When Hate Becomes Love

When Hate Becomes Love

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. Stephenie Meyer does. She owns Twilight…and Edward. tear

I woke up with 'Claire de Lune' in my cell phone. What a way to start a day. At least it was a good part of it. Waking up wasn't something I enjoyed, and it wasn't the fact that I had to wake up early, but that I had to give up my dreams to come back to reality. And he was always there, in my dreams. And I couldn't get over him.

I shook my head in order to get ready for work. Today was going to be a big day. I went to my closet and pulled out beige pants and my favorite blouse. I pulled my hair up in a side ponytail. (AN: Picture can be found in my profile)

I looked at myself in the mirror. I don't look so bad, I thought. Maybe Alice will be happy and she'll stop playing 'Bella Barbie'.

I grabbed a bowl of Cheerios and finished it quickly. My purse and papers were on the table near the door, so I grabbed them on the way out. The elevator was crowded as always, but I got my way in. I was happy today and nothing could ruin it…right?

"Good Morning, Bella!" Crap! Someone could ruin it…Mike Newton. My annoying and obsessed neighbor. He's being trying to take me out on a day for almost a year now. Maybe one day I'll say yes, and he may stop annoying. No, no, no. Bad Idea, Bella.

"Hey, Mike."

"How was your night?" What kind of question was that?


"Ha ha, you're hilarious, Bella." He said between chuckles.

"Aha," I didn't want to be rude, or anything, but he just didn't stop talking!

"So, what are you doing this Friday?"

"I…er…" Before I could answer, the elevator screen announced we were on the bottom floor. Saved by the bell. "Oh, we're here. Bye, Mike!"

I'm not sure, but I think I heard him mutter something like "Stupid elevator." I laughed quietly to myself. Mike could be so funny sometimes. He didn't give up.

I made my way to the street ready to yell for a taxi. As soon as one stopped, I hurried to get in before Mike would get me again. I gave the driving instructions to the driver and looked out the window. There was Mike on the corner. Phew!

I arrived in five minutes to the office. Much less time than I would've done any other day on the subway. Traveling in taxi had its advantages. I got out of the car and there she was. My personal assistant and one of my best friends: Angela Weber. "Hi, Bella!" she yelled as she ran to me. She handed me my coffee.

"Hey, Ang. What's in the list for today?"

"Okay, let's see…" she said as she opened my agenda. "Meeting with Hugo in 5 minutes. By the way, Cullen is already there. He arrived half an hour ago." She made a face.

"Shit!" I muttered. I loathed Cullen.

"Yeah, I know, Bells." Angela said, reading my face.

I hurried up to my office to get my stuff and greeted everyone I knew. Almost. I went to the meeting room and, yes, there he was. My worst nightmare. Edward Cullen.

I wasn't going to be rude or anything so I greeted him, "Good morning, Edward"

"Good morning, Isabella" he said with a huge grin on his face. He knew how much I hated being called by my full name.

I sat down regretting applying to work on the team Edward would be in. I took my cell phone out while I waited. No messages or e-mails from him. When would he reply?

Suddenly, someone burst through the doors and in came Alice. "Hi, Bella!" she squealed as she ran to me with a smile.

"Hi, Alice. Um…I kind of need my body back."

"Oops, sorry."

"Don't you say hi to your brother anymore? You now prefer saying hi to her?" A voice interrupted us. I groaned.

"Shut up, Edward." Alice snapped back at him.

I heard him mutter something like "Yeah, say hi to the bitch" He could be such an ass.

"Bella, Bella, Bella. What am I going to do with you?" Alice asked.

"What did I do now?" I asked, definitely confused now.

"You wore that blouse a week ago!"


"So, there's the proof you don't look good in anything," Edward interrupted…again.

"She looks fine to me." Another voice growled. I turned around to see my brother glaring at Edward. "So, shut up, Cullen."

"Aw, calm down, Swan. Your little sister doesn't need your help."

Emmett was about to punch him in the face but I got in between. "Emmett! Stop!"

"What, Bells? You don't want me to punch this jerk?"

"I do, Emmett, but you could get fired!"

"And I will not like that," a female soft voice said. It was Rosalie. Emmett's wife. And mother-to-be.

"Hey, Rose." I said.

Emmett hurried to her and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

"Hi, Rosalie. Getting bigger?" Edward asked.

Emmett growled again and his nostrils flared. "Calm down, hon. I don't care what Edward thinks." Rose tried to soothe him.

"Hey, Emmett. Was Jasper with you?" Alice asked. Jasper was Rosalie's brother and Alice's fiancée.

"Um, yeah. He was downstairs talking to Lauren. Or should I say flirting?" Emmett said. Anger could be read from Alice's face. Everyone knew Lauren was the office slut.

"He's what?!" Alice hissed. She stomped her foot and ran towards the door. She was stopped by Emmett. I tried to hide my smile.

"Sheesh, Alice. I was just kidding." Emmett said between laughs. Then we all burst out laughing, but Alice kept glaring at Emmett. I noticed Edward was reading, and he wasn't having fun at all.

"You're dead, Emmett Swan!" Alice yelled and she ran off after him. We all burst into hysterics now.

Suddenly, we heard someone clapping, "What a great show, children." We all turned around and looked at Hugo, our boss. "Did you have fun?"

"Hugo, I tried to stop them, really." Edward said. What a jerk, I thought.

"Yeah, right." I muttered.

"Hugo, I –." Alice started.

"Don't worry, Alice. It's a good thing I recorded it all on my phone!" he laughed as he pulled out his cell phone.

Edward's jaw dropped. I laughed at him, "Not such a good liar, huh, Cullen?"

Before he could answer, Hugo started talking, "All right, kids. Let's get to work."

"Oh, right." Rosalie said as she tried to stop laughing.

"Thanks Rose. So, how is the special edition magazine coming?"

"We have all the plans and everything. We just need to get into teams and start working." Rosalie replied.

"I'm working with Jasper!" Alice squealed.

"Rose is mine." Emmett said.

"Oh, no! I'm not working with Isabella!" Edward growled.

"It's Bella!"

"Whatever", he scoffed.

"As a matter of fact, since you two get along so well, YOU. ARE. WORKING. TOGETHER." Hugo said.

"What?!" Edward and I replied at the same time.

"Yup, you heard me. And not only on this project. As long as you work here, you will work together."

"Shit," I thought. Oh, no wait. I said it.

"Yes, Bella. Shit is the right word." Edward said.