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The young man walked down the hall, his shoes echoing on the hard wood floor. His hands lay lazily in his dark pants pockets and his blond hair cut down across his forehead obscuring his vision. From beneath the hair a pair of grey eyes that looked like melted pools of silver peered out searching for the source of the squealing sound.

Up ahead a door stood ajar…a door normally closed as if it held some secret past no one wanted unlocked. Curiously the young man approached the door and looked in. The girl sat on her knees on the floor. There was an apparent loose floor board in the room as it now stood open and she was pulling a beautiful vine carved box from the hole beneath. Her long blond hair fell forward over her shoulders. As she sat the box down, she tucked her hair behind her ears, her own grey eyes looking up at her brother now leaning in the doorway with a scowl on his face.

"Father will be displeased if he finds you here, Carina. Not to mention Grandfather will more than likely be even more so."

Carina rolled her eyes and turned her attentions back to the box.

"Whatever for, Corvus? I was curious about Father's old bedroom and tripped over this loose floorboard."

Corvus watched his sister curiously. The box was a curious thing. If his information was correct, their father had not slept in that room since his last year at Hogwarts.

"Where is Father?"

Corvus smirked. So, his sister was worried about being caught.

"He is down in the kitchens with Grandmother and Grandfather discussing the holiday menu with the house elves."

Carina smiled and slowly opened the box. Corvus watched her face fall, but only for a moment. Her eyes lit up and Corvus tried to peer into the box from his position in the doorway. He could see nothing though and the sound of footsteps quickly distracted his attentions.

"Carina," he whispered in a slight panic.

She seemed to always get him in trouble!


She looked up and saw the concern on her brother's face. She quickly scrambled to her feet, shut the box and rushed to her brother's side. Corvus cringed as he realized his younger sister held the box still behind her back. Draco slowed to a halt in front of his two children, eyeing them suspiciously. His icy eyes traveled to the open door of the bedroom he grew up in.

"Carina…Corvus. What are you two up to?"

Corvus glared at his sister and she simply smiled, nervously and shook her head frantically.

"N-nothing, Father! I was just curious about the room you grew up in is all."

To the untrained eye Draco believed his sweet precious daughter's story. Corvus knew better. He had seen this scenario too many times to fall for it. Didn't his little sister know by now that Father always knew when she was lying? After all, she was horrible at it. Draco nodded as if accepting her story and then reached behind her back and pulled the box from her hands. She groaned slightly.

"Told you, you would be in trouble," Corvus said.

Draco stared at his daughter for a moment. Her head was bowed as if ashamed of her actions. He knew this day would come. And he knew it would be soon. After all, she was sixteen years old and he knew at some point she would want to know the story. He just didn't know she would find this.

"Come with me," he said in a slightly clipped tone.

With a sense of dread and regret, Carina and Corvus followed their father into the drawing room. The fire was still ablaze and the lights on the Christmas tree twinkled like stars. They were alone in here though. Draco sat the box on a table and opened it. Corvus leaned forward slightly, getting his first look.

It appeared to be nothing but rubbish inside the box. Two vial necklaces and the shattered pieces of a vine wood wand. Draco stared into the box. It had been years since he last saw these items, before Corvus was born to be sure. His fingers reached in and caressed the vials before finding a large chunk of the shattered wand.

"Looks like a bunch of rubbish to me," Corvus responded with a smirk toward his sister.

Carina vehemently shook her head in disagreement.

"It would not have been hidden if it was not something precious to Father!"

Draco looked up in time to see his son roll his eyes. Oh how like him at seventeen Corvus is. His eyes turned back to his daughter.

"Yes, Carina. You are correct." He turned back to the contents of the box. He picked up one of the silver jeweled vial necklaces, allowing the chain to intertwine itself in his fingers. "These belonged to someone whose love is forever tattooed on my heart."

Corvus snorted and looked away. So cynical… just like Draco was at that age.

"She is what made me the man I am today," Draco said placing the necklace gently back into the box.

Corvus took a deep breath and rolled his eyes again as if the idea was preposterous. Carina stepped forward though, anxious to hear the story, but slightly concerned.

"Did Mother know about her?"

Draco nodded and looked back at his son.

"It will happen when you least expect it, Corvus," Draco said making sure his son was listening. "One day, you will understand. One day, you will love someone other than yourself and when it happens, you will realize what a better person you are for having loved them. You realize what exactly you are willing to sacrifice for their happiness," he said as he picked up a piece of the shattered wand and closed his eyes. "You realize what they are willing to sacrifice for your happiness."

Draco took another deep breath. He hadn't opened his eyes yet as if he could see his past like a movie with his eyes closed.

"She was so angry back then. Her parents had been murdered and with my history I became the target of all her anger and hate. Her eyes flashed like fire when she was angry," Draco said with a slight smile on his face as if even that memory was pleasant.

Draco opened his eyes and looked at his skeptical son.

"I was your age when it all started…"