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Sleep Over
Chapter 1: Second of July

Two more days till the firework festival. Honestly, Naruto couldn't wait. He couldn't wait for those beautiful lights that seem to ignite the whole sky. He couldn't wait for the food the high schools have every year.

Standing by the windows, Naruto looked down at the children who were already playing with the fireworks. He smiled as he watched the little kids ran around and lighting tons of different kinds of fireworks. The blond took out his cell phone and decided to call his friends over for a little fun. He scroll down until he stopped at a person's number. Naruto pushed the number and held it up to his ears, hearing the ring.

There was shuffling before, "Hello?"

Naruto grinned and took a seat on his couch. "Kiba! Hey dude!"

"Hey! What's up, man?"

"The usual, you know. So, I was thinking like maybe we could get the group together and have a big huge sleep over. I'm sure Sasuke's place has enough room. We could always pester him."

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Have a sleep over at Sasuke for 3 days!" Kiba laughed.

"So you in?"

"Hell, yeah!" The blond could hear Akamaru in the background, barking at Kiba, who was probably dancing or something like that.

"Haha, so you call Hinata, Shino, Lee, TenTen, Neji, and Kankuro. And I'll get the rest." Naruto counted his fingers at each person's name.

There was a pause, Kiba going over the people. "Hey, wait! Why do I have to deal with Lee? And that eye person, Neji?"

"Are you calling Hinata eye person too, then?" Naruto spread out over his couch and grabbed a pillow, putting it behind his head.

"NO!" Came the horrified response. "I never said that! I'm saying Neji is an eye person!"

Naruto laughed, he imagined the look on Kiba's face. "But, they have the same eyes!"

Kiba groaned and Naruto heard shuffling, then a bark. "Shut up, fox boy."

"Haha, so you'll get those people?" Naruto laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure...The things I do for you..."

"Hey! I do things for you too! Who was the one who got you on a date with Hinata?"

"...That was Shikamaru, you moron..."

"Oh...Well...okay...We'll go over at 9. So, see ya!"

"Yeah, bye!"

Naruto hung up and looked for the next person in his list, Sakura. He sat up and grinned, pushing the call button once again.


Naruto stopped grinning, and prepared to use his 'polite voice'.

"Hello, Ms. Haruno. Is Sakura there?"

"Oh yes, of course." Sakura's mom replied. There was shuffling, and a 'for you' was heard.

"What do you want?" Sakura sounded annoyed, not a good place to start...

"Well, Kiba and I are getting everyone together for a sleep over for 3 days at Sasuke's house."

"Oh yes! I'll come!" Sakura squealed loudly and Naruto held the phone away briefly. He still didn't know how he had a crush on her when they were younger.

"So, yeah. At 9?"

"Yeah!" And the phone went dead.

Naruto stared at his phone blankly, what a rude way to hang up on people. He shook his head and called the next number.

After a series of calling, he had one more to call. Naruto grinned mischievously, he was probably going to be dead after the call.

Tan fingers ghosted over the button and with a final sigh, Naruto pushed it.

And the phone ringed.

Ring! Ring!

Sasuke growled, getting up. He trudged his way to the phone and picked it up.

"What?" The raven snarled.

"Hey.It'sNarutoandthegroup'sgoingtobesleepingatyourhousefor3daysandyoubettergetreadysoyeah.they'llbehereat9sobye!" Then the line went dead, leaving Sasuke trying to figure out what just happened.

He had caught a 'Naruto', okay. 'Group', okay. 'Sleeping' no idea what that has to do with anything, but okay. 'house'...okay. '3'...um, okay. 'Ready' For what? '9' here, Sasuke was utterly confused. And of course he caught the 'bye'

So the thing Sasuke gather was, 'Naruto group sleeping house 3 ready 9'...which makes no sense what so ever...

Thus, Sasuke decided to do the only thing he could do, call back.

One little problem...He didn't have Naruto's phone number. Wait. So how did Naruto get his phone number?

Ring! Ring!

Sasuke turned to his phone and picked it up again.

"Yeah?" He said, hoping it was Naruto calling back to explain.

"So, um, you probably didn't get what I said earlier right?" And indeed it was the blond.

"No, I didn't."

