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"U!" --Human Speech

'Zi!' --Human Thinking

'Ma!' --Demon Thinking

"Ki!" --Demon Speech

Naruto Rendan --Jutsu


Leaves faintly rustled as a shaded figure dashed from branch to branch across the forest bordering Konoha. Barely making a sound, he landed just before the gate.

"Halt." commanded the guard. "State your purpose."

"I'm here for a meeting with the Hokage." the stranger said, lifting his head to show the tattered leaf headband he wore. He had a gray hooded sweater that hid his face but the headband glinted in the light.

Walking over to the guard, the visitor slowly pulled out a pass and handed it to him.

"Very well." the guard said after looking it over. "You may pass."

The stranger nodded his head before retrieving his pass and walking into Konoha. 'Well Hokage-sama, I'm here.'




"Naruto! Wake up!" Iruka yelled at his favorite student. "How many times have I told you not to fall asleep?"

"I wasn't asleep Iruka-sensei... I was just thinking really hard." Naruto answered with a cheeky, yet sleepy grin.

"Oh really? About what, exactly?"

"What being a ninja is all about. I'm goin' to be Hokage one day. Then I'll show everyone that Naruto Uzumaki is the best of the best!" Naruto said loudly. "But first I have to take that stupid test..."

"As long as you try your best, I know you'll graduate." Iruka said with a kind smile. "But I don't think falling asleep the day before graduation, is a very good idea. Being in the back of the class doesn't exactly help your chances of passing this time either." Iruka said with a stern face.

"Oh yeah? Well... don't you have a class to teach?" Naruto said getting agitated.

"It's already over, Naruto. You'd know that if you payed half as much attention in class as you paid for your ramen bill." Iruka finished before Naruto left the nearly empty classroom.

'What am I supposed to train on for the rest of the day?' Naruto thought to himself as he headed home. "I know! I'll make some ramen and do some exercising at home. Maybe practice my taijustu."


The new ninja walked throughout the long hallways of the Hokage Tower, before finally finding the Hokage's office. "Come in." he heard after knocking on the door.

"Hokage-sama." The mysterious ninja said as he entered the office. "I'm here." he stated before taking a seat and staring at the Hokage.

"You never were one to waste time chit-chatting, were you, Rayn-kun?" Sarutobi asked. "If you want to start now, I can give you Naruto's address." he offered kindly.

"That won't be necessary." Rayn said as he stood up and brushed off his pants. "I've already located him." he said as he left the Hokage's office with a small puff of smoke, heading out to examine the one he had heard so much about.

Sarutobi sat at his desk and took a long drag from his pipe. Breathing out, he spoke out-loud to himself. "Ah, Rayn-kun. You were like an apprentice to me." Memories coursed through his head as a nostalgic smile crept onto the Hokage's face.

Rayn caught himself before sneezing as he jumped from one rooftop to the next. 'Naruto Uzumaki, huh? Maybe I'll get to have some fun.' Rayn thought to himself, a mischievous smile forming on his face.


The next morning, Naruto arrived at the academy building just before the test started. All his classmates were busy talking about what the test might be like; each were trying to talk over the rest. "All right everyone!" Iruka shouted, instantly quieting the room. "As you all know, today is the day you all take the test to become full fledged Leaf ninja."

"This is a very serious thing and we expect each of you to act appropriately." Mizuki said. "Now everyone outside. We'll start with the physical part of the exam." Everyone filed outside while Naruto led the pack, a smug look on his face.

'I knew it'd be a good idea to workout last night.' He thought to himself, not realizing that both Iruka and Mizuki told everyone a summery of what the test was to be like the day before.

"Now everyone line up so we can determine your physical standings." After everyone formed a line, he continued. "Now each of you will do as many push-ups as you can without resting. Mizuki and I will monitor you, making corrections to your stance when needed. Go." he finished as some of the foolish academy students, including Naruto, dropped down and rushed to do as many as possible, as quickly as possible, ending with most of them burning out fast. Luckily, Naruto's stamina proved handy as he was able to keep going long enough to finish with four more than Kiba and only two less than Sasuke.

"Very impressive. I can tell many of you trained hard for this moment." Iruka said, beaming with pride as his students exceeded his expectations. "Now, on to your next test, weapon handling." he continued. "Each of you, one at a time, must use the kunai and shuriken provided, to get as close as you can to each bullseye. Please be careful so that there's no accidents." Iruka said, remembering the last time one of them sneezed while throwing a kunai. 'That poor dog.' "Go." he said as the first person in line grabbed the tools from Mizuki.

