World War Z – SG1 Style

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A/N: if you aren't familiar with World War Z, this might be a bit confusing and in my story the world is aware of the SGC. Also, parts of this story will be non-canon.

/In the process of writing this book, I was given the chance to sit down and talk to one of the world's most unlikely heroes, the alien named Teal'c. I was allowed in the ultra-high security facility known as Stargate Command, located underneath Cheyenne Mountain, below NORAD. No, I was not allowed to actually see the Gate itself, but what little I did see of the facility, was impressive enough.

Believe me when I say that meeting him and talking to him, even after all that the planet endured was more than intimidating. The man has the ability in him to make even someone on the level of Stalin quake in his boots.

However, despite his size and appearance, despite the disturbing gold tattoo on his forehead, he was very easy to talk to. Teal'c had an unusual perspective of the human race, being an honest-to-God alien, helping us to fight a battle against other aliens and the zombies that threatened to destroy us all./

So where were you when the Great Panic occurred?

I was on P3X-947 with my teammates looking for a possible source of naquadah.

/Teal'c is of course referring to a planet in another solar system and naquadah is some sort of mineral that is helping to run the rebuilt power grids that are coming back on line./

And your teammates are who?

Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, and Doctor Daniel Jackson. /Teal'c looks at me like I am stupid./

I'm sorry, but I have to ask these things. It's for posterity and so that the story, your story, can be told accurately.

Very well.

Where are your teammates now?

/Teal'c sighs; obviously this is a hard thing for him to talk about./ Only MajorCarter remains. O'Neill and DanielJackson were both killed.

When? How?

O'Neill was killed early on by Zack. He was directing troops in helping to defend Peterson Airbase. It was a haven for the uninfected. They had a breach in their perimeter defenses and his position was overrun by Zack. I was told that O'Neill went down fighting, a fitting way for a warrior such as he.

Did he become one of them?

Indeed. I shot him myself /Teal'c bows his head slightly./ Others might see that as something horrendous and are shocked, but as a friend, it was my duty to O'Neill that he not be allowed to continue to exist in this manner. He would have done the same for me.

What about Doctor Jackson?

DanielJackson fell after the turning point. We had started the Redecker Plan and it was working, but there were still casualties. They became fewer and fewer, but every loss was still a great loss, especially if it was a friend.

DanielJackson was working with the new army outside of Denver. I wasn't there, but others were. They told me that he was with a group that encountered Zack. They used their Lobos on Zack and were successful at stopping them. Unfortunately, DanielJackson found out that he had been bitten. He told Siler, Sergeant Siler from the SGC, that he didn't know how it had happened but it did. Apparently he sat down, closed his eyes, and smiled. His fellow soldiers said it looked like he was preparing for something. Eventually he opened his eyes and asked one of them to shoot him.

One of the soldiers, I don't know who –they wouldn't tell me, shot him.

Okay, so then what?

DanielJackson died then ascended.

Ascended? What is that?

He rejoined a race of beings that are highly evolved, known as the Ancients. They managed to shed their physical bodies and attain a level of enlightenment that allows them to exist as powerful beings of energy. Daniel had once lived among them for awhile, but was forced to return to the physical plane as a punishment for interfering too much, helping us lesser beings. He did join them once again, for a brief while after our fight with the Replicators. We had thought all of the knowledge of the Ancients removed from his mind, but perhaps not. I am sure that if you or your readers want more detailed information about Ascension, they may pick up a copy of the Official Guide to the SGC.

Where is Major Carter?

She is away on a mission.

Is she on another planet?

I am not at liberty to say so, but rest assured that she is healthy and is now Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter.

So why are you still here? The Zack problem is hardly your concern, especially since the reports of them are growing fewer and fewer over the years. Also, the Jaffa people are free now of the Goa'uld. Why aren't you with them instead of here on Earth?

There are still many threats to the Jaffa and the Tau'ri alike. I am here because I made a pledge to General George Hammond, may he rest in peace, and to the Tau'ri that I would assist them in their struggle against threats to both of our people's existence. Ba'al is alive. The Ori are a threat to the galaxy. Also, with the fall of Dakara, the Jaffa people are a fractured and divided people. My son and Master Bray'tac have died due to the Ori invasion of this galaxy, so I feel that being here on Earth is where I belong. This planet has become home to me.

What happened to Hammond?

You will refer to him as General Hammond or this conversation will be over. He was a great man and his memory deserves to be treated with proper respect Teal'c gets up, as if to leave.

I'm sorry, I meant no disrespect.

Teal'c sits back down, frowning at me. I feel like crap.

What happened to General Hammond?

He died of a heart attack. Zack was not involved.

Oh. So, for you, the fight continues?


/Just then a siren went off, red lights flashing. Over the intercom, a faceless voice announced unauthorized off-world gate activity and asked for Teal'c presence in the control room. I thanked Teal'c for his time. He formally bowed and took off for, presumably, the control room.

A soldier, Watson, according to the name tape on his uniform, escorted me out of the room and then out of the facility. I didn't get to see much, but I did see several armed soldiers racing down a corridor, armed and ready for action.

I guess the war, no matter if it involves the reanimated dead or some other threat from off-world, continues./

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