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Summary: The Yondaime survived sealing the Kyuubi, and he sent Naruto out of Konoha under the protection of an Erotic Novelist, Chronic Gambler and aspiring Godaime Hokage. Now at the age of twelve, Naruto and his foster family return.

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Long ago, a demon fox with nine tails existed, outliving the oldest of humans. With one swing of a tail it would cause earthquakes and destroy mountains. With another, a tsunami would initiate or volcanoes could erupt. To counter the Kyuubi, Ninjas gathered to fight it. But none could match its power.

For reasons unknown, the nine tailed fox- king of the tailed demons, Kyuubi, had set its sights on a hidden ninja village that was still recovering from the third ninja war. The village hidden in the leaves, Konoha. The death toll was enormous, and it had been rising in count with every passing second.

"Hold it here until the Yondaime arrives!" roared an injured Jounnin as he whipped his head up to face the red demonic mass in front of him. He wiped his forehead clean of blood and sweat before running full pelt, and becoming no more than a blur of dark green in his attempt to occupy the powerful monster fox. Another ninja was thrown back a few meters away from his comrade.

"Don't let it get any closer to the village!" He shouted, as he felt his head spin for a moment. He corrected his movements, caught his breath, and leapt back up to clash with the beast.

The strongest of all the ninja the Yondaime (Fourth) Hokage - sealed the Kyuubi in a battle to the death. By doing so he created an impossibly bright light which fazed through the Kyuubi, enlightening the night's red brilliant sky.

But his technique failed.

Dying on the battle field, the Yondaime Hokage of Konohagakure lay by the tremendously large toad Gamabunta- The head of the toad summons. The Yondaime's blond hair which normally defied gravity somewhat was plastered onto his forehead in sweat, and he was flat on his back with his flame-designed white coat lying in an undignified heap next to him, beside two medical ninja, who were fruitlessly attempting to heal his wounds.

"You really screwed up this time, Minato." The toad said piteously before bowing his head in respect.

"Rin… Hiniateru… You can't heal this…" The blond Hokage said, his words were meant to protect them, even so close to his own death. "You have to let me go."

Rin glared directly at her teacher's broken body, her hands outstretched in and covered in an effervescent glowing light.

"Rin… I'll tell Obito how you feel when I see him in the other world." He muttered softly as Gamabunta puffed away with no more chakra to bind it to the Earth. The glaring stopped, and the light vanished. Hiniateru, the pregnant Hyuuga stared at the blond Hokage for a moment. Half out of incredulity and half out of pity. Pity for the Hokage whose eardrums might explode from the soon to be yelling Medic-Nin... Who was about to explode with anger, and incredulity for him wanting to die in such a fashion.

"You idiot Namikaze!" Rin shouted furiously, "in situations like these, I'm the boss!" Her voice deepened into a growl, "now, shut up. If you don't- Hokage or not- you'll die faster!" The Yondaime shrank away as Hiniateru felt a sweat drop slide down her face.

'I'd better not get on the wrong side of Rin…' the white eyed woman thought with worry as she began subconsciously inching away from the volatile medic-nin.

"Hinia-chan, have you got enough chakra to keep going?" Rin asked her softly, her eyes on her sensei's heaving chest. His breathing was slowing down.

"I'm okay Rin. I can keep going." Hiniateru confirmed, placing her hands above the Hokage's bruised abdomen. Rin stiffened as she felt a familiar presence behind Hiniateru.

"No. You can't." A cold voice came from behind her.

"Tsunade?" Rin spoke aloud in wonder. She caught herself quickly, and shook her head to remove all traces of awe. Tsunade was a famous medical ninja, she was Rin's idol. Rin's deep auburn hair settled on her shoulders and she gave Tsunade a set glare. "And your point being here is…?"

"Well, Sarutobi-Sensei asked me to help him keep these Ninjas alive." The voice replied, her cool tone now had a hint of mirth.

Rin restrained her pride for the moment. Who better to look after her teacher, the man she respected the most, than the legendary medical ninja?

"Help him; I'm starting to lose it here anyway…" Rin said, her piercing hazel eyes focusing on Tsunade's very own.

