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I punched the guy right in the jaw and Bella gasped, "Edward!"

Then I saw the stalker's face. Mike Newton. He'd come here a few times, looking for Bella. Of course, I would always tell him she wasn't available, even if it wasn't true. And Bella didn't really show attraction towards him, either. So I wasn't doing bad, was I?

"Let's go, Bella." I hissed through my teeth. Newton didn't stand up. He wasn't moving actually…Oh, he was going to be fine, anyway.

Bella was still gasping for air as she followed me. I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what was good to say. There was an uncomfortable silence between us.

"Where are we going to eat?" Bella finally asked as we were reaching the lobby. Oh, thank God.

Before I could answer, my cell-phone started ringing. It was a text message.

From: Jasper

To: Edward

Where are you?

Oh no, I completely forgot I was going to the bar with Jasper and the guys! I thought.

Bella noticed my frown and asked, "Is everything alright?"

"Yes." I answered way too quickly. "Um…do you mind if Alice and Jasper join us?"

"What? No, not at all!" Bella smiled.

I sighed in relief, "Okay, then. We'll meet them in the restaurant." I smiled back while I texted Jasper.

We drove in my Volvo to the restaurant where Alice and Jasper were already waiting for us. I guessed Alice was the one who drove, for no one– not even me– drove faster than her.

Alice came running to Bella, "Oh, Bella! Why didn't you tell me you had a date with Edward?"

"Because it isn't date." I noticed how my heart sank at that sentence, but I tried to stop it. You knew she didn't like you like that, Edward. Bella blushed until her cheeks were deep scarlet.

"Of course it is!" Alice squealed, and Jasper chuckled. "But I thought you two hated each other…oh, but look at your hair and make-up! Next time tell me, Bells. Oh, by the way, I invited Emmett and Rose, too."

"'Kay, Alice." Bella smiled. It had turned from a dinner for two, to a family reunion.

We walked inside and Jasper asked for a table. The hostess smiled a little way too much. Of course, Alice glared daggers at her. The hostess walked away after seeing Alice's ring and giving us a booth to sit in.

"Alice, stop glaring, she's gone." Bella told her.

"But did you see the way she looked at Jasper?" Alice shrieked.

Jasper put his arm around Alice, "Love, you know I don't care about her." Alice instantly smiled and Bella mouthed to me an "Aaw."

"Hey! Mind if we join you?" Emmett's booming voice suddenly said from behind me.

"Hey, Emmett." Jasper, Alice and Bella said.

"Rose, hurry up!" Emmett yelled.

"Try to walk with all of this and you'll know if I can hurry up!" Rosalie yelled back, pointing to her belly.

"Okay, sorry." Emmett apologized as he looked down.

Before saying anything else, Rose asked, "What is Edward doing here?"

Great, I thought, I can't hang out with my family and Bella without being questioned.

"He planned all this." Alice said cheerfully.

"He did?" Rosalie asked, not believing it.

"Rose." Jasper scolded.

Rosalie turned to look at me, "Oh, I'm sorry, Edward! I didn't mean it like that. It just seems…weird, I guess."

"It's alright, Rosalie. I understand." I said.

Emmett was glaring, but at least the others weren't. That ought to count as something.

The hostess came back to give us our menus, and if it wasn't for Emmett's hands around Alice's wrists, she would have jumped right at the hostess.

"Alice, calm down." Rosalie hissed. She had seen the way the hostess looked at Jasper.

I couldn't be completely sure, but somehow it seemed as if a growl was growing in Alice's chest.

"She is a…a…" Alice ranted as the hostess went to look for something.

"A hostess who is coming back now so shut up." Rosalie scolded and turned to smile at the returning hostess.

"Your waitress will be right with you." She told us, but her eyes were on Jasper. She handed him a napkin out of nowhere.

Jasper just mumbled a confused, "Thanks."

"Um, excuse me, all of us need a napkin, too, you know?" Bella said before the hostess could leave. The hostess gave her a dirty look, but gave us napkins, too.

Then, our waitress came to us. She was a fake blonde, for I could see her brunette roots. She wasn't very tall, but she wasn't short, either. I guess she was attractive, in a way, but definitely not my type.

"I'm Ashley. I'll be your waitress tonight. Would you like anything to drink?" She asked us in a nasal voice.

We all ordered our drink and started talking about random stuff.

Suddenly, Jasper started fidgeting with his napkin and he stared at it with his eyes wide-open, jaw dropped. He gulped.

"What's wrong, Jasper?" Bella asked. Of course, at this, everyone's eyes looked at Jasper.

Jasper handed the napkin to Bella– still speechless– who handed it to me while she pointed to Alice with her eyes.

I quickly understood and hid the napkin from Alice, who was now too busy talking to Rosalie.

I turned my attention back to the mysterious napkin. It had written on it what I assumed was the hostess number, next to the name 'Victoria'. It had also a picture stuck to it of the hostess in a red bikini.

Emmett whistled next to me. I tried to hush him, but it was too late. Alice had already seen it.

"That's it! That bitch is dead!" Alice was as read as a tomato. She pushed all of us out of her way as she ran to the entrance, fuming.

"Uh-oh." We all said in unison.

We stood up, trying to stop Alice. We followed her, but when we arrived, it was too late. Alice was standing up with her fists up and Victoria was on the floor trying to cover the blood coming out of her nose.

"Alice! What did you do?" We asked, although we knew very well the answer to that.

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