D.H. A.N.: This is the first in my series of Phantom Related Prompted One shots. These prompts are from the Live journal community 30 Nights. This one uses the prompt "Paint the night with the stars." I hope you enjoy A New Year.

AN2: This story takes place between the AIAOY scene and it's right before the masquerade. As there was no proposal scene, and all we see is Christine with the ring at the Masquerade, I wrote this proposal scene. It's short and sweet.

Disclaimer: I do not own POTO.

A New Year

The sound of joyous celebration of a new year decorated the Parisian sky, showering a patron and chorus girl with blessings of hope.

The fireworks exploded in a splendor-filled finale, leaving the two on the roof to gaze at the stars. Raoul deChangy held Christine Daae softly smiling all the while.

"Christine, I love you," he crooned softly. Then he broke out somewhat joyously, "I've ordered my fine horses; they're waiting at the door... And I want you; I'll hold you and I'll hide you." He stopped, fumbling through his shirt, soon producing a small black box.

"Christine… Christine…If I could paint the night with these lonely and beautiful stars, I'd paint a picture of who you truly are. There is nothing I would rather do more than be able to prove what I feel for you."

Raoul opened the box, revealing an engagement ring, and whispered, "Christine, will you marry me?"

Christine did not hesitate. She felt a tearful yes cross her lips. They then kissed, Raoul spinning her twice as he had done on the roof months before. Somewhere there were stars just for them.

The two then went to the masquerade below.

DH: Well, that's it. I do not approve of Raoul bashing it is immature. Please review. Be on the look out for a sequel to Phantom Phases too.