I'm With You

A Twilight Fanfic

By sylamesio123

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WARNING: Explicit Content in this chapter

Chapter 1. I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

Bella Swan

We walked back to the Cullen's house, my stomach churning.

When we stepped into the clearing their eyes narrowed, well all of the ones that weren't dry sobbing.

Esme was on the ground sobbing into Carlisle's chest. I could hear the pain in her cries. I held my breath when I heard her whispering "Why?" over and over again. I would have started dry sobbing myself if my whole life depended on not letting anyone know I hadn't killed Edward and Isolde.

Emmett and Jasper were glaring at us while they held their mates in their arms as they also dry sobbed. I wondered why Alice hadn't seen what I had done. I wondered if it was because a so-called "physic" didn't see what they didn't want to see, something that would bring them pain. I wondered if she had blocked the image of what I had done to Edward. It could be possible.

"Just…go." Jasper whispered, his voice broken in sorrow. For a moment, just a moment, pain flickered across my face, though; I quickly fixated my features back into the unemotional mask.

I nodded and grabbed Damien's hand, no matter how much my body and my un-beating heart protested. His hand felt colder than ever against me equally as freezing skin. He smiled at me before he picked me up and started running through the forest toward our home, leaving the Cullen family and Edward behind me.

Alice Cullen

I sobbed and sobbed until my chest hurt and felt like something was crushing it. I was sitting on the porch with Jasper on our swinging, my head on his shoulder, my heart pained, when we saw a figure appear out of the darkness of the forest.


My eyes widened and I literally screamed in joy as I ran to him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"What happened? Why aren't you dear?" I sobbed into his shoulder.

He smiled, and hugged me back just as tightly, "Bella let Isolde and me go. I knew she was still good, deep in my heart."

Behind me I heard Jasper running toward us, joining our hug. "Esme! Carlisle! Rosalie! Emmett! Edward…he's…he's alive!" Jasper screamed in joy. Suddenly my whole family was outside, hugging Edward, and sobbing dry tears.

"I need to leave." He said abruptly, "I need to go find Bella, and bring her back home, where she belongs."

Bella Swan

He laid me on the bed, his cold hands running up and down my body. I gasped when his hands slid under my bra massaging my breasts.

I hadn't wanted to do this, not in the least, but I couldn't let him know that something was going on with me, so I had to act like my normal self would when he asked me to do this kind of stuff.

I smiled a fake smiled as I undid his pants and pulled them down slowly. I could now see his member bulging through the fabric of his blue silk boxers. I smirked and pulled them down also, as he did the same to my underwear.

I rubbed my hand up and down his shaft to the point where he was gasping for air and moaning in pleasure. He stuck a finger into my juices and started to pump it in and out. I gasped as he ender two more fingers.

I was close to my release, and so was he. Pre-cum was dripping through my fingers and onto the bed as I massaged Damien manhood. I laughed when he moaned my name, "Bella, please, I need to be in you." I nodded and pulled his hand out of my clit and stopping rubbing his shaft.

I spread my legs far apart and he positioned himself at my entrance before he entered me slowly, and then pulled out immediately.

I couldn't help but admit that it felt immeasurably good, but somehow it felt wrong, like I wasn't supposed to me doing this with him. Though, he was my boyfriend. That thought also seemed very, very wrong.

After many, many more thrust we both released at the same time. He pulled out of me and we laid on the bed for a long while, not saying anything to each other, when suddenly the door burst open.

Damien groaned and immediately pulled the blanket over us when he saw Demi in the doorway. I was slightly embarrassed, but I laughed anyway at the awkward moment.

"Um, Bella, there is someone here to see you." He tried to muffle his laughter. I sighed and nodded.

"I'll be right out."

I got dressed quickly and ran down to the Main Room.

I opened the door and smiled at Aro, Caius, and Marcus, who were, as always, in the Main Room. But they did not smile back. They just glared at whoever was in front of them.

I turned to see someone I hadn't seen in many, many years.

Jacob. He was the same age. (A werewolf thing)

Well, great, exactly what I need. More drama.

A/N: sorry about Damien and Bella doing it. I didn't like writing it very much. And remember this is BxE. It will all work out in the end.