Chapter 2

Job interviews

Draco left the manor in search of a job. His first stop was in a muggle restaurant called MacDonald's. draco walked in the restaurant and looked around. He spotted someone telling someone what to do. Draco walked over there and tapped the guy on the shoulder.

"what?" he asked irrated.

"are you the manager?"


Draco looked relieved.

"I'm draco malfoy I'm here on a job interview."

The man looked draco up and down.

"I know I don't look like much. But I can work the cash register." said draco looking up hopefully.

The man shook his head. "naw. But I'll give you ten dollars if you come by my house and do a little something."

Draco raised an eyebrow.

"you want me to clean your house? I don't even clean my house."

The manager looked at him confused.

"um,no. what I meant was for you to comeā€¦.."

The manager started to whisper and make gestures that didn't make any sense.

"mr.manager guy! I am not some sort of hooker!" draco punched the guy in the face and walked off. "I don't wanna work at your restaurant anyway."

Draco was looking at the list of jobs. Next was burger king. 'I assume this is another restaurant.'

draco walked in the crowded restaurant an looked around. He looked at some little kid and his mother. Deciding to start a conversation he walked over.

"what are you eating?" he asked curiously.

"his eating a whopper." answered his mother. "wanna be his dad." the lady wiggled her eyebrows and draco back away before running into the bathroom.

"why does people keep trying to get me to sleep with them." draco looked around the room and in the mirror. "is it my clothes?"

He was wearing a shirt that said 'sexy never left come and get it'. his pants fitted perfectly. He looked at the shirt again and raised an eyebrow. He looked out of the window and saw a little girl wearing the same shirt. She walked past the manager of macdonalds and he completely ignored her.

'if it's not the clothes what is it?' draco walked out the door and picked up a news paper. There was a club called 'get what you came for (gwycf)' draco decided that he was going to go see if he could get a job. He walked there and It was half crowded with half drunk men with terrible jobs.

Draco walked over to the counter and sat down. The man next to him was looking at him lustfully. Draco was sipping on some gin when he felt something touch his thigh. Draco looked down and saw a hand he followed the arm and saw the man.

"sir," draco moved the mans hand with an attitude. "I am a boy!" he said angerliy.

Draco made to walk away but the man grabbed him.

"wanna work here sexy?"

Draco nodded his head. "what do I have to do?" asked draco happily.

"you have to dance, sing, and do what the customers ask."

Draco nodded. "when do I start?"


Draco rushed home to tell Dumbledore that he had got a job.