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"Shit," I mumbled under my breath as the zipper on my jeans got stuck to the bottom of my shirt. I struggled to free it from the ripped threads, sighing as I headed out to my closet to find another top.

I had been in Forks for three weeks now, and hating every single minute of it. I was an east coast girl, that's where I belonged. My heart was in Boston but my body was stuck in this rainy town in Washington. If the weather wasn't enough to put me on Prozac, the mold growing on every living plant in this state could drive me away. Even the smell of the outdoors, the forest mixed with sleet and rain, made my stomach turn.

The only good thing about living here was that I was 5,000 miles away from my father. My parents divorced when I was ten, and my mother moved to the reservation of La Push here in Forks. My mother had family here, and she had property right on the water that was left for her in her great grandfather's will. She had lost the custody battle with my dad, causing her to leave me behind six years ago. I cried for months, knowing my life would be a living hell without my mother there to control my father's temper and rage.

My father was a big time defense lawyer in Boston, serving in only large televised cases, otherwise known as "big money". He was also a full time alcoholic. I was 12 when he first hit me. I came home from school, laughing and smiling to myself, after I had my first kiss from what I would call the hottest kid in junior high. Well, needless to say, my father was in the next room sleeping off a rather long night filled with Jack Daniels. The noise I made was too much for him to handle with his pounding headache, and I paid the price.

I was fifteen when I finally got the nerve to tell my mother I was being abused. After almost a year of fighting and trials, I was able to convince the courts that my father was not the man they thought he was. Of course, considering my father's standings in the Massachusetts justice system, he was excused from jail time. He was in some ways the Paris Hilton of Boston. I filed a restraining order against him, and flew out to Washington to live with my mother.

She was living by herself in a gorgeous three bedroom cottage right on the beach. It was up on a cliff, overlooking crashing waves below and followed the skyline for the entire First Beach here in La Push. My room had large bay windows, all overseeing the ocean and stretch of the sandy beach. It was located on the second highest of three cliffs. Our property was gated off, but kids still jumped from the other end of the cliffs down into the icy water below according to my mother. Apparently it was recreational sport for them.

"Addison! Addison!" My mother's strong voice called from the kitchen. "You're going to be late!"

I was off to meet Leah and Seth Clearwater. Their mother, Sue, had become good friends with my mother over the past six years she lived here. I had met both Seth and Leah once before, three years ago, when I came to visit my mother for the first and only time. Seth was young, no older than ten and Leah was in high school. Needless to say, my awkward teenage rebellion stage didn't fit in with either of their age groups. I was hoping things would be different this time, and my mother was convinced that Seth had some friends my age that I would get along with.

I took one last look in the mirror, examining myself before I headed out the door. I was pretty much your average sixteen year old. I had put on a little extra weight because of the stress that came along with my father's trials. My dark brown hair went to my shoulders, often pulled back in a bun or left down in curls. My skin was pretty clear, on the exception of a pimple or two around that time of the month. My eyes were brown as well, but strangely light, almost golden when they flickered in the sun. I was at a normal 5'6 height, and my legs were longer than average. It was the one thing I had going for me, long legs and perfect eyebrows, as my mother would say. Too bad they were covered in scars and bruises, not yet healed. My long jeans came down to my ankles, and my gray flip flops covered my feet. My newly found top was an olive color, three quarter sleeves, fit snug to my body.

"They're here, Addison!" I heard the screen door shut with a bang. "Addy!" My mother's piercing scream was enough to put anyone in a padded cell. Let's just say I'm not looking forward to waking up to that voice on school days.

"Jesus Christ, Mom," I muttered making my way down the stairs. "I'm here and deaf now, thanks," I stopped at the foot of the stairs, smiling sarcastically towards my mother. I turned my attention to Seth and Leah, who were now older, looking almost too old for their ages.

Leah was gorgeous; she really grew into her looks. She had dark skin and dark hair, beautiful light eyes, and she was long and lean. She stood in a pair of shorts and a tank top that hugged her figure perfectly. Seth was exceptionally tall, I would guess in the mid sixes, with large rips of muscles throughout his arms and stomach. His shoulders were broad and square, same with his chin, and he wore only a pair of khakis and flip flops.

"Hey Addison!" Seth beamed from ear to ear when he came up to greet me. I was a little surprised by his forwardness, my eyebrows rising slightly as he came up to give me a big hug. It was definitely a bear hug, almost cutting off my lungs as he held on tight. He stepped back still grinning and Leah gave me a smaller and softer (I was appreciative) hug.