"...Okay, listen up cause I'm only going to say this once, then I'm hanging up, got it?"


"I'm taking that as a yes, so...here goes!" Naruto took a deep breath. "The group's going to be sleeping at your house for 3 days and you better get ready, so yeah. They'll be here at 9, so bye!" And the blond hung up.

There were three things Sasuke wanted to do after hearing those words. One, hurl the phone at the wall, which he did and the phone landed with a thud. Two, lock all the doors so that no one could come in. Three, kill Naruto, but in order to do that, he'll have to wait for Naruto to get here, so he can lock the doors...damn.

Okay, calm down, Sasuke. Calm down... He thought as he tried to hold the anger in, but it was boiling with killing intent. He looked at the clock, one hour till 9.

Not enough time...

Okay, think Uchiha...think...you obviously can't call everyone, that'll take way too long...

Soon, Sasuke found himself pacing around his room, thinking of a plan.

Time ticks pretty fast when you thinking, before long the first bell rang.

Naruto grinned and held his phone triumphantly. The conversation didn't go so bad. Now all he has to do is to not get killed by Sasuke. His face grimed at that. Maybe he shouldn't go over there tonight. But then, he'll be seen as a coward! Naruto re-composed his face and huff. He's not going to be seen as a scaredy-cat! No! Not the great Uzumaki Naruto.

But then, he'll die...

"GAHH!" The blond pulled on his hair, thinking about the two decisions. To live or to die?! Why was it so hard?!

In the end, he decided to face his fears.

Sasuke didn't realized that the time had gone so fast. He sighed, it was too late to think up a plan now was it? The raven walked to his front door and wrenched it open, glaring at the person who decided to show up.





"...What did I do?"


"Stop it! Your glare is killing me!"


"GAHHH!" Kiba clutched his chest and fell down on the floor, groaning and wreathing pathetically. Akamaru barked in concern.

"Run...Akamaru...Run..." The brunette said weakly and reached his hands up to the sky while Sasuke cocked a brow.

Kiba got up and grinned. "So, where's my room?"


"Okay, fine! Just leave me out here in the cold with only Akamaru with me! Fine, you can have the whole house, while I try to keep warm in this breeze!" Kiba cried out.

The door opened, Kiba grinned. Sasuke glared, but let the boy and the dog in.

"I knew you'd warm up to me." Kiba patted the raven's back, making him grunt. Sasuke lead him to a random room in his house and proceed to ignore him. He went back into his room and got out a piece of paper and a marker. He wrote something down and took out some tape. Making his way to the door, Sasuke put the sign on it and slammed the door close before going back to his room and also slamming the door.

Naruto stared blankly at the sign Sasuke had put out. What does it say?

Let yourselves in. Your name will be on the door of your room. Except Naruto, you're sleeping in the living room. Don't even try to get into a room, all the doors are locked and if you try to share a room, the bed won't be big enough. YOU'RE SLEEPING IN THE LIVING ROOM! If anyone arrive after 10, don't even think about going in, I'm locking the door after that time.

...Yup, Sasuke was mad. Why else would he tell Naruto to sleep in the living room, WITHOUT A BED?! Yup, Naruto was dead. He was a dead man.

The blond sighed, he knew he should have faced his fears...now, he has to sleep on the floor. He opened the door and kicked it shut behind him.


"Hey, Kiba..." Naruto said, a cloud of gloom above his head.

Kiba cocked an eyebrow. "What's wrong with you?"

Naruto sighed dreadfully and sat down on the floor. "I'm sleeping in the living room, Sasuke's still mad at me..."

Kiba laughed out loud and patted his friend's back. "I'm sure you'll survive."

"I doubt it. He's going to kill me in my sleep..."

"I'll make a prayer for you." Kiba laughed.

"Yeah, yeah...I'm going to sleep, m'tired." Naruto yawned, stretching his arms.

"Yeah, me too. G'night!"


Naruto watched as Kiba walked to the hall and into his room. Letting out another sigh, Naruto got some blankets that were already there for him. At least Sasuke was nice enough to put some in the living room. He spread one of them out and got out a pillow. Sighing, Naruto pulled a blanket up and drifted off to sleep.

In the back of Naruto's mind, there was a sign: Sasuke:1 Naruto: 0

Damn bastard...

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