"Kiyomi Takada has been kidnapped," Rester spoke, shattering the silence.

The small detective lifted his eyes from his dice tower to the screens in front of him. Rester was sat in a swivel chair before a computer, and Gevanni was visible on a screen. "Kidnapped?" Gevanni asked. "Isn't Halle supposed to be with her?"

As if on cue, Halle's face popped up on a screen next to Gevanni. "Near, Takada--,"

"She's been kidnapped, correct?" Near asked.

"Sort of," Halle said reluctantly. "Mello took her after someone pulled up in a car and distracted us by shooting a smoke gun,"

Someone working with Mello…Near had no doubt this person was Matt. "Keep us updated," Near ordered. Halle nodded and the screen flickered blank.

What was Mello planning on doing? Surely this would amount to nothing…Near looked at his dice tower, not really concentrating on it.

Almost an hour passed before Halle's face popped up on the screen again. She looked shocked and scared, almost upset. "Takada's dead,"

Rester stared at the screen in disbelief. "Wha—Dead?"

"It's probably Kira," Halle said. "Two bodies were found in the flaming ruins…,"

"Two? Who was the other one?" Rester asked.

Near placed a die upon the small tower, listening to the conversation between the SPK members; Mello had kidnapped Takada, right? Well…What if Takada had Shinigami eyes? What if the other body…Near felt his heart beat increase, but he kept his eyes focused on the dice.

"Mello," Halle said, he voice filled with sadness. "Mello's dead,"

Rester turned to Near when he heard the sound of some thing falling to the ground. The dice that had previously made up the tower were now on the ground, and Near was staring a the floor, his face hidden. One of his hands was up in a position as if he'd tried to place a dice on the tower before it fell, and the other was lied on the floor, shaking slightly.

Near's heart had almost stopped when he heard those words come from Halle's mouth. Mello…he couldn't possibly be dead. Near let his mid-air hand fall to the ground with a soft thud.

"Near?" Rester broke into Near's thoughts with a single word. "Near, is something wrong?" He was surprised to see the detective act like this.

"Mello…he's…dead?" Near asked, not looking up from the floor. "Are…are you sure?"

"Yes," Halle said. "I have to go," she added, the screen going blank.

Near's jet black eyes were still fixed on the floor. He was doing his best to fight back tears, but the stinging in the corners of his eyes informed him that he was losing the battle. Mello just couldn't be dead…Mello never gave up. Near always believed Mello would outlive him. But…

Rester spoke once more. "This is probably for the best," he said. "With Mello out of the picture and Takada dead, catching Kira will be easier,"

Near's emotions suddenly took a turn from upset and shocked to angry. He closed his eyes, giving up in the battle to keep the tears from falling down his face. "How…could you say…such a thing?" Near asked, his voice wavering. He felt himself begin to shake slightly.

Rester looked down at the boy with plain confusion written all over his face. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Leave me alone," Near said quietly. When he didn't hear Rester move, he looked up and repeated himself louder. "Leave me alone!!"

Rester got up and walked out of the room quickly. Near pulled his knees up to his chest and hid his face. For once, he let emotion get in the way, and he cried. He didn't even try to stop himself.

He was dead. Not just Mello, but Near, too. Without Mello, Near felt dead inside. He wished his heart would stop beating, just so he didn't have to live with this pain…