As Naruto walked up to Mizuki, last in the line, beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. He couldn't remember the last time he practiced accuracy outside of school and was sure he'd miss. 'Let's hope for the best.' Naruto thought as he lifted the knife up, his hand slightly shaking. After a gulp he threw the kunai with all he had and pierced the bullseye. "Yes!" he shouted, completely shocking everyone else.

"V-Very good Naruto." Iruka managed to say. He couldn't believe Naruto had done it.

'He sure has some luck going for him.' Rayn thought to himself, hidden among the trees.

"This'll be a piece of cake!" Naruto shouted before he took the rest of the kunai and shuriken and threw them at the target, just as he did the first. They each soared through the air and then clanked together or went askew, only to ended up on the ground. "Oh come on!" Naruto yelled in frustration, the academy kids that had been shocked speechless, had now erupted into laughter.

'Or not.'

"Ahem." Iruka coughed loudly. "The next event is the second to last one, the sparring test. Everyone will have a spare with me one on one while Mizuki grades from a different perspective." One by one all the students went up and faced Iruka, all putting up a good fight until only two students were left. "Next, Sasuke Uchiha."

Sasuke walked up to Iruka with the same expressionless face he had everyday. After getting into a stance, Mizuki started the match and Sasuke charged.(1) He met Iruka with a high kick to the face, when he blocked, Sasuke dropped and tried a low sweep kick. Iruka jumped over him and kicked Sasuke in the back. Lifting himself back up he charged again, this time Iruka made a kick and launched Sasuke back a few feet. Running towards him, Iruka noticed Sasuke smirk, but it was too late. He jumped away as he stepped on an exploding tag and was blown further back. He tried to land safely, but twisted his ankle in the process.

"That's enough Sasuke." Iruka said as Mizuki helped him up. "Naruto, you'll have to spar with Mizuki. I'd like to test you myself but can't do that with my ankle twisted like this." he said with a wince.

"Don't worry Iruka-sensei. I'll show you what I can do. I'll kick his butt!" Naruto said.

"Go!" Iruka yelled. Mizuki ran towards Naruto and vice versa as they both closed in on each other. Naruto got ready to punch Mizuki in the face while Mizuki dodged the hit while flipping over Naruto and kicking him in the head. Naruto got back up and ran towards Mizuki, pulling his right arm back in the process. Swinging, Naruto's assault failed as Mizuki grabbed the fist and threw him at a tree. Naruto went down hard as Mizuki got a kunai out, drawing his arm back to throw. "Be careful Mizuki! It's only a spar!" Iruka called out as Mizuki threw the weapon at a dazed Naruto. Inches away from its mark the kunai was deflected by one of its own and struck the ground. Looking up at where the other kunai came from, Mizuki thought he saw a ninja that looked familiar. When he squinted to make sure, all he saw was another empty space on the tree.

'For a second I thought Rayn was back in town. He would have made my plans much more-'. Mizuki was interrupted in mid-thought by Iruka talking in a strained whisper, saying. "What was that!? You could have really hurt him!"

"I think I know what I'm doing Iruka." Mizuki said before turning back to the class. "Now finally the last test, ninjustu. Everyone back inside so we can test you all separately, tally up your scores, and see if you passed or not."


Naruto entered the grading room last. After messing up on his Bunshin No Jutsu, he wasn't really so sure that he passed the test. 'I did pretty well in the first part but that was about it.' he thought to himself. 'Everything else was really crappy. Especially my fight with Mizuki.'

"Well Naruto, I'm very proud of you." Iruka started.

'Could this mean I passed?' Naruto thought hopefully.

"But I'm sorry to say you didn't pass."(2)

Naruto's shocked face told Iruka everything. Mustering up enough of his voice to talk, Naruto said, "But I tried my best, my hardest, my all! I busted my ass trying to pass!"

"Sometimes that isn't enough." Iruka said to him, not meeting his gaze.

"I can't believe I actually trusted you... You're nothing but a liar!" Naruto yelled at him before turning and running away.

"Naruto, wait!" Iruka yelled, his injury keeping him from going anywhere.


Naruto sat alone in his house, staring at the wall. He glared holes at it until a knock at the door alerted him that someone was outside. "Mizuki-sensei? Why are you here?" Naruto asked after being greeted by Mizuki's smiling face.

