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-Lime/Lemon scene ;D

Sleep over
Chapter 3: The Firework Festival!





Naruto jolted up, thinking a thief or something was here to rob his house. He looked around and saw Sasuke sleeping peacefully on his bed. Wait...What's Sasuke doing at my house? He asked himself as he continued to stare at the boy. More precisely, MY BED?! He pouted and glared at Sasuke. After a while, he got bored and looked around his room...

Only to realized this wasn't his room.

It was Sasuke's dark, gloomy, evil room.

So...What was he doing at Sasuke's house?

"Nnnnn...Naruto?" Naruto looked down, Sasuke blinking and rubbing his eyes sleepily. And, no. The Uchiha did NOT look damn cute doing that, in fact, he look too damn sexy. Possibly the only person who could look sexy doing that... Naruto thought, lust clouding his eyes.

Naruto shook his head, trying hard not to give in to his desires. Instead, he asked a simple question that was bugging him. "Um, Sasuke?"

Sasuke grunted and sit up before looking at the blond. "Yeah?" He said, eyes roaming over Naruto's naked chest.

Naruto blushed and attempt to cover his body with the blankets. "What am I doing at your house?"

Sasuke almost, almost fell off his bed. "It was kinda your idea to bring all of our friends over at my house for a sleep over...?"



"Why are we naked?"

"...Because we had some mind-blowing sex last night?"


"What now?"

"I'm hungry..."

"Then get something to eat."



"...My clothes are ripped...what exactly happened last night?"

"..." Sasuke said nothing as the memories of last night came back full force. He just stared at the sheets, his minding replaying the actions...

-Let's take a peek inside Sasuke's mind!-

Sasuke sucked on the tan, sweet skin that was Naruto. His hands began to wander under the orange shirt the blond was wearing. Naruto gave a moan and arched his back to the light touch. Sasuke smirked against Naruto's neck. He had an idea.

Still smirking, Sasuke grabbed a pair of scissors on his desk. Naruto was still panting and moaning, so he didn't noticed. But, he did notice when something hard and cold was pushing against him and making small ripping sounds.

"S-Sasuke?" The blond panted out, trying to figure out what was happening.

Sasuke said nothing as he continued to cut Naruto's shirt to pieces. He made small holes here and there. At last, when the raven was satisfied, he threw the pair of scissors to the other side of the room. Sasuke began to rip the shirt with his bare hands. Lastly he ripped it off of Naruto and it received the same fate as the pair of scissors.

Brown, almost black, eyes roamed the tan skin. Sasuke licked, he licked up Naruto's torso, then back down to his stomach. There, he swirled around with his tongue, and sucked on the little hole. Hearing moaning from the blond above him, Sasuke's fingers began to unzipped the blue jeans Naruto was wearing. He pulled the pants down, along with foxy boxers, and revealed a throbbing hard cock in all it's glory.

Sasuke smirked and took the whole length in his mouth. Above him, Naruto moaned in ecstasy. He played with the shaft for a while, nipping at it. But, as Naruto's moans became louder, the raven's own cock got harder.

Sasuke released the shaft with a popping sound and lifted his fingers up to Naruto's face. The blond understood immediately, taking the fingers and slicking them up. At last when Sasuke was satisfied, he took his fingers from the blond's mouth, and position one at Naruto's ass. He looked up at the blond and smiled a little, before taking those plump lips.

"Ow!..." Naruto gasped into Sasuke's mouth when one of Sasuke's fingers entered his ass.

Sasuke let his fingers move a little before putting another one in. He heard Naruto gasped in pain again and tried to calm the blond down, whispering sweet nothings into his ears. Feeling the blond start to relax, Sasuke pushed the last finger in. He moved the digits, smirking when Naruto give a loud moan.

After pulling his fingers out, Sasuke started to remove his pants. The clothing flew to the other side of the room. Naruto moan when Sasuke put the tip of his dick right outside his asshole. The raven pushed in and Naruto screamed.


Sasuke blinked, returning to reality. He saw Naruto's concerned look as the blond waved his hands in front of him.

"Sorry...spaced out for a while" Sasuke looked away, not meeting his lover's eyes.

"Uh-huh...Anyway! I'm going to get something to eat!" Naruto jumped off the bed, bringing the blanket with him.

"Uh, Naruto, wait! You forgot your...clothes...Oh, what the hell..." Sasuke sighed, and grabbed his shirt and pants. Then he went to the other side to grab the blond's shirt, holding it in his hands and smelling the delicious smell that only Naruto possessed. He smirked and went after the blond, hoping to get there before any one see his Naruto naked.

"Hehe, look at them! Aren't they the cutest couple ever?!" Sakura giggled looking at the picture she and Ino just took.

"I know, can't believe he would actually have someone!" Ino said back, smiling at the two people in the picture.

"Oh, man! I can wait until they tell us!" The pink haired girl squealed in joy.

"What are you guys doing?" Tenten came down the hall, hair messy and eyes half asleep.

"Oh, nothing!" Sakura and Ino giggled.

Tenten raised an eyebrow, she reached into her pockets and took out a digital camera. Smirking, she scanned the pictures as she walked back to her room. One red drop of blood came down onto the carpet and Sakura and Ino stared after her.

They looked at each other, then raced after her. Maybe they were already doing it?!

"What are you guys doing in my room?" Tenten said from her bed, she really needed to sleep. Especially after the noisy night she had.

"Um..." Ino started.

"What's on your camera?!" Sakura blurted out before the blond could do anything. Damn it! Didn't she already said they were supposed to take it slow?!

