Chapter 30

Chapter 30!!- A little Something to End it All

By- Eruva

A few months after arriving in the future, Sirius was completely settled. He lived with the siblings, occasionally spending the night at Hogwarts with Remus. The four of them were always together during the full moon. Harry and Sirius were working with Fred and George, while Hermione spent her time substituting for a near by muggle school. Remus was called back to be the Defense teacher, much to the joy of the older students.

Currently Sirius Black was pacing around the room he shared with Harry trying to think of how exactly he should work it. He had the small velvet box in his hands, trying to think of ways to ask the question he'd be dying to ask forever. When he heard a chuckle he turned his head. "What might you be worrying about?" Hermione asked him. "You already know his answer…."

"I don't know…." Sirius admitted, sitting down on the bed.

"You know he's not big on romance or anything, so, I don't see why you're worried. Just do what you always do." She said sitting down next to him.

"Wing it, you mean?" Sirius asked smirking.

"Why not? He'll love you either way," Hermione to him.

"Of course I will," Harry said stepping into the room.

"I think that's my cue." Hermione said walking out and giving Sirius a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Now. What is it that's gotten you all worried?" Harry asked sitting down behind Sirius and pulling the boy into his lap.

"Well…" Sirius started and closed his mouth. I guess I'll just wing it. He thought.

"Sirius, you always wing it!" Harry said while laughing before giving him a kiss on the neck.

"Hey! You're not supposed to be listening to my thoughts!"

"Well you didn't close the connection, so I couldn't help it."

"Oh well. I just wanted this to be different this time." Sirius said sincerely and turned around to face Harry. "I wanted to…."

"Oh, spit it out already!" Harry said while laughing at the nervous look on Sirius' face.

Sirius just laughed and held up the velvet box for Harry to see. "Would you do me the honors?"

Harry just smiled and opened the box. "But of course."

Sirius smiled and slipped the simple platinum band onto Harry's finger. "I think the world has finally righted itself."

When the next start of school year rolled around Harry, Hermione, Sirius and Remus strolled into Hogwarts early in the morning with their trunk trailing behind them. "I guess we always knew this was coming didn't we?" Harry asked with a smirk. "I mean, Remus teaching history finally gets ride of the ghost."

"Hermione teaching charms finally lets Flitwick retire." Remus continued..

"And the two of you get to drive the rest of the school crazy teaching defense." Hermione finished. "I guess it was the plan that Dumbledore set down."

"I guess it was." Sirius said with a smile.

With that he four of them stepped through into the great hall ready for whatever the world was going to throw their way.


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