"Hey guys, it's good to see you," I smiled in their direction and Leah relaxed and smiled back.

"You kids have fun," My mother chimed in and disappeared from our sight back to the kitchen.

"So," I started staring down at the floor. "What do you guys do around here?"

"Lots of stuff," Seth said excitedly. Leah rolled her eyes.

"Way to be specific, Seth," I laughed at her sarcastic comment. I knew Leah and I would hit it off, she seemed like she had an attitude problem, and that's exactly what I need. I headed for the door and Leah and Seth were on my tail.

"So, what's first on the agenda?" I asked, pulling down my sunglasses around my face. It was the start of summer here and the weather was surprisingly sunny.

"It's time to meet the boys." My eyes lit up at this sentence. Thanks for my sunglasses; they were clearly hidden out of view. So what if I was boy crazy, I was sixteen!

"Who are the boys?" I questioned apprehensively as we made our way down the rocky path to the beach.

"The protectors," Leah muttered. We had come to a halt and Seth was waving over four large boys, huge boys, almost men in my eyes. They all looked alike, dark russet skin, cropped black hair, and muscular. All I can see was muscles, as a matter of fact, as they made their way over to where we were standing. They were all shirtless, wearing only board shorts or cut off jeans and bare feet. As they approached I saw them come into view one by one.

Seth nodded towards me and I stepped forward taking my sunglasses off.

"Guys, this is Addison, she just moved here from Boston." The last boy was looking behind him, waving another guy to join us. I couldn't see either him or his friend, as his back was to me. "Addison, this is Jacob, Jared, and Quil."

The three boys came up to me and shook my hands with huge smiles on their faces. "It's nice to meet you guys," I smiled and exhaled, feeling relived from the tension I first felt.

"Earth to Paul," I heard Seth say as the fourth boy whipped his head around. I lifted my sunglasses, and matched his eyes with mine.

Three things all happened simultaneously. A breeze came blowing Paul's hair out of his eyes as his stare burned into my gaze. I felt myself shift uneasily as he continued gawking in my direction, and the boys to his right all seemed to watch Paul continue to stare and then look in absolute shock in my direction. His mouth made an "o" shape and he his brows furrowed. His eyes never left mine and I was becoming quite uncomfortable. I had to break the silence.

"What? Do I have something on my face?" I asked quickly, putting my hand up to my mouth. Paul said nothing, continuing to stare. I suddenly felt Leah yank my arm around to face her.

"C'mon, Addison, let's go." Her tone was icy when she spoke. I obeyed silently, wanting to get the hell out of the awkwardness.

"Leah, what the fuck," I whipped my head back to see Jacob right behind me, the first boy she introduced me to. He stared at Leah while I stared right at him. He finally met my gaze and smiled shyly.

"What the hell is your friend staring at?" My blood was boiling and I didn't even know why. I take after my father with rage issues, sometimes going into complete blackouts even, and this kid was getting on my nerves and quick.

"W-What?" He stuttered, almost unsure of what I asked.

"Why is your friend staring at me?" I looked back towards Paul, who was still giving me this pathetic wide-eyed glance as if I was a lost puppy. "Hey, Paul," My voice startled him out of his trance, his eyes going back to their normal size. "What's your fucking problem?" He looked surprised and Jacob closed in, blocking my view of him. He placed his hand on my forearm, holding it tightly.

"Addison, maybe you should leave," He said quietly, as if he didn't want me to hear. Before I even had a chance to respond back, Paul barged up on the other side of Jacob grabbing his shoulder roughly.

"Get your fucking hands off her," He growled and Jacob hesitantly took a step back towards Quil and Jared. He looked over at me again, and I stepped back from him crossing my arms at my chest. "Hey are you alright?" He asked me with so much concern in his voice, as if I was fragile, and the slightest touch would injure me. Boy was he wrong.

"Yeah," I didn't even know why I responded so timidly. When he was staring at me, something clicked; my words were screaming in my head to come out but my mouth wouldn't allow them too.

Leah suddenly was behind me again, grabbing at my waist. I spun to see her, and she had a huge smile on her face.

"What's so funny?" I asked her, skeptic.

"Nothing," She replied smugly, and it aggravated me. I threw my arms up in the air.

"What the hell is going on? I feel like I'm in the fucking Twilight Zone or something." I just shook my head and raced back up towards the rocky path. His deep, husky voice called out behind me.

"Can I walk you home?"

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