DH AN: I am here with another, sadly short, beginning to my sequel for Phantom Phases. This just sets up for the first real chapter. Enjoy Between The Roses, and the Prologue.

Between The Roses

Prologue : Songs and Love: Erik

Erik watched Raoul and Christine embrace from his hiding place and smiled. They are so happy together. How part of me wishes it would happen to me. A scowl somewhat covered his face. But that will never be. I feel music is the only love I will keep with me all of my days.

Erik snuck away silently, but not before seeing the viscount showing a small smile at the topic of the swordfight in the note. He sighed and feeling rested, began composing in his mind.

Love speaks in the silence
To those that never see
Who never realize they are lonely
Yet they remain
Only moments in love's time.

And with that another of the Phantom's songs took flight.

DH: Once again, I apologize for the short chapter. You will see the last part again. Next chapter the story really unfolds. Please leave a review.