World War Z – SG1 Style

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Chapter 2

(I was surprisingly granted access to Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter, one of the more brilliant scientific minds on planet Earth and a combat veteran. She has seen action in the Persian Gulf, during the Great Panic, and in outer space. She is one of the original members of SG-1 and one of the two surviving members of the flagship team that defended us countless times from aliens that wanted to destroy us.)

Where have you been lately? Off-world?

(The blonde Lt. Colonel smiles blandly, her smile bright but slightly strained. One can see the stress of the years and the wars have put upon her.)

You know I can't divulge stuff like that. You said that you had questions concerning the war. Let's stick to that, okay?

Fine. So what did you do during the war?

Which one? The mess in the Mid-east? The one we had with the Replicators or the Goa'uld? How about the Ori? That one is still going on, unfortunately.

No, I meant the Great Panic. What did you do while fighting against Zack?

I was on the front lines for a while, and then I got pulled off and reassigned to research and development. U worked on naquadah reactors and then switched to modifying zats to use on Zack. Instead of it taking three shots to disintegrate someone or something, we modified it so it would disintegrate Zack with only one shot.

That would have been helpful early on in the war.

(Carter gives a half-hearted smile at this. Clearly she's heard this before.)

Do you have any idea how hard it was to adapt a zat for instant disintegration? If it had been easy, the Goa'uld would have figured it out thousands of years ago. Unfortunately due to how we re-routed the power supply, zats in that mode have a limited life span. They tend to give out after twenty shots, and then they are useless. Though I guess we could always through them at Zack, that it would do much good. The one-shot zats have their uses, but unfortunately they had a limited life and the supply of them was also limited. Raiding Goa'uld weapon depots is never easy and with Gate travel restricted because we did not want to accidently spread this disease to other worlds, especially our allies we didn't have a limitless supply of zats available. We also had a problem with teams going off-world and not coming back.

Were they captured by aliens? That was a really odd question to ask, even after all this time.

(She grimaces. This is obviously a painful subject.)

Generally, no. Okay, some were captured or killed. It's dangerous going off-world. There were still enemies out there that hate us Earth people. Even with the Goa'uld power base pretty much destroyed, there are Goa'uld system lords and the few power-hungry ones out there that still commanded formidable armies.

You're talking about Ba'al.

He's a particular thorn in our side. However, early on our greatest problem was desertion. We would send out personnel and they just would somehow not come back. As far as we could tell nothing violent happened to them. They just up and disappeared into the local native-alien population. I can't say I blame them entirely. What we were facing back here was so terrible, if a person had a chance to escape like that, it's not surprising.

Aren't those people considered deserters? Isn't there orders if they are found, they are to be brought back for trial?

Yes, that is true. They would be found guilty of desertion and cowardliness in the face of the enemy, per regulations in the UCMJ. After that, they will be sent to PX1-017 where we have set up a penal colony for criminals since places like Leavenworth and Terra Haute were destroyed in the war with Zack.

PX1-017 is a prison colony set up by the surviving nations of the IOA as a place to send their criminals. There is a naquadah mine there, that if the prisoners wish, they may work there to work off time of their sentence. It isn't a slave colony and human rights are respected there. This isn't some sort of Nazi concentration camp. It was just judged to be easier to send certain criminals to this place than house them on Earth. A person has to commit certain violent crimes and be approved by an independent over-sight committee to be sent there. Political dissidents, deadbeat parents, and the average shoplifter won't be sent there. Only the hardened criminals are sent there. There is a separate prison set up there for military personnel that are convicted of crimes like desertion and they are kept away from the general population

What about the rumor that you in the SGC aren't actively looking for these deserters that you are just letting them go?

If we find them, they are then brought back. Unfortunately for the vengeance seekers out there, they fail to realize how big the galaxy really can be. Also, we have the war with the Ori. That's keeping us kind of busy. It isn't a big priority when one is being chased and shot at by Ori followers and their armies.

We lost many of our leaders to the Zack, and replacing them is pretty hard. We have to find qualified people to help shore up the staff. Many have volunteered to help, but not everyone has the necessary skills that we need, plus many people have skills that are better suited to helping rebuild our world.

Can you expand on that last bit please?


Some of our people from first contact teams or combat units were put on the front lines in the war. The thinking was that these are experienced leaders and could assist the military in the fight. They were right, but they were just as likely as the next person to die, especially early on.

Like Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson? What was it like losing your former teammates, the ones that went though the Stargate to Abadon all those years ago?

It's Abydos, not Abadon. If you had read your Official Guide to the SGC, you'd know that. Losing Daniel wasn't easy, but since he didn't completely die or become a Zack, he's not really gone. He Ascended and is existing on a higher plane somewhere. Maybe he'll come back some day. (At this point, a stack of papers suddenly fluttered in a non-existent breeze.)

Losing Jack, I mean Colonel O'Neill was hard. It wasn't long after he died, I found out…

(I tried to press her further, to find out what she was going to say, but she wouldn't say what she had found out.)

I know that from speaking to the alien, Teal'c, that he was responsible for killing Colonel O'Neill. How do you feel about this? Have you spoken to him since then? Do you blame him for the Colonel's death?

He isn't the 'alien.' His name is Teal'c and he has more humanity in him than most people I know. So please refrain from calling him anything but Teal'c or this interview is over.

(Carter is visibly angry.)

I'm sorry.

I was grateful that Teal'c didn't allow him to become a monster. Killing him was a mercy and I am grateful to him for it. Thanks to Teal'c actions, I don't have to remember Jack as being a Zack. What he did was merciful and a blessing. At least he died with his boots on, if you want to get all clichéd about it.

I see Teal'c quite often and we still work together. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without him. He is a rock and I would not have made it this far without him. He is my best friend.

Why should we continue to try and save this world? Couldn't we just start over somewhere else in the galaxy?

First off, this is our home. This world can still be saved. Secondly, do you have any idea as to how hard it would be to relocate to a new world? The logistics of it is staggering. We would have to find an established world that would accept us as new citizens, plus we would have to modify ourselves and our behaviors, thoughts, and customs to this imaginary new world. Or if we were to start fresh on an uninhabited world, we would have to rebuild our society from the ground up. While I don't mind staying in a tent for a few days when off-world, I don't think most people would be willing to do that for generations. We like our creature comforts a bit too much. Anyway, this is our home and it is worth fixing.

Is there anything else you want to know?

What are you doing these days?

I am working on a few projects, though I am not at liberty to discuss them with you, and my son keeps me busy these days.

Your son?

Yes, my son. His name is Daniel Jackson Junior. If that is all, I have to go now. I have lots to do and little time to do it in.

(She rises from her chair; clearly the interview is over.)

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