Tenten smirked, "Only if you let me see your pictures..."

The girls nodded and took the pictures out. Tenten looked them over, seriously, this was nothing compared to the pictures she had. It was just Kiba and Hinata...They weren't even doing anything. Boooooring! And plus, they were together a long time ago, did Ino and Sakura ever noticed anything but Sasuke?

Now, for some real fun. Tenten grabbed the camera off her desk. Where should we start? How about something not so erotic...Oh. Hell with it, I'm going to started with this one...Kukuku... She told the girls to come closer so they could see.

Let's just say it ended with Sakura and Ino on the floor, passed out and blood gushing out their noses.

Tenten just smirked, turn to the wall and looked through the pictures she had of Naruto and Sasuke having the fuck of their lives.




"Shut it."

"But, I'm so bored!"

"Shut UP!"

"Pft, Booooooooooored!"

"Kiba, Shut. The. Fuck. Up."

"No! You're being a meanie! I'm sooooo boooored!"

"Kiba, shut up. Shino looks ready to kill..." Shikamaru warned, looking at the bug-lover who was emitting a very unpleasant aura.

"But, I'm bored!" Kiba whined. "See! Even Akamaru is bored!"

"Kiba..." Shikamaru warned, but it was too late. Shino had pounced on the boy and is now attempting to suffocate him. Of course, Shikamaru didn't do anything, it was simply too troublesome to. He'll just wait until the others come in...

"Zip-a-dee-doo-daaaaaa...Oh, my god...this is absolutely boring..." Itachi sighed, crossing his arms over the his desk. "When does the festival start?" He looked at his watch. "Oh god, no..." He put his hands into his arms. "Why god? Why?! Why must you make me wait two fucking hours?!"

He put his head back up, an idea already forming into his head...

Itachi smirked and grabbed his phone out of his pockets.

"Calm down Shino!" Hinata said as she grabbed the boy off the now purple faced Kiba. The boy heaved air into his lungs, gasping and staring at the floor.

Shikamaru slowly walked over to Kiba and patted his back. "I told you..." He muttered, glancing at Shino.

Hinata looked worriedly at Kiba, he always managed to find new ways to get himself killed. She shook her head, it's part of the reason she likes him so much. He wasn't afraid to do anything.

Shino glared at the wall he was facing, ignoring Shikamaru's attempts to ask him what's wrong.

"Finished and ready to go...have a fun time little brother and friends..." Itachi walked out his room, a smirk evident on his handsome face.

"...Thanks, Sasuke...Thanks..." Naruto said as he got his clothes on. Sasuke had caught up with him, before he made it into the kitchen, where most of the people are.

"It's no problem..." Sasuke smiled.

"Okay! Now let's get something to eat!" Naruto grinned and went into the kitchen. Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Neji, and Lee were in there, talking and eating some breakfast.

"Morning people!" Naruto greeted as he grabbed a toast that Itachi had prepared.

"Morning Naruto! How is youth treating you, my friend?!" Lee exclaimed.

"Great!" Naruto called back, even though they were only a few feet apart.

"Ahhhh! The youth of spring is inside you! This is such a touching moment!"

"Yeah..." Naruto stared at the boy and munched on his toast.

"Let's go group!" Naruto yelled as they piled into Itachi's rented limousine. Their driver was none other than the oldest Uchiha himself.

When they arrived at the park, it was already fill with people. There were some selling fireworks, lighting sticks, and even chairs. The park was fill and conversation in the air, bringing a happy atmosphere there. Sasuke walked with Naruto to get a spot, the group had divide into groups of two and three. Shikamaru went with Ino and Chouji. Sakura with Shino and Sai. Tenten with Neji. Gaara with Lee. Temari with Kankuro. Hinata and Kiba.

When Sasuke saw a open spot he lead Naruto to it and set up their towels. Sasuke had choose a spot away from the noise of the people.

The fireworks began shortly after. Naruto laid his head down on Sasuke's lap, purring as Sasuke stroked his hair.

After an hour, Sasuke grew bored and grabbed Naruto up so he could kiss him. Soon, it turned into a full make out session. With little moans there and groans over there.

Sasuke's hand trailed up the blond's shirt. He pulled it over Naruto, successfully taking it off. He moved his mouth to the blond's neck, sucking the tan skin there.

Then a big boom rang through the air, and everyone cheered. Sasuke just continue to molest his blond, thinking it was the end of the fireworks or something.

Just as Sasuke pushed his cock in the blond's ass, there was another big boom. But, this time it was met with silence. Wondering why everyone was so quiet, Naruto looked around and blushed a bright red. Wondering why his lover was so tensed, Sasuke looked up and froze.

The message was a clear a day.

Look at the blond and the dark hair dude. Bet you people anything, that they're making out right now!

Naruto and Sasuke both froze as the people directed their stares at them. A few were taking out cameras and taking pictures of this erotic scene. Then before Naruto or Sasuke could make an excuse, a huge explosion lit up the sky.

Have fun, little brother, Naruto.

Sasuke gaped. HOW DARE HE?! That bastard! Now he knew full well, who was behind this. Itachi! The people's attention turned towards them again. This time Naruto shifted and quickly grabbed a towel, covering him and Sasuke up.


Love, Itachi Uchiha

Itachi smiled as he and the Akatsuki group enjoyed their sake. He sure as hell wasn't going home tonight. Sasuke would practically cut his head off. Nope, he's staying with the Akatsuki tonight, maybe going home tomorrow...or maybe he should just wait a few days...

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