"Starting? Rin- you've always lost it. When you were made Minato's subordinate he must have dropped you on your head in the bell test…" The blond carried on casually. Tsunade wasn't just any ninja. She was a medical ninja with "Inhuman Strength", perfect Chakra control and self-healing… She could heal any wound. Remove any poison. And she could do it fast.

"Uhh, Tsunade, how did you get here so fast?" The Hyuuga interjected, stopping the oncoming fight. "Last I heard you were in Southern Wind Country."

"Jiraiya summoned his fastest summon, Gamashabu (Quick Toad) to get me here. He's conferring with Sarutobi. I'm here to stabilise the conditions of the Ninja that have been wounded." She said, answering all possible questions that could have branched off from a short answer. "Help the others." She paused. "…Hiniateru, is it true that pregnancy holds back the mother's Byakuugan?"

"Yes, otherwise I'd have been of more help today." The Hyuuga replied softly, "so far all I've done is get in your way."

"This is true." Tsunade said in her un-restrained and matter-of-fact way. "Oh well, support Rin's medical jutsu while I focus on the Hokage." The two ninja left slowly, with Rin throwing dark looks at Tsunade, and Hiniateru dragging her slightly so they could do their duty.

"So Minato, lets see what's wrong here…" Tsunade said briskly forming some hand seals, then pushing an even amount of Chakra through his body.

"Naruto!" The Hokage hollered in realisation, jolting up. "I forgot about him!"

Tsunade gave him one of her trademarked looks of disdain. "What the hell are you talking about Namikaze? Ramen at a time like this?"

"No, the baby! Uzumaki Naruto! The only way to defeat Kyuubi… I sealed it inside Naruto." He said quietly, his voice dropping down to a whisper. "Why am I alive?"

"You were dying. But I brought you back." Tsunade said, intentionally neglecting to mention the others who healed him. His words quickly registered in her head. "You were meant to die?"

"I had summoned the Shinigami to take my soul in order to destroy the Kyuubi's physical body! Its spiritual form was then transferred to Naruto!"

"Then… What went wrong?"

"I don't know… Wait. Where's Kushina?" Yondaime asked suddenly his tone urgent.

"Kushina? The Whirlpool ninja? Kushina?" Tsunade asked carefully.

"Yes, we… We're engaged- Where is she?" Minato sputtered, as he felt a red tinge creep up his neck.

"Really?!" Tsunade questioned in amazement… Unwittingly placing more chakra than necessary into the technique she was forming.

"Tsunade pay attention!" The Yondaime said loudly, through gritted teeth.

"Hmm, well what do you know? The added Chakra seems to have healed your wound."

Tsunade said thoughtfully, "even though it isn't visible I can't be sure. Head to the hospital, I'll deal with a few of the wounded here on the battlefield first."


"I don't know where she is. Careful, your blood is spilling out."

"But Tsunade," Minato said softly, putting his beloved aside for now "what about your Haemophobia?"

"… Well… I can't be afraid of it forever. And I can't just let everyone die now can I?" She said slowly, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'll look around for Kushina too. Just go to the hospital and I'll see you there soon."

"Okay. Hey, Tsunade... Can I go and see Jiraiya before we go to the hospital?"

"Jiraiya's with Saru-Sensei. See him later..."

"... You're not the boss of me."

"You want to test that theory, Hokage-teme?"

It was late at night, and at Konoha's only hospital, the Hokage was getting down to business…

"Ugh, Yondaime, control yourself!"

"Ah… Why are you making this so hard for me woman?!"

"Unh! Stop… Right, there!

"Please… I'm so close!"

"Please! Right stay there!" The woman growled then pushed the blonde Hokage back into his hospital bed, "STAY RIGHT THERE! I know there are a lot of things you have to do- or think you have to, but you almost died. Stay still. Stay in bed… Or I promise you… This will not be as pleasant a stay as you'd like."

Following all the commotion came a minute of uncomfortable silence. The Medic-Nin in front of the Yondaime was in her early twenties, and had bubblegum-pink hair. She had a pale face, which had now been dislodged by an angry pink. A call echoed through the hall: "Nurse Haruno!"

"What?" The pink haired Medic-Nin called back angrily, her Inner-Haruno yelling a 'Hell Yeah!' in her head as she struggled to compose herself.

"Don't you 'What?' me Harienju!" Tsunade scolded; Harienju Haruno blushed and stepped back. "There's a new set of patients in the hospital. I'd like you to take them each to a room. I've already stabilised their health, they just need a week or two to let the healing settle."

