Dragon of Time: Good day gentle beings, Time here with an update

Dragon of Time: Good day gentle beings, Time here with an update. Hopefully this comes out as well as some of my other works, so please feel free to review and criticize. So lets get the ball rolling and remember, I don't own Naruto nor anything connected to it, sadly.


Chapter 1: Naruto Reborn

Kakashi was defiantly not having a good day. First, his teams c-rank mission got bumped to A and then this battle with Zabuza. After being defeated, all he could do was watch as Sakura was beaten defending Tazuna, who had fled, as Sasuke was seriously injured and finally as Naruto was killed.

This was just not his day.

The three surviving members of team 7 were grouped together as Zabuza was joined once more by Haku. Looking down on him, Zabuza said "I thought you would have been more of a challenge Kakashi but I was wrong. You didn't even serve as a good warmup."

He dispelled his hidden mist jutsu, once more revealing the bridge…and Gatos armed men.

The shrimp (Gato) said "Ah, Zabuza, so nice seeing you doing your job but sadly I forgot to mention the end of our contract before you left. Enjoy you excape."

Signaling his men to move forward he continued "As well as terminating our contract, I'll keep the pink haired brat and that bitch who broke my arm, it'll be so fun to break them."

Zabuza was pissed. Not only was Gato stabbing him in the back but he dare threaten Haku, his family. He couldn't move as Gato's men slowly moved forward with girns on their faces. Out of a sudden those same grins turned to expressions of fear and surprise.

Zabuza and Kakashi, realizing that the men's faces were not looked at them but at something behind them, turned around.

Kakashi let his jaw hit the ground with a resounding thump. Zabuza dropped his sword.

For right there the pincushion, I mean, Naruto was slowly rising to his feet surrounded in bright gold chakra.

As he stood to his full height, which seemed to have changed because his pants only reached to midway down his shins, the eyes opened to reveal golden orbs mixed with blue, replacing his normal azure eyes.

With that came a burst of gold chakra which tore of his ruined shirt and pants, leaving him only with his boxers. Haku, the only conscious female present, couldn't help but drool.

This kid was either a god incarnate or chipped out of the finest stone. His perfectly tanned skin glowed in the sun. What caught Kakashi off guard was his students physique.

The blond he knew was like a regular genin, he did not have much muscle to show off but that had changed for now his student looked like a professional weight lifter. His muscles stood taught and bulged, like if he had been that way for years. They looked to have been made of glistening steel. (A/N: Think paladins in Warcraft just on a smaller scale and you get a better picture. I suck at descriptions sometimes.)

Naruto slowly began to step forward and once more did he shock all present. For his aura of golden chakra expanded into a golden wave and began to condense on him. Golden pants that appeared to be loose fitting combat pants came first followed by what appeared to be golden combat boots with steel toes. Then came a simple gold shirt followed by a gold jacket just like Naruto's older one just open at the front. On Naruto's hand there came to be gold fingerless combat gloves. As a surprise, the blonde's headband had stayed in place and its cloth turned golden in color. Finally came armor such as shoulder, shin, and forearm guards, also gold in color. Lastly two swords appeared in golden sheaths of solidified energy.

Naruto began to take up speed as he approached Gatos men. He drew both swords from the sheaths, revealing the shining steel of the blades.

He started running and zoomed past Zabuza and Kakashi. Kakashi tried to stop him but it was to late for Naruto had reached Gatos men and slahed down with his swords. The man being attacked lifted his own sword to guard…just to die in exploding blood as Narutos swords cut through the mans guard and his body included.

From that point on it was a slaughter. Man after man fell to Naruto's swordsmanship. Soon all that was left were ten men plus Gato. These ten men, seeing the ruin and mangled bodies of their comrades ran to the nearby boat followed by Gato, who was stopped by the sudden appearance of Naruto whom said "Fell the pain that you have caused Gato and enjoy you one way ticket to hell" the swords had been sheathed at some point and Naruto clenched his right fist which suddenly burst into flames as he yell "Hell Fire" slamming his fist into Gato.

Gato stumbled back and began yelling a horrifying yell as he started to burn sending a smell of burning flesh all around him. Calmly, Naruto stepped forward as the man burned and pushed him over the edge. As Gato fell, the screech intensified and was suddenly cut off with a loud splash.

Naruto turned around and stared at Kakashi, Zabuza, Haku and the newly arrived villagers. They stared at the bodies that now surrounded the golden blonde. All he said was:



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