Hello, my dear readers! As you must know, Speechless and Breathless is not done.

In fact, I planned a sequel and I've released it. It's called Avoidance and please check it out if you like this story.

Also, I'd like to thank all the people that reviewed my story! Thank you so much for being there all the way.

And below is an excerpt of it:

During the few weeks where Allen was discharged from the hospital after being deemed physically healthy, Kanda had realized that Allen would never be the same little boy he had (although he would never admit it) adored. For one, the white-haired teen denied any bodily touch even from Kanda. This provided some difficulty for the swordsman who, after a month of not seeing his lover, felt very... needy.

Allen had also regained his voice (a miracle on his part) but this switched on and off. Meaning, he was mute one day and on another, he could speak without any trouble. How the hell that worked was still a mystery to the white-haired exorcist.

And another thing: Allen was very good at hiding and avoiding the longhaired teen when he felt shy or didn't want another make out session, which was often. This proved to be a problem...

Thank you for reading! And I hope you can be supportive of the sequel, Avoidance as you have for Speechless and Breathless!