"Yes Tsunade-sama!" Harienju said, saluting.

"Uhh… Harienju? How's your baby been? I heard you recently procreated with some civilian." Tsunade asked curiously. She had heard of Haruno's skill with basic medical techniques, and she was certainly impressed. Not just anyone could be a medical ninja.

"Little Sakura's fine. I had here taken out of Fire country by her father when we heard of Kyuubi's oncoming assault…" She replied vaguely.

"Good to hear it, Harienju. It'd be a shame to lose a future medic." Tsunade replied sweetly, turning back to Minato. Haruno stared dumbly at Tsunade's back for a moment before realising the conversation was over, and leaving to do as she was asked.

"Sarutobi-Sensei are you sure you want this to happen?" asked a tall white haired man. He was adorning a red ninja suit and a Hitai-ate that read: "Oil." The white haired man continued talking with an older man. "I mean, we've lost many valuable ninja today! If Tsunade and I leave then you won't have anyone strong enough to fight off rival villages. Every Hidden Village knows about the Kyuubi's attack. They won't have any qualms in slaughtering Konoha in our absence!" He took a deep calming breath. "Have you thought this through?"

The ninja who the white haired man referred to as Sarutobi nodded. "Jiraiya, it is time that you realise something. You cannot remain here forever. As one of the legendary Sannin you have a duty to become stronger than me! And as I no longer have the paperwork of a Hokage weighing me down, I can train as well. By travelling with the boy and Tsunade you could grow more as a ninja than you do here." He paused and thought for a moment. "I expect you back in around twelve years. This is your briefing. An ongoing S-class mission to discover exactly what Orochimaru had planned around Uzumaki Naruto."

"Planned?" Jiraiya asked; his expression grim. One of his eyebrows raised in an expression of confusion. 'What could Orochimaru-rori (paedophile) want with Naruto?'

"You don't know?" His sensei asked with surprise. "Haven't you wondered who his parents are?" His voice was incredulous. 'I hope he sees the link…'

"Naruto is Minato's son. I named the boy, and it's only logical the Minato would seal it into his son. The blond hair… The strength of chakra…" Jiraiya reasoned with himself carefully. 'I would have noticed a genjutsu, but it's never really been my strongest point.' He sighed while rubbing his head.

"… He's not his son. Technically, he's yours, Tsunade's, mine, Orochimaru's and Minato's relative." Sarutobi listed, counting off his fingers.

"… EH!?" Jiraiya exploded with questions, "I swear Sarutobi, I've always used protection!"

"Calm yourself…" Sarutobi said, trying to relax his pupil for a moment. When Jiraiya wouldn't quieten down, the Sandaime tried one last thing. "Oi. Shut up Toad-Licker." Jiraiya opened his mouth to retort angrily then gave him a look of disgust.

"I hate that insult…" He muttered with chagrin, "Explain Sensei."

"Naruto… Is like Tenzou, Orochimaru's experiment with the Shodaime (First) Hokage's DNA. Except Naruto was created in a series of experiments using aspects from our DNA, and we found the result- The Uzumaki boy- in a passage way leading from one of Orochimaru's old laboratories."


A group of three ninjas ran through the under passages and sewers of Konohagakure, Sarutobi in the middle had summoned Chakra to his feet so no noise would be heard from the water, while two ANBU ran on the grimy walls. "We're closing in on Orochimaru, stay alert. Tsunade and Jiraiya won't be here to back us up this time." Sarutobi said to alert them of the seriousness of the situation. The two ANBU nodded and slowed down to let the Sandaime take the lead, as he slowed his sprint to a walk. He pushed open the door and the ANBU charged in ahead of him.

Sarutobi stepped through the frame, and into the room. He looked around at the walls- Covered with books and lethal potions. He then looked towards his genius pupil who had slain an ANBU without batting an eyelid. Sarutobi stared deep into his student's snake-like eyes. They showed surprise. The former Hokage thought back on his training with a frown and rebuked himself in his head.

'Eyes. Eyes that had malice and ambition. I knew that he had those eyes within him. I knew, and I pretended not to notice. It was still an era of war and he was strong. A genius with potential. A once in a decade genius. That's why I wanted to believe he would inherit my strength and will. The will of fire. But my optimism created that; and this situation.' He had thought, before making the Ram hand seal. He channelled Chakra through his body, waiting for the Sannin to make a move.