"Naruto, I know you're depressed about not passing the genin test, but did you know you can still make it?"

"Really!? How!?"

"Just show us your stealth techniques and get the forbidden scroll from the Hokage's office."

"But won't that get me in trouble?" Naruto asked.

"Since this is a test, you'll get in trouble only if you get caught."

"Hmmm..." Naruto said to himself. "That sounds ok. I'll do it!"

"Excellent. At 2:30 in the morning, meet me at these coordinates with the scroll." Mizuki said, handing Naruto a map. "Make sure not to look in the scroll." he said sternly.

"Why not? What's in the scroll?"

"Lots of powerful forbidden jutsu and other secret information. Now get ready for your mission." Mizuki said before he left.

If Naruto could see Mizuki's face, he'd see a sly smile from his plan coming together. If Mizuki could see Naruto's face, he'd see a slight drool coming from his mouth at the prospect of having super cool jutsu in his hands.


-Later that same day

Naruto darted from tree to tree on his way back from getting the scroll. Looking around the area of the tree he just landed in, Naruto finally realized something. He was lost. "Why did Mizuki give me a map and instructions he knows I can't understand or follow? And what the heck is 'longitude'!?"


'That brat better get here quick. It's already 2:43!' Mizuki thought to himself.


"I know!" Naruto said after making a plan. "I'll just wait here for Mizuki-sensei." he said after sitting down next to a tree. 'But what will I do to pass the time?' Naruto thought to himself. Looking over at the scroll, he started to wonder what kinds of super cool jutsu were hiding inside. 'No. I can't open the scroll.' he thought as a gust of wind, courtesy of Rayn, knocked over the scroll, unraveling it. "Well, maybe a peek."

Naruto grinned as he crawled over to the scroll, reading through the information until coming to a jutsu. "Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu."(3) Naruto read out loud. Looking further, he found a description. "An advanced medical jutsu used to heal wounds. The user's hand begins to glow green as the chakra blah, blah, blah." Naruto yawned. "Who cares about some stupid medic technique anyway? It's not like a medic has ever been Hokage... Besides, when am I ever going to need that?"

Looking again, Naruto found one that looked a little more familiar. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu? That looks kinda like the Bunshin no Jutsu." he said while glaring at the paper. "I don't want anything to do with that... Wait, what's this?" he asked himself while looking at the description.

"Unlike the normal Bunshin no Jutsu, this jutsu creates not illusions, but real bodies of the user. The clones can help in and outside of battle and disperse if they receive sufficient damage. The user's chakra is evenly distributed among the user and each clone..."

"This sounds pretty cool. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad to learn after all. I'll give it a shot." Naruto said as he read the instructions and readied himself to learn a new jutsu.


"Hokage-sama, what's going on? Why are the ANBU members searching the village?" Iruka asked, a deep sense of trouble-to-come had bothered him ever since Naruto stormed out of the academy.

"It appears as though Naruto-kun has stolen the forbidden scroll. You've come at a good time Iruka, I've just located him. You better get there soon though, it appears someone with evil intent is already with him."

"Then I'll go get him as fast as I can. " Iruka said as he hurried out of the Hokage's office after memorizing Naruto's whereabouts.


"Whew, I'm exhausted." Naruto said as he finished up his lesson. "Now that I got that jutsu down, maybe I can learn another."

As he reached for the scroll, a kunai pierced the ground next to him, barely missing his hand. "Don't. Touch. That. Scroll." Mizuki growled out.

"Uh, hey... I was just, uh..."

"You were just disobeying my instructions."

"No, I didn't mean to. It was just-"

"Forget about it. Just step aside, and maybe you'll still become a genin."

"...Ok." Naruto mumbled. He looked to the ground as he moved away from the scroll.

"Good." Mizuki said as he reached behind his back and pulled out another kunai. "Now wait right there while I get your headband."


Rayn leaned against the tree he was currently on, watching as Iruka came speeding in save Naruto. 'It looks as though he's struggling. This should be good.'


"Naruto!" Iruka shouted as he landed in front of Mizuki. "Why did you steal the scroll!? That's an important item and is of vital importance to the village."

"Wait, what?" Naruto asked, confused by the new information. "Mizuki-sensei said this was all a test; that once I did it, I'd graduate."



"It appears as though Naruto-kun has stolen the forbidden scroll. You've come at a good time Iruka, I've just located him. You better get there soon though, it appears someone with evil intent is already with him."

