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Warning: Mild text/language.

"U!" ----Human Speech

'Zu!' ----Human Thinking

'Ma!' ----Demon Thinking

"Ki!" ----Demon Speech

Naruto Rendan ----Jutsu or Seal

"" "blah" also emphasized words.

Naruto's nose twitched as a long, furry tail glided over his face. It held a rich red color that seemed to glow when the sunlight hit it just right. The gentle softness of the tail contradicted the enormous strength of the demon that it was attached to. The tail wisped over his face again, barely touching the sleeping ninja's nose. With a light sneeze, Naruto awoke to a giant, red, demonic fox. The animal was so huge that most of its body couldn't even fit into the house, causing Naruto's roof to be lifted from its previous position to the Kyuubi's back.

"Hello, Naruto...." Kyuubi said with what could only be described as an extremely toothy grin. The resulting scream could be heard from clear across the village.

Sasuke Uchiha did not like his team. Aside from the annoying, pink-haired fan-girl, there was some new kid that thought he was the shit, just because he gave a beating to the dead last of their class. Whoa, how impressive. Sasuke knew he could've done that same thing at least three times as fast. Naruto was never what Sasuke would call, "teammate material"..... But then again, who was? The obvious answer was not his current ones. He'd lose his mind and probably betray the village..... or something like that if he was stuck with such a lame team.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Naruto screamed as he woke up from the horrible dream.

"Calm down, Naruto, calm down. It was all just a dream." Kyuubi reassured.


".... Really, Naruto?"




".... Ok, now that that's over." Kyuubi started. "You don't have to worry about my turning into a physical being problem anymore."

'Why not? ....ah.'

"Because I have a solution. First off, there will be no turning into a giant demon fox.... at least not now. Secondly, no obvious "I'm the Kyuubi, look at my unique red/orange hair, eyes, and fox-like features" transformations. And last-"

'Well what will you change into?'


'If it can't be something like the form you had in the cage, what will it be?'

"....Most likely a Henge of someone.... like a Kage no Bunshin of yours."

'Wow.... that's a good idea.'

"Yes, but anyway-"

Sasuke Uchiha did not like his team..... however, he was not an idiot.... obviously. Slightly arrogant? Maybe. But he was not one to let his personality, or lack thereof, cloud his judgment...... usually. When the new substitute he never heard of, brought in a new genin he never heard of, Sasuke just dismissed it as inconsequential. Even after he witnessed the beating Aryn (or whatever his stupid name was) gave Naruto, Sasuke still couldn't care less about the new guy. But now that the new student was on his team, Sasuke had to care. After being informed yesterday that there would be a survival test to determine whether or not they stayed genin, or they got sent back to the academy, Sasuke was determined to make sure what's-his-face was up to snuff. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that he could pass it alone, but if in the off chance that they were grouped together as some sort of all pass or fail thing, at least having one person to rely on would help ease his nerves.

Unfortunately for Sasuke, unlike Sakura, who would follow his every word, Aryn actually had a backbone. "Hey, Aryn." Sasuke started as the boy arrived late to the meeting point..... almost three whole hours late! "Why are you so late?"

"I'm late?" Aryn asked as he looked around the training field. "That's funny, I thought we were supposed to meet Kakashi-sensei here."

"We are..... He just hasn't arrived yet."

"So technically I'm early." Aryn corrected with a smirk.

"......" Sasuke Uchiha was not amused.

"Good morning, students." Kakashi cheerfully supplied as he finally showed up. "Who's ready for the exam?"

"You're late!" Sakura and Aryn yelled out simultaneously. "Hey, where do you get off saying that Aryn? You literally just got here."

"....Way to put me on the spot, Sakura..... Well, I kinda got held up."


"Well, my black cat broke its leash and escaped while I was giving it a walk.... and I kinda bumped into an old lady on my way over here.... and I kinda switched around some of Konoha's street signs as a practical joke.... So, yeah."



'.....That bastard.' Kakashi thought to himself. "....Anyway, back to the exam. You each have a chance to be sent back to the academy and forced to repeat the entire last year."

"Wow, that would suck. How do we avoid it?" Aryn asked.

"Easy, just get one of the two bells that I have in my possession." Kakashi stated simply, motioning to the objects dangling from his belt.

"Dibs!" Aryn yelled out as he charged for the prize that was rightfully his.