Orochimaru stared at him for a moment, before anger flashed through him. He gave a glare of pure loathing and muttered: "Are you going to kill me Sensei?" Sarutobi began by biting his thumb.

'Boar, Dog, Monkey, Bird, Sheep. Come forth Enma.' "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Sandaime called in response, his jaw set in resolution. A plume of smoke burst next to him which revealed the white-furred monkey king Enma. The ANBU at his side gave a start; he brought his hand to his Kunai. Orochimaru eyed Enma with indifference. His piercing gaze turned back to his mentor.

"But can you do that?" He rasped, his eyes widened in a moment of insanity as he rushed forward. He made a fleet of hand seals and pushed Chakra outwards.

'… Tiger. Ox. Dog. Rabbit. Snake?!' Sarutobi thought quickly, he recognised the seals and protected himself from one of Orochimaru's strongest wind techniques. The Hokage pressed his chakra onto his skin making it as tough as steel for a moment, which turned a potential mortal wound, into a paper cut. The remaining ANBU next to him was cut to pieces by the chakra filled gust and the books and chemicals on the walls were ripped and blown up- Stopping them from finding what Orochimaru had been researching. The Snake-Eyed ninja flitted with intensive speed past his Jounnin-Sensei and stopped at the door.

Enma watched the Sandaime freeze up; he decided to wake up his summoner. "Kill him Sarutobi!" He roared in anger, "Now is your only chance!" Orochimaru's head turned slightly, to watch the actions of the aging ninja. He did nothing. The snake-user smirked as he felt Sarutobi's eyes on him.

'The weak minded fool! I'll tear him and Konoha apart in our next meeting!' He thought savagely, as the Sandaime pictured Orochimaru's younger self in the psychopath's place. A smiling genius Gennin looked up at him. A Gennin whose smiles didn't reach his eyes.

He ran fast through the sewer not bothering to hide his sound, as Sarutobi let out a shuddering sigh. He felt moisture gather in his eyes, and turned away from Enma. "…Sarutobi."

"I couldn't kill him." He choked on 'kill' and felt himself walking forward in a daze. Enma looked at him with worry then let out a sigh. "Call on me if you need me Saru." He disappeared in a plume of grey smog and left the elderly ninja alone in the laboratory. Sarutobi looked around and over at the table lit up in the centre of the room.

The Sandaime steadied himself, and moved his bloody hand from the table. He yanked his hand away when he felt electricity running through his fingers and watched as an invisible seal became visible. A snake's head in the darkness opened, revealing a cave-like-hole into the next room.

He was glaring dangerously at the room in front of them. It was… Another corridor. This meant more walking and suspense. Sarutobi cursed Orochimaru's name.

"I knew he was evil… But this? Orochimaru has disappointed me." Sarutobi sighed, rubbing the side of his head. He did not want to walk all day. He was already tired enough. 'I'm gettin' to old for this shit.' He thought with a groan. 'Ram… Snake… Tiger…' "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" he said distantly, giving the clone orders to go to the Yondaime to alert him of what he had found. 'Who knows what he could have left waiting in the depths of Konohagakure.'

Sarutobi frowned slightly and opened the door, slowly. 'It's rusted over, and the movements are slow and heavy. It seems Orochimaru hasn't been here in a while.' He pushed the door forwards and opened it up, only to have a pungent smell crawl up his nostrils. Two words that matched the stench sprang immediately to his mind while his eyes adjusted to the new lighting in the room. 'Blood, death.'

End Flashback

"As I continued down the passage, I found..." The Sandaime's voice broke momentarily. "Machines filled with monstrous creations, and people. All dead. Except for one woman who was huddled in a corner."

"Who was it sensei?"

"She was an unidentified villager; and she was pregnant. Apparently Orochimaru was experimenting on her with some form of a technique, but he corrupted her memory to stop the Yamanaka Clan from learning his secrets." Sarutobi paused in a way that made Jiraiya believe he was just attempting to gather suspense.