End Flashback

"Evil intent..." Iruka said as the truth dawned on him. "Naruto... Get down."


"Get down now!" Iruka yelled as he jumped over to Naruto. Spinning in the air, he threw a kunai to block the one Mizuki sent. "Listen to me Naruto. I need you to take the scroll and go back to the village."

"But what about the test?" he asked.

"There never was a test! Mizuki lied to you."

"Oh come on Iruka. You're calling me a liar after you told him he could actually be a ninja? Don't make me laugh."

"What is he talking about?"

"Mizuki, shut up!"

"Why? It's not like he can be more than just a weapon. After all, that's all monsters are good for."

"Hey!" Naruto yelled. "Who are you calling a monster?"

"You, Kyuubi-brat. But I guess you wouldn't know anything about that, huh? Let me update you on your own history."

"That's enough!" Iruka yelled, lunging at Mizuki.


'I should really go help...' Rayn thought to himself. Reaching into his weapon pouch, Rayn pulled out a sandwich. 'Nah.' he thought as he bit into it.


Mizuki kicked and Iruka blocked with his arm. Landing a few feet back, Iruka grimaced as he felt his injury from earlier that day take its toll on his ankle.

"Well, well. It looks like you're still hurt from your fight with our star pupil. What kind of chunin are you?" Mizuki mocked as he stalked over to Iruka.

"Stay back!" Naruto shouted as he stepped in front of Iruka, his hands in a new formation. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he yelled as smoke encased the small surface of their battlefield.

"You tried to hurt my teacher and you lied to me." The two Narutos said simultaneously. "For that, I'm gonna kick your a-"

Before Naruto could finish, Mizuki was in front of him. He backhanded the clone, forcing it to poof away, before kicking Naruto directly in the ribs. He doubled over in pain as Mizuki walked back to Iruka. "Now, where was I?"

Iruka ran towards Mizuki and threw a punch. Blocking it, Mizuki sent a low sweep-kick and connected with the injured ankle. Throwing two shuriken, Mizuki struck Iruka in both shoulders.

Naruto slowly got back up before he saw Iruka get punched in the face by Mizuki, blood trailing down his face. "Stop it!" Naruto cried. "Why are you doing this?"

"Why am I doing this? I don't have to tell you a thing. You demon." he said, glaring at Naruto before sending another kick to Iruka's face.

Iruka reacted just in time, grabbing Mizuki's foot and twisting it, causing him to jump back and allowing Iruka to get up. "N-Naruto... run." he said weakly.

"I'm not going to leave you. You're all I've got."

"What do you mean, Naruto?"

"If I leave and then you die, I'll never be able to forgive myself. You were always there if I didn't understand a lesson, if I 'mysteriously lost' my food money, or if I just needed someone to talk to... Without you, I'd be alone."

"That really means a lot to me, Naruto." Iruka said before falling face-first to the ground, a giant shuriken-like object embedded in his back.

"Thanks a lot for distracting him for me, Naruto." Mizuki said with an evil smirk on his face. "I couldn't have done it without you."

"...Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked, kneeling down next to his teacher. "Please... Answer me... Please!"

"Hey, hey, hey. What's the matter Naruto?" Mizuki asked with no concern.

Naruto stayed hunched over, a lone tear dropping from his face. "N-Naruto. Don't cry." Iruka whispered. "I have a new genin test for you... just make it out of here alive."

Naruto nodded before Iruka closed his eyes once more.


'It's about time something happened.' Rayn thought to himself as energy started to swirl around Naruto's body.


"You..." Naruto growled out as he stood up. "I'm going to beat you up!"

The lines on Naruto's face grew wider and darker, gaining a fierce tone. His eyes dilated before being tinted with a slight purple accent. Naruto's usually shaggy hair seemed to stand as the energy whipped up a slight dust tornado.

"I'm going to make you regret that." Mizuki said before throwing two kunai at Naruto. He dodged them before rushing Mizuki, throwing a punch that missed its mark. Catching him by the arm, Mizuki hurled Naruto into a tree, denting it in the process. "Is that all you got?" he asked as Naruto forced his body to stand.

"I'm not even warmed up yet." Naruto said with a smirk, before charging at Mizuki again. He threw a barrage of punches, each one deflected by his opponent. Suddenly, Naruto flipped backwards, kicking Mizuki in the chin.

