A/N: I came up with this idea during the first night of a major heatwave in central Alberta, which is still plaguing us (I should be thanking someone for the fact that I'm leaving on vacation to the relatively cooler climate on the west coast in about two hours!! YAY!) ;) Obviously, rated M for sexual content -- turn back now if that's not what you want to read! A little nervous about this one -- before you start flaming me and telling me how OOC this is... well, too bad, I wanted to write some erotica and why should our fave couple be off limits? Ha ha... enjoy anyway! Chapter title borrowed from the Stars song "What the Snowman Learned About Love", from the 2003 album Heart.

Pam brushed away strands of damp hair from Jim's forehead. "Maybe sex wasn't such a good idea tonight."

Jim's husky, breathless reply makes Pam shiver and remember why she went to bed with him in the first place. "I wanted an excuse to get you in the shower."

She giggled and exhaled a breath she scarcely knew she was holding, feeling that familiar ache between her legs that the last half hour should have removed. "Did you now?"

He pushed himself up until his head was resting on the pillow, "You know what was fun about that, Beesly?"

"Enlighten me."

"Without even knowing it, you fulfilled one of my fantasies."

Pam cast her eyes up at him and struggled to push herself up onto her elbow. "How?"

"It's weird."

"Aren't fantasies supposed to be?"

Jim shrugged, "Well, I've always had this thing about doing it when it's hot out… like sticky, steamy, sweaty, stuck-in-a-sauna hot… ."

"Really?" Pam was intrigued, "Why?"

"Something about the way I always imagined it would feel," he put a hand on the curve of Pam's hip and slid down to cup her backside, "You know, to want reprieve from the heat so badly you'd kill to sit in the fridge for five minutes, but at the same time it's driving you mad because all you want to do is press up…," he began to demonstrate, running his hands up and down her leg and closing the gap between them. She could feel his erection again; her mind soared. His lips brushed her temple and then found the cup of her ear, and his tongue flicked in and out so quickly Pam could only tell he'd been there by the slight coolness of the air on her skin from where he'd gotten it wet. "You know… to fuck?"

"I know," her voice was lost in the back of her throat and masked by a groan as Jim nudged his hand between her legs.

"Do you have any fantasies, Pam?"

She gulped, the question bringing her back to reality for a moment. Of course she did. Everyone did. But could she really tell Jim?


"You don't have to tell me… ."

His concern was endearing and put Pam at ease. "I'm embarrassed," she said, "They're weird."

Jim cocked his head, "But aren't fantasies supposed to be?"

She grinned, "Touché. You got yours tonight, so next time… ."

"Fair enough," he said, "I feel a game coming on."

Truthfully, so did Pam. And she liked it. "Thank god for heatwaves," she whispered. This is gonna be fun… .