"She went through a twisted, unnatural pregnancy. Naruto had already been growing in the womb for one year once I had found her. She was pregnant for two years in total. It was a cruel and terrible ordeal. The labour went quickly. Naruto was out in such a short amount of time, that her body went into shock from the sudden change. It seemed like a poison or illness in her body was some how initiated the second Naruto was born. She died with what looked like a cursed seal, after having many convulsions and problems with each key organ. She had passed on only minutes later."

Jiraiya and Sarutobi were now seated in the office, with the former ninja poking a small blond baby in the forehead.

"Act your age Jiraiya." Sarutobi said dryly before taking Naruto out of the man's large hands.

"Fine… So you were talking about Naruto's DNA?" Jiraiya said with the utmost seriousness he could muster.

"Yes- there are many unusual features that are all too similar to the traces of DNA that Konoha has of its' past Hokage. Naruto holds a relation to the Shodaime, Nidaime, myself and the Yondaime Hokage. This means that he theoretically could become one of the strongest ninja we ever produce. Combining that with the fact that he holds the Kyuubi, and you can see that Naruto has potential greater than anyone."

"I see. It's all coming together, in a place that's not here." Jiraiya said dryly, "Sarutobi-sensei, you should look at Naruto as a baby rather than a business investment. I think it's time you stepped down from active duty in Konoha's office, and entered an advisory capacity."

Sarutobi looked surprised for a moment, and then he let loose a chuckle that made Jiraiya grin sheepishly.

"I meant no disrespect, Old man." At this, the ancient ninja known to enemies as the "God of all ninja" only laughed harder.

The two men had gathered themselves together, and were now sitting at the table with sake in hand. The baby Naruto lay asleep in his crib.

"So what actions are you going to carry out? Other than Tsunade and I taking him away for Konoha for protection." Jiraiya asked curiously. 'I bet the old man's thought up some crazy scheme to keep Naruto safe.'

"I have none. I trust that you and Tsunade will be able to prepare him for his eventual return to Konoha." Sarutobi said with a sly twinkle in his eye.

"Sandaime, Jiraiya-Sensei!" Called a voice from outside the Hokage's office. The door opened quickly and the Yondaime Hokage entered swiftly, followed by Tsunade.

"Sarutobi. Jiraiya." Tsunade said, nodding at them in greeting. Jiraiya suddenly felt nervous.

He had realised that when Sarutobi revealed that Tsunade and he were going to raise Naruto outside of Konoha together that she was going to have a very… Strong… Reaction.

"I'll be back soon; I'm going to check on the Council members' safety." Jiraiya said quickly, thinking of a feasible lie to get himself out of Tsunade's line of fire.

After all… When Tsunade has a strong reaction, you don't want to be around. The white haired perverted hermit leapt from the window frame and started on his way. He was a mile away from the Hokage Tower when he heard an explosion.


Jiraiya sighed with exasperation. "…"

'Yep.' He thought with an internal laugh, 'It's definitely better to be away from Tsunade when she has that kind of reaction. But then again, maybe the word 'strong' is too weak a word to describe one of Tsu-hime's monstrous bitch fits.'

A few hours and a ruined Hokage's office later...

They stood at the gates of Konoha. Some of the strongest ninja that the village had yet produced: Tsunade, her apprentice Shizune, and Jiraiya. Shizune was busy with a chakra control exercise (she was balancing a brick on the tip of her foot as well as one on the tip of her finger), Jiraiya was holding Naruto in an awkward fashion, and Tsunade was busy trying to think of ways to escape Jiraiya's presence. With Shizune and the baby, of course.

After all, 'that pervert couldn't be trusted with a baby.' She thought with narrowed eyes, before stepping on his left foot and yanking the baby roughly from his arms. Jiraiya glared at her before pulling an arm back, ready to punch her for the uncalled assault when he was 'rudely interrupted'.

"Tsunade! Jiraiya! Shizune!" The three looked up, only to face the current Hokage. The Yondaime (Fourth). The blond man looked at Jiraiya's raised fist and shook his head slowly. The white haired hermit gave him a look of loathing before growling at him.

"She started it!" The old man whined pitifully. Tsunade gave him a look promising more pain and muttered something that sounded akin to 'oh great, you told mommy on me.'

"She might have started it, but I'm finishing it." The Yondaime replied with an audible sigh.

"Are you trying to boss me around brat?" He said angrily, incredulity was mixed in somewhere along the line.