"What?" the two remaining genin asked.


'I think that's a great plan.' Naruto thought-spoke. 'But.... now what?'

"Allow me to explain our situation and your powers in better detail. Because you released the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki, I'm able to leave your body at my own free will, but with only slightly higher than 2/5ths of the power I can have at full capacity. After the last two Shishou Fuuin seals are destroyed, I'll have my power and you'll have yours. Right now, with the release of the Hakke no Fuuin Shiki, I can permanently grant you about a tail and a half's worth of chakra to be yours."

'So it's like a power-up?'

"Exactly, just like in a game."

'Ok.... So do we go looking for the other seals to.... 'unlock' more power?'

"Not with Rayn around. For now, let's go somewhere to train your powers, and test mine."

And with that, Naruto climbed out of bed to begin his day of training, all while ignoring the questions coming from different parts of his house asking him why he had stayed in bed screaming for so long.

"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" Aryn yelled as he ran toward the bells and the teacher they were attached to.

In a flash of speed, Kakashi had Aryn pinned down, face in the dirt. "Now, now children. Let's try to act civilized." The young boy's arms and legs flailed out wildly as he tried to escape his imprisonment.

"Calm down Sasuke.... Take deep brea.... err.... never mind." Aryn chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Just watch out for the moles. They can get territorial."

"What!? Aryn, what are you doing, standing where Sasuke was just a second ago!?!" Sakura shouted out while pointing to further show her surprise.

"....Did they not teach this year's genin the Kawarimi no Jutsu?"

"....Yeah, well.... You didn't shout out that you were doing it like most ninja do when they use a technique." Sakura offered.

"Yeah, because I'm not an idiot... and besides that, when was the last time you even fought a ninja and they shouted out their plans?"

"Mmmm mmm muggle pharph!" Sasuke shouted through the dirt.

"Ok, Naruto. Make about twenty Kage Bunshins and leave the rest to me." Kyuubi said as Naruto arrived at a nearby training area.

"Ok." Naruto said as he readied himself. Drawing on his newfound chakra, Naruto easily shot out twenty grade A clones. 'What's next?' Naruto said as he felt something slip away from inside him.

"What are we gonna do?" a clone asked.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Maybe we should spar." one clone stated.


'Bingo.' the demon thought-spoke back to him.

"Alright, I like his idea. Let's fight! Everyone grab a partner." Naruto said as he made a b-line for Kyuubi.

'Let's give him a show.' Kyuubi thought-spoke as she threw a hay maker Naruto's way. Connecting with a kick to the head, she continued her assault with a flurry of punches, jabs, and kicks to the mid-section that ended with Naruto being launched into the air by an uppercut. Naruto regained his ground and did a short four hit combo that was interrupted when Kyuubi appeared behind him with kick to the back that had him kissing the dirt.... hard. It occurred to Naruto that he did have shuriken and that right now might be the best time to use them. What didn't occur was that Kyuubi had them too. After some high speed dodging and too many near-hits, a scratched up Naruto devised a new plan.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" He shouted as all the currently fighting clones stopped to see if they were being called before going back to fighting. The newly summoned clones took to attacking and dog-piling Kyuubi. "Here goes nothin'." Naruto said as he threw a paper bomb tied to a kunai at the massive heap of clones. A huge explosion of smoke knocked Naruto back a foot as he heard his own voice from behind him say, "Two things, never cushion the explosion like that for anyone but yourself, and change it up some. Attack differently based on what you have on your opponent." As Naruto turned to thank Kyuubi for her advice, he received a kick to the face that sent him flying backwards. "Oh, and three; this fight isn't over by the way."

Once Naruto was back up, Kyuubi attacked with another flurry of punches that Naruto was barely able to block off. He countered with a few punches that were all easily dodged and chased Kyuubi over to where one clone had defeated another. Thanks to a quick head movement that Kyuubi barely missed, the clone knew to sneak up on her and attack from behind while she was busy. With that swift kick to the head, Kyuubi poofed away, back to the inside of Naruto.

"Good job, Naruto. Maybe next time I won't go easy on you. Now about those training exercises."

"What!?" Naruto screamed. "Are you insane?"

"What? All I said was we were going to do some light exercises. No big deal right?"

"Yes big deal! You're talkin' about walking up walls and running over water like they're ordinary things."

"They are for ninjas."

