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A Lonely Boy in the Dusk

Breath in. Breath out. Meditation was one of the things that kept Kanda calm and civil. The training room was usually empty in the night with everyone asleep and he had the room to himself. Candles illuminated the room, sending shadows dancing on the walls. There was a quiet in a room that soothed him

"Kanda," Lenalee called out to him, searching the training room. He opened his eyes, annoyed slightly that she would disturb him at a time like this. "Komui-niisan is looking for you. It's a new mission."

He got up, pulling his exorcist coat over him.

"There you are!" she brightened, breathless. "Komui-niisan needs to see you. Something about a new mission here in England."

He followed her to his office wordlessly. The sight that greeted him was not uncommon. Papers were strewn everywhere, books were piled high on every free space available and in the middle of it all was a man wearing a white beret and sleeping.

The swordsman growled in annoyance and stepped over the mess.

"Lenalee is getting married," he spoke.

Instantly, Komui sat up.


Seeing both people standing in front of him, he stopped.

"I'm not getting married," Lenalee sighed in resignation. Why did it always have to come to this?

"You lied to me!" he pointed an accusing finger at the samurai.

Kanda sighed, massaging his temples.

"Whatever!" he snapped, "Tell me what the mission is!"

Komui cleared his throat and dug through the mountain of piles before extracting one of them.

"There is a city, not far from here," Komui read from it, handing the mission's specs to him, "There is an innocence in the vicinity and akuma have been sighted already. Your job is to find the innocence and bring it back and exterminate any and all akuma from the area. Your train leaves in an hour. Your partner is already at the station."

"Oh, you can not be serious," he groaned, seeing his partner.

"YUU-CHAN!" Lavi hooked an arm around his neck but stopped when a blade touched his throat. "We're partners! How lucky is that?"

"Horrible," he replied, jabbing Lavi with Mugen's hilt. "And stop calling me that!"

"Aww, is Yuu-chan secretly happy but doesn't want to show it?" the redheaded teen cooed, "That's alright! I know you love me!"

"Sure," Kanda spat, "Enough to cut out your entrails with Mugen and feed your remains to a pack of wolves."

"Eep," Lavi backed away, "Ouch. That hurt, Yuu-chan."

"Shut up, stupid rabbit," Kanda sheathed his sword and boarded the train, "And if you value your life, you will stay quiet until we reach the city."

On reaching the station, akuma had already ravaged the city and swarmed after the two exorcists.

Kanda launched himself into the fray, slashing left and right without waiting for the rabbit. Akuma came at him, pelting him with attacks that he deflected easily. He landed some blows of his own and took them out.

"Damn mission," Kanda muttered under his breath, slashing through another akuma with Mugen. What was formally a pristine city was rubble now. He had failed before he even started. Everyone was dead. Anger fueled him as he swept through another hoard of akuma.

Quiet met him. There seemed to be no more akuma around. He stopped and lowered his sword, eyes scanning his surroundings.

Amidst the rubble, Kanda saw a hand sticking out of a pile of stone. It twitched and he knew that whatever was under there was alive.

"Oi!" he shouted at Lavi, "Idiot rabbit! There's someone buried here!" He sheathed Mugen and began moving away the stones. Under the layer of rocks was a boy.

Silver-grey eyes met midnight blue ones. The boy's mouth moved wordlessly before his eyes closed and he slipped into unconsciousness.

Kanda felt his next words stuck in his throat. Cute was the word he would relate to with the small being. He looked so vulnerable and innocent asleep. In an act of tenderness, he picked the boy up and brushed some of the dust away from the pale boy's cheeks.

"Aww," Lavi chose that precise moment to pop up. "Is Yuu-chan in love with the little kid?"

"Shut up!" he snapped, blushing and dropping the person in surprise. Lavi looked at the child before freezing.

"Uh, Kanda?" Lavi pointed to the boy's left eye, "Look at his hand and his eye."

The swordsman followed his line of vision and saw the cursed pentacle that decorated the child's left eye. But on closer inspection, he could see that the left hand had a cross decorating the red, flaked skin. The boy's hair was also a very peculiar shade of snowy white.

"Innocence and a curse?" Kanda muttered, shocked. "Let's take him back to Headquarters. You carry him." He got up and began heading for the train station.

"H-Hey!" Lavi helped the white-haired boy on his back, "Wait for me!"

"How is he?" Lenalee asked Lavi as he exited the hospital room. Lenalee had taken an instant liking to the small boy and visited him everyday.

"Still not awake," Lavi sighed. He had also taken an instant liking to the small child. "He's probably in a coma. He has a few scratches and bruising in the ribs but other than that, there are no signs of injury."

"It's been three days. We don't even know who he is," Lenalee mused, "Or how he has innocence."

"It's getting late," the red-haired teen stretched tiredly, "How about we get some sleep and check in tomorrow? He's bound to wake up one of these days."

"Sure," she nodded, following him out of the hospital wing, "Kanda should visit the kid. He's the one that him in the first place anyway."

"Yeah," Lavi smiled, "But you know how he is. He didn't even admit he liked the little boy."

Kanda took this time to sneak into the room. Although he wouldn't admit it but he liked visiting the cursed child everyday at night after he had meditated. Something in his stomach always stirred when the samurai saw his face and he couldn't help but let out a small smile when he went to see the white-haired kid. He didn't know what these feelings were, or what in the world had caused it but he concluded that he liked these feelings and thus continued these nightly visits.

He sat down on a chair placed beside the boy and watched him sleep.

"Stupid kid," he murmured as if blaming the kid, "How can you be so addictive without being awake? You're so small and weak too."

His hand touched the boy's white hair and brushed it away from his pale cheeks.

"Beansprout," he glared half-heartedly to the small child, "You're gonna have to wake up one of these days."

As if by command, the boy's eyelids fluttered open. A small, noiseless moan emitted from the child. Grey eyes stared up at him, piercing his very soul. Kanda blushed and felt something warm bubbling in the pit of his stomach.

Tears suddenly clouded up in the boy's eyes and poured down his pale face.

"O-Oi!" Kanda grabbed onto the child's arm, uncomfortable. He didn't know what to do or what to say. "Stop crying!"

If anything, it made the boy sob harder.

"Stop it, beansprout!" Kanda shouted, unnerved. The child's arms suddenly wrapped around the swordsman's neck and Kanda found himself holding the boy as he cried. All through this, the cursed child had never made a sound.

"You're... mute, aren't you?" Kanda whispered, looking at the boy resting his head on his chest for confirmation. The crying stopped and the boy nodded slightly. "Fuck."

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