Lance Alvers was to say a word, pissed. I can't believe that she'd leave me for that furry little UNGHHHH!.

He then noticed the object of his ire. "Kitkat!" he growled at his image of love/lust, as she just turned her head and approached Kurt.

"Keety, it's so good seeing you." Said the little fuzzball as he had the nerve to put his hand around Lance's woman.

His mind just left as his feet swiftly carried him towards the two.


Kurt's mind couldn't register Lance running towards him, until he felt the impact of Lance's fist the the unmistakable feeling of flying. Kurt could hear Kitty yelling at Lance, but it sounded like she was in a well, like a hollow echo.


Kitty slapped Lance, yelled for Rouge to get the principle. She then noticed that Kurt's eyes was starting to roll into the back of his head. "Kurt! Wake up."


Kurt was flying over a field of daisies, looking over at a lovely chestnut haired angel. She motioned to him, with a come here motion with her finger, he flew towards her only to be blinded by a white light. "Kurt wake up." Kitty said as she shined a flashlight into his eyes. Dr. McCoy, looked down at the blue haired mutant and asked. "Mr. Wagner, how are you feeling?"

"Did you get the number of that truck?" Asked Kurt as he felt his temple.

"Yeah, Prick number 1." They shared a chuckle as Loki came in and curled up on Kurt's chest.

"Hello there O.F." Kitty had a puzzled look on her face as Kurt said that.

"Other Fuzzy, since I'm the first Fuzzy, he'll be the other fuzzy one."

"Okay.... so do you want to know what happened after Lance sucker punched you?"



As soon as Rogue and Kitty put Kurt into the van to be driven home, Lance showed up again. "Kitty we have some unfinished busin.... OOOFFF!" Lance's sentence was cute off as Rouge placed the toe of her boot into his crotch (at about 40 miles per hour.) Lance's eyes rolled into the back of head, not in the way that his powers kicking in does to him. More like squealing like a pig in a blender set on puree.

Rouge then in a calm manner, entered the van. While heading back to the Manson, Kitty had to ask. "Did you have to rear back that far?"

"Any one who messes with my brother, messes with me."



"Kurt, I feel like I shouldn't subject you to this. So I'm going to tell you that, I feel that we shouldn't keep up the charade. I don't want to see you hurt again."

"But Lance will bother you more. I think we should keep it up. I just need to keep a look out for flying fists."

"If you insist. So 'boyfriend' I say we go out for ice cream."

"Kurt's is good to go if you two promise that he won't get hurt again today." Said Dr. McCoy as he added some notes to Kurt's file.

"Dr. McCoy would you mind watching Loki?" Said Kitty.

"Sure, as long as I don't have to change his litter box."


Kurt and Kitty headed to the mall for some ice cream. As they walked through the door, they ran into Scott and Jean.

"Hey guys, how are you feeling Kurt?"

"I'm fine. We're going out for ice cream."

"Last I heard, Lance is trying out for the all boys soprano choir."

They all laughed at that.


Kurt and Kitty both took seats in the food court. Kurt took a lick of his cone and got cherry chocolate chip ice cream on his nose. Kitty leaned over to wipe off his nose when Lance showed up again. "Kitty." His voice was high pitched

Kitty and Kurt just started to laugh, and Lance shot them the bird and stormed off.

"Ok that voice is going to haunt me tonight." Said Kitty as she finished off her banana split.

Author's note. Here's another chapter while I sort out my writing style. Thanks for reading.