"Why you spastic little punk." Mizuki spat out, cradling his injured jaw. Naruto just smirked back at him. "No more Mr. Nice-Guy." Mizuki said as he charged Naruto. Throwing a punch, he kneed Naruto in the ribcage as he dodge the diversion. Bending over, Naruto was elbowed in the back before receiving a kick to the face on his way down. He was launched head-first into a tree before blacking out. "Stupid kids these days." Mizuki said as he massaged his arms. "They got no respect for authority."


'I may have to get involved.' Rayn thought to himself. '...I'll give 'em about 5 more minutes.' Another sandwich was already in his hand.


"Where am I?" Naruto mumbled out as he woke up to find himself in what looked like a large prison. "And why is it wet in here?" he asked, surrounded by water reaching up to his calves.

Doing the best thing to do when you find yourself lost,(4) Naruto started to walk around aimlessly. Finally coming to a colossal(5) room, he looked around and found a cage as wide and tall as the room itself. A tiny parchment was on the gate with the kangi for seal on it. "Hello?" Naruto said, checking if anyone was inside.

"Hello." said a voice that made Naruto shiver. "What's a small boy like you, doing in a big place like this?"

"Actually, I was wondering the same thing."

'I'm not small... I'm just fun sized.'

"Could you help me out?" Naruto pleaded.

"Sure. Just come a little closer."

"I'm just a little confused right now." Naruto confessed as he stepped even closer to the gate. Huge claws hit the spaces beside him as Naruto froze with fear.

'So close.'

"Just a little bit more would be good."

"Screw that!" Naruto yelled as he ran to what he thought would be a safe zone. "Now, who are you?"

Rustling was heard from the cage as if something was getting in a more comfortable position."I'm the one." the stranger said. "The one they think they're talking to when they say 'monster' or 'demon'. The one the hatred is truly aimed at."


"Why? It's not like he can be more than just a weapon. After all, that's all monsters are good for."

"Why am I doing this? I don't have to tell you a thing. You demon."

"You, Kyuubi-brat. But I guess you wouldn't know anything about that, huh? Let me update you on your own history."

End Flashback

"Kyuubi?" Naruto asked with fear in his eyes.

"Bingo, Kit." Kyuubi said as it's face was revealed. Huge, sharp teeth and glowing red eyes were all Naruto could see. "Now come here."


As Mizuki finished raveling the scroll and picking up all his weapons, he was about to leave but looked over and saw Naruto's body twitch. "Oh great, the brat's alive." he said as he pulled one of his kunai out. "Better go finish him."


Red smoke surrounded Naruto and slowly dragged him over to the cage. He struggled to get free as he was lifted to Kyuubi's face. "Are you going to eat me?" Naruto asked. "'Cause if you are, just know that I haven't taken a bath yet."

"Don't worry Naruto, I want to help you."

"What do you mean by help? How can I trust you?"

"We'll talk later. Right now, the man that killed Iruka is heading for your body."

"Mizuki!? What am I going to do?"

"Take this." Kyuubi said as the gas engulfed Naruto completely, forming a fox like barrier around him. "I'll contact you after he's dead."


Mizuki kicked Naruto and watched him topple over. "He's barely hanging on, hmm? I guess this seals the deal." he said before tossing the kunai. Walking away, Mizuki felt air shoot past him as the kunai he just threw, was launched back at him, narrowly missing his neck. "What the-"

"Hey!" Naruto growled out. Standing up, Naruto shot Mizuki an icy glare. The flame-like redness of his eyes, contrasted with coldness he was radiating.

"Well look who's back." Mizuki smirked. "What're gonna do now? 'Beat me up' again?" he said with a laugh.

"No. I'm going to kill you." Naruto said, his voice a strange mixture of what it normally was, and something different.

Naruto was in front of Mizuki before he even realized that Naruto had moved. A barrage of punches with a quick kick combo left Mizuki in immense pain. Pulling his arm back, Naruto threw it forward and hit Mizuki square in the face, launching him into a tree. Getting up slowly, Mizuki pulled out the same giant shuriken that killed Iruka and threw it at Naruto. Although he easily dodged, Naruto used what looked like a tail made of red liquid to grab, and send back flying, the shuriken.

Mizuki tried to dodge his own weapon, but thanks to what felt like a strange poison in his body, he was struck in the chest. Pinned to a tree, Mizuki hung paralyzed, knowing he couldn't do anything as he slowly died from blood loss and heart failure.


'Very impressive.' Rayn thought as he jumped to the ground. 'I guess I'll go congratulate him.'


