope out the Hott chicks'"

He stared at me for a moment before he chuckled and said. "That's the great thing about being single you don't have to answer to anybody! You also don't have to worry about, if you do or say something that might hurt the others feelings."

I laughed a little before I heard the pilot kindly ask us to put on out seat belts. We began to take off when I noticed that Alice was in the seat in front of us. She was sitting beside a guy with sandy colored hair. And she was giggling!! Alice NEVER giggles.

"Hey Eddie?" she called back to us. "Do you have your IPOD?"

"Stop calling me that!" He growled. "And yes why?"

She smirked "Why don't you show Bella one of you're songs you wrote? She really enjoys that type of music." She told him

"You write songs?" I eagerly asked "Oh please let me hear them!"

I could tell he was debating rather of not to let me listen to it or not. "Um maybe later." He told me.

After about an hour I was getting bored. I found out that the guy Alice was talking to was Jasper Hale and he had a sister who he was going to visit. Her name was Rosalie. He never been to New York before but heard it was an amazing place.

Alice would giggle at everything he said even if it wasn't funny. But I did have to say this guy was cute.

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