"Pretty much, Ero-Sensei." Minato said, already bored. Jiraiya grumbled back something that sounded a lot like 'I hate that kid…' and the Hokage smiled sincerely.

"Sandaime and I have finished discussing the situation of Naruto's upbringing. We have written out this scroll for you to look at while you're out on the road. It's all for the best, we think. We want him back in time for his Gennin exams, so don't take too long. It would be preferable if he came back beforehand, so he could build relationships with his age group. If he did that, he'd obviously be better off but I would understand if you would want as much time with him as possible." He finished his monologue with a knowing smirk that quite frankly, scared Jiraiya and Tsunade. Shizune on the other hand looked delighted.

There seemed to be only one stream of thought through her head…

'Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies. Babies.'

The mantra went through her head until she inwardly squealed at one thought. 'Baby in ninja clothing. Cute!'

Shizune's thoughts then strayed from the baby that they would be travelling with, to the lessons she would begin with Jiraiya, as well as Tsunade from now. As she watched the unfolding scene around her, (Jiraiya shaking his fist at his ex-pupil, who was openly laughing at him with Tsunade) she began to have second thoughts about convincing them to let her receive more training.


"Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-sama… I would like to further my training as a Ninja." Shizune said as though she were finalising her thoughts by saying them aloud.

"Yeah? And how do you want to do that?" Jiraiya said absentmindedly.

"I want to do that by… By studying under both of your teachings!" She said with determination.

"Shizune? What is the meaning of this?" Tsunade said with authority. "As a medical ninja you will need to be focused on one teaching!"

"Tsunade-sama… I am not saying that you are a bad teacher, after all you've taught me everything I know! You've taught me well enough for me to know how to pursue my dreams… Which I now know…" She trailed off, her eyes scrunching together.

Jiraiya and Tsunade shared a questioning look with each other before turning back to her.


"I want to be Hokage one day!" Shizune finished, her dark eyes opened; onyx eyes that normally held a friendly glow, and softness. They now burned with determination. "And to do that… I'll have to not only know the medical ninjutsu that you specialise in Tsunade-sama, but I will also need to know the ninjutsu of another master, like Jiraiya-sama! I don't just want to heal people… I want to protect them, so they won't ever have to be healed in the first place!"


The dark haired Ninja looked upon her new sensei and her other sensei (she had learned to never say or even think 'old' while she was around Tsunade) and she knew that one day she would be able to become the Hokage.

Shizune had unwittingly set many paths of fate into motion. Because of a simple step towards a dream, she had changed the possible outcome of the lives of many. The sixteen year old bowed to the Hokage duo that stood at the gate, and proceeded to follow her masters through open gates of Konoha, and past the Kyuubi's injury to the countryside. She had so far managed to keep to the speed her new mentors set, which in itself was an incredible feat.

Jiraiya looked down at the scroll given to him and his eyes flickered to the bright red seal at the bottom that was "Sandaime" in kanji. It looked oddly like a stamp. Jiraiya inwardly smirked 'that lazy ass, he can't even be bothered to write his name anymore.' He then read the scrolls contents and his eyes widened in astonishment. He began to fully appreciate the Yondaime and Sandaime's brilliance when he read of their plan. He then traded with Tsunade and held the baby while she read the scroll.

Tsunade had more or less guessed what they would try to do, and she knew that if she were in their shoes that she would do the same. The Yondaime would spout off a story to the village about how he had a child month before the attack and how he had sent him away for his own protection. The Hokage would then give them various pieces of ninja information about 'near misses' with other village's attempted assassinations. He would pass all the news he gave of Naruto onto his caregivers so if they met with any Konoha-nin, they would be able to act the part. Tsunade stopped reading and tossed it to her student who she knew would be interested.

Shizune then read about what Naruto should have learned in terms of jutsu, history and knowledge. The Yondaime wanted Naruto to learn the basics of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Medical Jutsu. He wanted top levels of chakra control as well as knowledge of the past Hokage. He wanted complex ninja strategies taught to Naruto, along with knowledge of famous Bloodline limits, anatomy and basic psychology. She grew a bit worried. Surely the Hokage were asking a lot. 'But then again… Naruto will be expected to know these things. He will be the Hokage's one and only son. And even though no one will know it, he is the container of the Kyuubi, and he will be capable of using incredible power.'