Naruto slowly lost his newfound power as he lost consciousness. Waking up, back in the room, Naruto walked over to Kyuubi to say his thanks. "Thank you for allowing me to avenge my sensei, Mr. Kyuubi."

The room shook as it was filled with Kyuubi's laughter. "Mr. Kyuubi, eh? Let me show you something, boy."

The same smoke as before filled the room, only this time, it wasn't pulling Naruto towards the cage. It slowly built up until Naruto wasn't even able to see the giant bars of the gate. Dispersing all at once, the smoke blew Naruto back, making him land on his head.

"Ow! What was that for?" he complained.

"Just take a look." Kyuubi said as it approached the steel bars.

Naruto saw a woman. She was at least a foot taller than he was now. Her skin was pale, yet it held a certain tan-like tone. Her long brown hair swayed with no wind in the room and her toned body almost glowed in the dimly lit place. "Like what you see?" she asked as Naruto's jaw dropped.


"A girl?" Kyuubi said, trying to help Naruto speak.



Rayn looked upon Naruto as he twitched slightly. 'He's like a dog in a dream...' Rayn thought to himself as Naruto's hands and legs started to move up and down.


"Well what did you expect? It's not like I can buy clothes here." Kyuubi said, waving a hand around to make her point.

"Just cover up!" Naruto yelled, a heavy blush forming on his face.

Tails that appeared to come from nowhere covered Kyuubi's nude form as she walked closer to Naruto, making sure not to get too close to the gate. "For a male, you seem pretty shy."

"Just shut up." Naruto said, still embarrassed. "Look, just tell me where we are, please."

"We're inside your stomach."(6) "Now as for your gratitude, I don't need it. All I want from you, is to take this piece of paper off the cage." Kyuubi instructed as she pointed to the seal.

"Why should I help you?" Naruto asked. "You're the Kyuubi!"

"Who's the one that gave you the power to save yourself? Who's the one that helped you avenge your teacher? Without me, you'd be dead."

"...You're right." Naruto said as he looked down, his bangs covering his eyes. "But how do I know you won't attack the village again? How can I trust you?"

"...If you can't trust me, who can you trust? Face it, Naruto. Without Iruka, who's going to look out for you?"


"Let's make a deal. You let me out of here, and I'll help you out a little."


"Well, as you know, I'm the Kyuubi. I have lots of power and I might be willing to share some with you."

"...Go on." Naruto said as he approached the fox.

"How did that power feel? Good?" Kyuubi asked, receiving a nod from Naruto. "I bet it did. Now how would you like more? Four times as much."

"That. Would be. Awesome."

"Indeed. So how about it? Deal?" she asked, holding out a hand.

"Deal." Naruto said as he reached inside the cage and shook Kyuubi's hand. Naruto was jerked forward, his lips smashing on Kyuubi's as she held him there. "What was that!?" Naruto yelled as he jumped back.

"Just sealing the deal." she said with a toothy grin. "Now, how about you go ahead and-"

BAM! Kyuubi was interrupted as Naruto disappeared.

"Mmmm!" Kyuubi said as she cursed underneath her breath. 'So close.'


Naruto awoke to find a man with both Mizuki and Iruka on his shoulders. Looking at him, he could see a Konoha head band on his face. "Who are you?" Naruto asked as he got up.

"Let's go back to Konoha." Rayn said, ignoring Naruto's question. "We have to get these two bodies buried. Nice fight, by the way." Rayn finished before he started walking away.

"Hey!" Naruto yelled angrily. "If you got here in time to see the fight, why didn't you help me!?"

Rayn stopped and turned around. "I've been following you since you failed the graduation exam."

"Then you just sat around watching Iruka-sensei die!?"

"...I ate a sandwich."

"...I'll kill you!" Naruto yelled as he ran towards Rayn. He threw a punch that was easily dodged before getting kicked in the stomach.

"Why are you so mad at me?" Rayn asked innocently.

"B-Because you just watched as my teacher died!" Naruto struggled to say, still in pain.

"It's not my fault he died. After all, I don't know any medical jutsu. Do you?"


(1) This is my first time writing fight scenes...

(2) This is technically Naruto's 3rd time failing... Shouldn't he be at least 2 years older than the rest of the genin... and why hasn't Sasuke taken the exams already... like the year before? Why?

(3) This was the only medical technique I could find... so, yeah.

(4) Do not attempt.

(5) Big.

(6) Why do some people think it's the mind? The seal is on the belly, guys.


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