"But with this much weight on?" Naruto wined as he dropped the vest he had purchased from the village's ninja gear shop. A large crack split the ground in two with a large boom. "That's some bull!"

"....But won't it look cool when you take it off before a fight?"

'....Yeah, I guess that would look kinda cool.' Naruto finally thought to Kyuubi as villagers continued on with their business while staring at him awkwardly for appearing as though he was having a conversation with himself.

"As I was saying." Kakashi started after clearing his throat. "Let's do this in a calm and orderly fashion. Now come at me with the intent to kill, or die trying." As he finished, he lifted his foot from Sasuke, who in turn, dashed out before about-facing and charging directly at the jonin.

Sasuke threw several shuriken that were all blocked by Kakashi's kunai. Sasuke began to dash wildly across the field, jumping and throwing all he had. Suddenly, he dove straight for Kakashi. After several kicks and punches, Sasuke was launched back by a surprise attack. He caught himself and landed on his feet just before dashing again. Kakashi fended off Sasuke's attacks but missed Sakura as she dove in behind him and tackled his legs.

Kakashi turned to look at Sakura and was immediately trapped into Sasuke's combo that sent him into the air before Sasuke jumped above him to deliver a heel kick to the back, sending Kakashi crashing down. As the dust cleared, a small burst of chakra was the only alert Sasuke received as Kakashi charged him before issuing a furious sequence of hits that launched Sasuke into a nearby tree. As Kakashi stalked closer, he saw Sakura coming again but failed to see her as the distraction she really was. Aryn darted from the tree above and landed directly on Kakashi's back.

"What the he-" Kakashi started before he was silenced by a direct chakra reinforced headbutt to the face. Aryn quickly made off with the bells as the other two genin retreated with him. In seconds, Kakashi was back up and had an agitated look on the visible part of his face.

"I don't understand!" Naruto whined as he fell from a metal pole that was partly submerged in water. "Why am I even out here in the middle of some lake?" he shouted angrily.

"I told you to think your questions! You know Rayn could be, and most likely is, out here watching for something. Don't give him bait Gaki."(1) Kyuubi said angrily. "And besides, I told you we were going to train. You have a grasp on the walking on water and climbing vertically exercises. Now we just need to work on combining the two."

"But do I have to have this massive amount of weight on?" Naruto continued to whine.

"Yes! Now faster! Mwahahaha!"

"....That actually hurt." Kakashi said through gritted teeth as he wiped off some blood from his eyebrow. 'What was that? It felt like being bashed in the face with a steel pipe.'

"I'm just surprised you were only stunned for a second. A chunin I was sparring with got knocked out cold from that move.... I think he went into a coma."

'Is that the difference between us and jonin? I couldn't even faze him and Aryn got both bells. I was merely some distraction like Sakura was in Aryn's plan.' Sasuke thought bitterly.

"Oh, and thanks for doing the grunt work Sakura. Sasuke, you could learn a thing or two from her." Aryn said smugly.

"Hey, leave Sasuke-kun alone. I only jumped in because he was fighting."

"And I too jumped into the fight when I saw my teammates needed help. Great example of teamwork, right, Kakashi-sensei?" Aryn said with a grin as he threw the bells to his comrades.

"....Yes. I'd say it was. It seems Aryn grasped the real goal of this assignment; to test your ability to cooperate. You genin are placed in teams for a reason. Some never understand this and are sent back to the academy.... Although I want you all to know you barely pass. Sasuke, you charged at me foolishly without consulting your partners while you were blinded by rage. Do that in a mission and you're as good as dead. Sakura, you too blindly charged at me when you saw that Sasuke was in trouble, although you were trying to save him, you too ignored Aryn who was the reason why you both passed. Aryn..... Kai!" Kakashi said as he dispelled the illusions on the bells Aryn passed to his teammates, showing that they were actually rocks. "Try having some faith in your teammates and not misleading them." Kakashi said as he finished his lecture, poofing away with a wave.

All three genin turned to each other and shared a look of mixed emotions. ".....Well I just wanted to be sure that nothing changed from last year's test." Aryn explained as he tossed the actual bells to Sasuke and Sakura. "No offense guys." he said before walking off.

"....Sasuke-kun, would you like to-"

"No." Sasuke said coldly before walking away.

Sasuke Uchiha really hated his team.....

(1) As far as I know, this means something like brat or kid.

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