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Beautiful S p l i n t e r


"Danna, Danna, please tell me…what goes on in that flaming head of yours, un? Please tell me when it is really on fire inside, burning and scorching your skull and it hurts and you're scared…please, Danna, tell me when you need me to hold you."

The words were quiet as they burbled out of Deidara's mouth while he lay curled in his bed, clutching the pillow. The room was darkened for the night, darkened like there could be things there, like monsters and other ghouls. Yeah, the things of childhood nightmares, but some nights Deidara still saw them in the shadows while he shivered, worrying. Did Sasori see them some days too? Maybe?

The puppet was strong (or so he acted) with those eyes of his, those beautiful eyes of his. They could snatch Deidara up however they wanted, and shackle him in their gaze. They were cold eyes sometimes, but when it was just his eyes alone with Deidara's they softened like melting ice cream. And it made the bomber twitch with a bit of joy to see Sasori coming out, just a bit.

Lately though, oh, his Danna. His Danna's eyes were kept half closed, down, and not even trying to trap his own. They watched the dust on the floor, and watched the feet of the other Akatsuki, but seemed focused on nothing but the inside of his pupils.

Deidara swallowed, squeezing his pillow in the dark. What are you doing now, Danna? Are you asleep, or are you lying there too? Or do you cry when you're alone and no one can see you?

Nervous as he looked into the black of his room, the blonde was left to just be wondering. Could a puppet even cry if he wanted to, or could it only fall limp when no one held it up by its strings? Was falling limp the only way that a puppet could show that it was stinging inside, for whatever reason?

Because Sasori was the limpest right now that Deidara had ever seen him.

"Damn it Danna, un." He cursed in the night, thrusting the pillow across the room; and the slight thump of impact on the wall eradicated his anger. It sounded like a puppet collapsing on the ground.

"Okay." The whispered tone was back as he tried to shake the image of Sasori falling from his head, "You know what, un? I don't care if you yell at me, I'm coming. To hell with it, h'm!"

He swept himself out of bed, grabbed up the pillow, and strode from the room with no light to show him where to step. Oh, the monsters hiding in the dark? He was more frightened of the monsters that might have gotten to Sasori while he wasn't there to protect him.

But of course, Deidara couldn't just wander into his Danna's room at night without a valid reason…Sasori might come to assume that his partner was after…certain favours. Not tonight, though.

"It's innocent, I swear, un!" Dei smiled, noticing a bag of popcorn someone had left on the lair's kitchen table. (Popcorn was Hidan's secret addiction, but everyone was supposed to pretend they didn't know. Like a Jashinist was above popcorn or something. Whatever.)

He was impatient as he listened to the jumping kernels as they popped, but was somewhat calmed by their rhythm. They weren't afraid to wake up even though it was still dark. Sasori could open up to Deidara, couldn't he? Wouldn't he? Where was trust between them; they were partners, lovers, friends, right? In that moment, to be Sasori's dear friend was what the bomber wanted most. It was all he begged for then, just to be there and make his Danna's eyes come back.

Make his Danna's eyes come back to him.

Standing by the entryway of Sasori's room, Dei quivered a bit. With his pillow tucked beneath his arm and cradling the popcorn bag in his hand, he fretted that he might be turned away.

Blinking in his nerves, he struck the wood of the door a few times softly with a knuckle. "Sasori no Danna, un? Are you there?"

And then came that beautiful, pale face that Deidara loved, swinging open the door and staring straight at him. "Deidara, you stupid little shit, do you know what the hour is? You idiot."

Aw, his adorable Danna! The curses made Dei smile widely, and he brandished his popcorn bag. "I was hungry, un, but I can't eat the whole thing by myself."

Though Sasori was annoyed, he let his partner in with a sigh. "Fool…whatever."

"Yaye!" Deidara cooed, slapping his pillow at the end of Sasori's bed, flopping on it as he crunched a salty piece of the popcorn. "It's a sleepover, un!"

"Idiot," the puppet repeated, but sat next to him anyway. His eyes were veiled, so veiled, and the blonde's smile shrank just a bit. But, he'd let him in, and that counted for something, didn't it? Right? Yeah?


Just don't give up, right? Don't give up until you win, un. It's a battle. In a twisted way, it's like I'm fighting you, Danna…but I won't lose, un!

And with a sly smirk pasting itself on Deidara's lips, he plucked a white cloud from the bag and flicked it at the red head.

"What…what the hell?" he raised a hand to his ear where he had been struck, and peered at his assailant. "What the hell?!"

Dei pouted while he grinned, "You're not eating, un! I brought it for you, too!"

"Ehh…" Was that a tiny smile Sasori was hiding?

"Danna, Danna, puh-weeeeease?" he tossed another at his partner, giggling, and then a third, "Please, un?"

"Oh, dammit!" Give me that!" the puppet lunged on top of Dei, squabbling for the bag.

"Ha ha," the blonde chuckled, squirming away and getting another shot off at Sasori's nose.

"Come here!"


He was caught now, with Sasori crouched over top of him, with a genuine smile. It was slight, but that was just Sasori's smile.

And it was beautiful.

"What are you going to do now, little shit?" he crooned, stealing a piece of popcorn from the bag still held in Deidara's hand. "I think you're stuck…" he fingered the kernel a moment before looking back into Dei's face. "Hm…"

He bent, his own face barely separated from his partner's.

"Wha…what are you going to do…?" Dei stammered, feeling quite trapped.

"I…am…I'm going to…" Sasori whispered, leaning in, "Well…"

And then, Dei felt the popcorn placed gently into his open mouth.


"Eat up you skinny shit," the puppeteer rolled away, and smiled for a moment more. "Goodnight, Deidara."

The bomber swallowed and nodded, reaching for his pillow. "Yeah."

And the night settled into gentle sleep.

Sasori had opened his eyes for those minutes, opened them for Deidara, but in the morning he was afraid that they might start to close again.

He'd see where they were when the sun woke them.

He wasn't afraid to keep up his battle to rescue his dear beautiful Danna from his demons.

Never, un.