A/N: This story is just a bunch of random ideas me and my friend had to make you all laugh... it's pretty funny... or at least we think so...

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Chapter one: Last Day of School

It is first period science class and everyone is excited; it's the first day of school!

April, known to be unshy, goes to talk to some random bleach blonde kid, who is hacking a school computer.

"ELLO!" April yells.

"Ummmm… hi?" replies the blonde kid, known as Gary the hacker.

"So… what's your name?" April asks.

"I'll tell you if you come closer," Gary responds.

"Okay, I guess." She says in an unsure tone.

Skip to end of class

Gary stands up and squeezes April in his arms causing her to turn purple. "Umm… Gary. I need you to let go. Class is over and I can't breathe." She says as she gasps for air.

Moments later, April is introducing Gary to her twin sister Desi. As they were about to shake hands, Emmett runs up and "BAM!" slams their heads together saying "you may now kiss the bride."

While Gary is rubbing his forehead, Desi took off after Emmett. A couple seconds later, you hear Desi shout "BAM! Right in the nads!"

Rosalie, Emmett's girlfriend, decides she's had enough with Desi and chooses to go fight her. Little did Rose know, Desi had anger management issues, so she would always carry nun chucks around with her.

Desi begins to swing those nun chucks of whom she called Phillip, and hits some kids lunch tray spilling all of his food, after doing that she manages to hit rose in the face Rosalie falls to the floor bleeding.

Jasper, Rosalie's brother slaps Desi across the face. That made Gary mad so he went to go beat up Jasper.

By the time the principal walks in he finds Gary with Emmett on his back while trying to shove Jasper in a locker, Desi randomly swinging Phillip, Rose lying against the lockers, and April giving her boyfriend, Jace, a hickey.

Then April goes over to principal Harry and shouts, "Rawr ! imma vampire imma bite chuuuuuu!!" Then soon after she bites his arm leaving teeth marks behind.

During this moment Jace, Edward, and Bella were video recording this on their cell phones. Alice comes running down the hallway and squeezes the principal's butt while yelling, " me-ow!"

"Can anyone tell me why you all are in here?" Principal Harry asked. "Ooo…Ooo…Oooh pick me pick me pick me!" April shouts raising her hands and shaking them.

Before the principal has a chance to answer, April interrupts and answers for him, " It's because we are sooo hott and you wanted to bring us here inconspicuously!"

Edward is in the corner staring at the floor shaking his head and says sarcastically, "Yes April he is going to invite us to his office because he thinks we're hott."

"Noooo…" Desi shouts. "It's 'cause he loves Phillip!"

After an awkward silence you hear Alice shout out of the window, "hellow random person. Hello other random person."

Principal Harry grabs Alice and makes her switch spots with Edward to keep her away from the window.

"Okay Bella, since you haven't said a word during this situation, I assume you can tell me what happened." Principal Harry suggested.

Basically Bella told him the whole story adding fake but excruciating details.

"So what do you think your punishments should be?" Harry asked.

"Well Harry babe…" Alice says, "we can always pretend this never happened." Alice slips him a one dollar bill.

"You'll have to do more than that Alice hon." Harry says receiving a glare from Jasper.

"I'll let you have Phillip." Desi says starting to hand him Phillip. She suddenly jerks Phillip back towards her. "No never mind."

"I'll let you hear the voices inside my head." April says putting a megaphone to her ear. "They have some great ideas for out punishments." She said smiling.

"I'll let you have a peak inside my bra." Rose says.

"Cough. Too bad there's nothing there., Cough cough." Jasper commented.

"Except toilet paper!" Emmett shouts. Rose turns and glares at Emmett while the others tired not to laugh. "I mean uh, hey look! A spider." He says pointing somewhere.

"Anyways…" principal Harry starts. "I know what your punishments are. Bella, Edward and Jace; detention for a week after school. As for everyone else, suspension."

"Aw, how come we get the worst punishment?" Jace asked. Principal Harry just sigh's and shakes his head.

"You're free to go back to class and enjoy your last day at Snowman High School." He said. They all left and April took Jace aside.

"Did you get it?" she asked.

"Of course I got it." Jace said smiling at his cell phone. April pecks him on the lips, then skips off to class.