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Beautiful S p l i n t e r


Once upon a time, Sasori was feeling better. It made Deidara happy to know that. It made him ecstatic, it made him bubbly, it made him overjoyed. His Danna was committed to being alive. Right, right? Danna was committed to being alive. He was going to stay alive, stay alive with Deidara forever.

Everything was going to be okay.

That was the truth.

The only way that the spark could go out was if one of them snuffed it out themselves. Deidara didn't want that. He wanted it to burn brightly; so brightly that it hurt his eyes.

Danna was feeling better.

Praise the stars, Danna was feeling better. Imagine that…!

Deidara never wanted to see him sick in his heart again. No, it had been worse than that… Sasori had been sick in his very soul, and that was why it had been so hard to nurse him back to health again.

The bomber would gladly help his Danna feel better again, but he never ever wanted to have to make him feel better from a sickness of the soul again.

Not ever.


To help Sasori back up a bit more, Deidara thought he'd bring him a present to ease him back to his feet. Something sweet, all for his Danna. It would be a beautiful thing, and hopefully not only in the blonde's eyes. So, it was going to be a gift presented via his favorite art form, but Sasori would still see the message. It was a heartfelt message, so he had to see it. And he would love it.

That was just how it had to be. There was no other way that it could end up.

Love had no other way than to keep brightly burning in an explosion of emotion and feelings. It would stay burning through forever, like a star.

A star was the perfect symbol for the partners, Deidara thought. An explosion that stayed forever. Something that you couldn't easily forget, even if you tried, because it was simply destined to be.

Fate, right?

But anyway, Dei had a present for Sasori, and he arrived bright and early with it in the puppet's room.

"Meh…Dei-chan…? When did you get here…?"

He grinned, "I snuck in here around five AM to wait for you to wake up, un."

"That sounds slightly stalker-ish, you know," Sasori quipped, rising from bed.

"Isn't it great, un?"


"So, I have something to show you! Are you ready, un?"

Sasori smiled slightly. "I don't think I'm ever ready for all of the junk you do…"

"Ehh. That's not very nice, un. Especially since I brought you a surprise…"

"Okay, fine. Just show me. I'm ready, I guess…"

"Yaye, un!" Deidara reached into his pocket, thumbing through the clay balls. Was it this one? Yeah, I think so, un. He drew it out, and watched eagerly as he detonated it.

Sasori no Danna will love—eh?

But the explosion was not the one he'd been expecting to show up.

Oh…ohhhh, shit, un.

Wrong clay.

It burst out, a brilliant display of brute power, knocking into Sasori's wall of prized puppets, and promptly blowing one on the end to pieces.



"Um…um…" Deidara rasped, his stomach sinking as he glanced at the red head.

Sasori was in a state of shock, staring blankly at his decimated puppet, which was smoldering slightly on the ground. Particles of now turned to ash wood floated down, settling next to a charred arm.

Oh shit, I've killed your puppet, un.

Where was the controlled firework, the one he'd engineered to spell out 'I love you' in twinkling lights? Where was it, hm?

It was still waiting to be selected somewhere in his cluttered pocket.

Why hadn't he cleaned out his clay for combat first? Why? Now look…he'd made a battlefield out of Sasori's room, and he'd killed one of his puppets.

Now where were they headed? Back into the hellish rocks of depressed black? Back into that horrible place with closed eyes and infinite sadness?

Deidara didn't think he could rescue Sasori from there twice, especially if he was the one who put him there for a repeat visit.

Oh, shit.

What did I do?

"Um, maybe I should go, un…" he whispered tentatively.

"Ah…wait, no…no, don't go…"

"No, no, I…I think I really should, un…" With the guilt sopping up all of his energy, Deidara slunk out of Sasori's room and back to his own.

Left alone, Sasori stared at the ruined puppet, thinking.


Dei passed the morning by, huddled in his room, hating himself. Oh, what did he do? What did he do? Had he brought them back into that hell hole again? Had he? Did he pull them back into those goddamn shadows? He was so afraid of those shadows…and he was afraid for Sasori being back in those shadows.

Oh, he was so afraid of those shadows.

After several more hours of worry and fear, his sticky silence was broken by a tapping at his door.



It was Sasori…

Misery crawling through his veins, the bomber buried his head under a pillow, trying to deaden the knocking at the door and the guilt and the pounding inside his skull.


I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, un.

But he couldn't ignore that voice. He would never be able to ignore that voice. Not ever… "Sasori no Danna, un? I'm in here…"

"Yes, and I want you out here."

"…Why, un?"

"I…I want to pick some flowers."



Grudgingly, Deidara emerged and followed a regal Sasori outside into a grassy field close by.

"Danna, there aren't any flowers here, un." He noted, scanning the grass. "There's only dandelions…"

Sasori bent, plucking a tall one from the earth, "Well, I like dandelions."

"But…it's just a weed."

He looked up at the puzzled blonde. "Dei-chan, it is not just a weed. It's a yellow flower…"

"A yellow…flower, un?"

"Yes. Here, come back with me." Sasori turned, still grasping the dandelion, and began the walk back to the base.

"Um…okay, un."

I will follow you anywhere.


Safely back inside, Sasori opened his door for them, and murmured, "See?"

"See what? Oh…!"

A new puppet sat propped up, a replacement for the one Deidara had blown apart. It had clear blue eyes and a slightly feminine (but not quite) build, along with a scratched out Iwa headband around its forehead. Most prominently though, a pair of elegant wings sprouted from its back, every feather intricately carved.

Deidara was struck wordless, but Sasori stepped forward, admiring his work. "Not bad, I think."

"No…" Dei said slowly, "Not at all, un…"

"But, I don't have any golden colored yarn yet." The puppet master continued, "So, this will have to do until I can get some." He tucked the dandelion behind its ear, and rejoined the bomber. "Do you see it, Dei-chan?"

"Is it supposed to be…me, un?"

Sasori smiled, "I like it much better, actually, than the one you, ah, blew up."


His guilt went lighter, and he could feel it swiftly evaporating from his shoulders.

"I'm really feeling better now, you know?" The Akasuna went on, his eyes proving it as they glowed with life. "Do you know why, Dei-chan?"

"Why, Danna?"

"It's because you never left me alone long enough for me to get lost… It's because you wouldn't let me push you away when I wanted to…and Dei-chan?"


"It's because you're my guardian angel…"

A winged puppet from Iwa with a golden flower, not a weed, on its head.

A guardian angel Deidara.


Danna, un?

Don't ever leave me again, okay?